Video: Goater Highlighted In “Goal Of The Day”

September 14, 2016

Manchester City FC highlighted a goal scored by Bermudian Shaun Goater, posting it online this week as their “Goal of the Day,” saying “some things in life can’t be stopped. This Shaun Goater goal is one of them.”


The footballing legend made his international debut for Bermuda at age 17, scored over 30 goals for the island in international matches, and scored 103 goals in 189 games for Manchester City.

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  1. Perhaps, one day, Shaun Goater will be OUR NATIONAL HERO.
    Shaun had braved overt racism while he played for Manchester City Soccer Club.
    People should know that he remained humble, never aggressive during that rewarding, yet very difficult time in his precious soccer career.
    We, as Bermudians, should rally together and support him becoming OUR national hero.
    Definitely, my hat is off for Shaun Goater,…..” FEED THE GOAT!!”

  2. Justin says:

    As time goes on you just realize how impressive his achievements are!

  3. hmmm says:

    That wasn’t a top drawer goal, that was out on display on top of the drawers.

  4. swing voter says:

    feed the goat and he will score….City since 1977 boi !!!!! we rule the City, we win at home and we win away, we won last week and we’ll win today, we don’t give a *^&% cuz were all pissed up,MAN CITY OK!

  5. Tulani O. Bulford says:

    all I can say is wow!! first class! Good role model for todays youth.

  6. Real Deal says:

    I think we are underutilization Shaun Goater for the benefit of Bermuda example tourism marketing. Just look what Jamaica did with Usain Bolt. we need to do something similar. We have our own starts but we don’t know how to use them we got Collie Buddz too and we not using him right ether. Wake up Bermuda we got the tools sought it out.