Bermuda Sanshou Association Receive $10,000

August 25, 2016

The Minister of National Security Jeffrey Baron recently presented a cheque worth $10,000 to the Bermuda Sanshou Association as part of the Cash Back for Communities programme.

A spokesperson said, “Cash Back is made possible through the Confiscated Assets or proceeds of crime initiative, where seized funds are given back to worthy organisations who are doing good works in the community. The Minister was joined by Garon Wilkinson, Oscar Lightbourne and Chaquita Simmons who are representing the Bermuda Sanshou Association.”


A team of Bermuda Sanshou Association athletes recently returned home with a haul of seven medals after competing in the 11th Pan American Wushu Championships in Lubbock, Texas.

The team consisted of Zain Philpott, Keanu Wilson, Sentwali Woolridge, Jermal Woolridge, Talia Iris, Krista Dyer and Chaquita Simmons, and speaking after that tournament, Bermuda Sanshou Association President and Head Coach Garon Wilkinson said, “I am proud of our medal haul of 7 medals and I look forward to posting big results for the remainder of the year.”

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  1. sage says:

    Funny how people often allude to “granny” or “mama”, not willing to talk about junior helping to pay the rent, tuition or grocery bills being bad or even the root of our problems, and someone profiting off less harmful substances than the legal drug alternatives is dirty blood money made from peoples suffering, destruction and death (strangely legal drug deaths afford legal dealers a free pass), yet when it reaches the hands of the authorities, contrary to the basis of law, (innocent until proven guilty), they don’t refuse it as they say we all should, they use drug money to buy support and create photo ops. What of the saying “crime doesn’t pay”? That said these guys do deserve govt. sponsorship.

  2. Age says:

    If you have monies or property seized and you are found to be not guilty those items are returned to you,so stop with the “innocent until proven guilty” BS!

    Furthermore, all of us that pay into the tax system contribute to paying for the police , prosecution, drug rehabilitation, prison etc.. for those that have either become a victim of, or profited from drugs in the community? What would you prefer they do with the money – BURN IT!?

    The fact that groups and organizations that mentor our youth get a hand up is great. You know what the law is, if you knowingly speed and break the law and are forced to pay a fine – blame yourself. If you sell drugs, transport them in yo9ur car or boat and it is seized and sold – TOUGH! You are a grown man (or woman). You know the law. If you don’t like it, try and change it, or move somewhere with a different set of values. If you prefer to break the law, and have your property seized – well BOO HOO YOU! You know the risk , but love the reward and never think you will get caught. When you do it is every one else’s problem – blame the police, blame the government, blame your neighbor, your ex-wife- but don’t take any responsibility for your own actions. Grow up SAGE