Parliamentary Registry Website Suspended

June 22, 2016

The Parliamentary Registry website has been “temporarily suspended” and is expected to be operational again tomorrow [June 23], with the public able to access polling station listings and general information via other sources in the meantime.

Referendum 2016 Ad 2-Polling Stations June 23

A Government spokesperson said, “The Parliamentary Registry website has been temporarily suspended however it is expected that the website will be operational by 12.00pm tomorrow.

“The public is advised that Polling Station listings and general information can be accessed at or voters can confirm their registration details at all Government post offices and Parliamentary Registry [third floor Craig Appin Building, 8 Wesley Street, Hamilton].

“Persons can check the following places for the polling stations: Parliamentary Registry at 293-8683; newspapers; or by calling 295-5151.

“For this referendum, the 36 constituencies will be broken into 12 regions, each region containing three constituencies. Check the list below to see which Region your constituency would fall under.”

Region 1

St. George’s North [1]
St. George’s West [2]
St. David’s [3]
Polling Station- Penno’s Wharf Cruise Ship Terminal

Region 2

St. George’s South [4]
Hamilton East [5]
Hamilton West [6]
Polling Station –Francis Patton Primary School

Region 3

Hamilton South [7]
Smith’s South [8]
Smith’s West [9]
Polling Station- Elliot Primary School

Region 4

Smith’s North [10]
Devonshire East [11]
Devonshire South Central [12]
Polling Station- Botanical Garden Horticultural

Region 5

Devonshire North Central [13]
Devonshire North West [14]
Pembroke East [15]
Polling Station –National Sports Centre Pavillion

Region 6

Pembroke East Central [16]
Pembroke Central [17]
Pembroke West Central [18]
Polling Station-West Pembroke Primary School

Region 7

Pembroke West [19]
Pembroke South West [20]
Pembroke South East [21]
Polling Station- Dellwood Middle School

Region 8

Paget East [22]
Paget West [23]
Warwick South East [24]
Polling Station- Bermuda College, Student Center

Region 9

Warwick North East [25]
Warwick South Central [26]
Warwick North Central [27]
Polling Station- Windreach

Region 10

Warwick West [28]
Southampton East [29]
Southampton East Central [30]
Polling Station-Heron Bay Primary School

Region 11

Southampton West Central [31]
Southampton West [32]
Sandys South [33]
Polling Station– Somers Isles Lodge

Region 12

Sandys South Central [34]
Sandys North Central [35]
Sandys North [36]
Polling Station- Somerset Primary School

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  1. OBSERVER says:

    Get that up and functioning. Taxpayers money is active here!!!