PLP: ‘Beyond Prosecution, Into Persecution’

March 28, 2017

The PLP “finds the actions taken by the DPP and BPS to issue multiple summons last night charging peaceful protesters with criminal charges to be provocative and unwise,” the PLP said this evening.

PLP Bermuda TC March 28 2017

Summonses Served

The BIU confirmed this morning that “that several members of the BIU have received summonses from Magistrate’s Court during the last 24 hours.”

Unofficial suggestions indicate at least 10 people may have been served, and the summonses are said to be in relation to the protest on December 2, 2016.

While we do not have official confirmation at this time, Bernews has received unofficial suggestions that at least one of the summonses may be for preventing “entry into the House of Assembly grounds, an act calculated to interfere with the free exercise” of someone in their “duties or authority of this office as Minister,” which is “contrary to Section 97[b] of the Criminal Code.”

PLP: “Provocative And Unwise”

A PLP spokesperson said, “The Progressive Labour Party finds the actions taken by the DPP and BPS to issue multiple summons last night charging peaceful protesters with criminal charges to be provocative and unwise.

Shadow Attorney General Michael Scott: “Reckless Ill-Advised Prosecutions”

Shadow Attorney General and Minister of Justice Michael Scott comments, “We cannot condone the Government’s continued use of the criminal justice system as a political tool as the majority of citizens now believe these reckless ill-advised prosecutions to be.

“Charging protesters who suffered violence during this highly politically-charged incident treats victims as offenders and seeks to criminalise ordinary citizens who were taken unawares by a wholly unwarranted show of police force on that dreadful day; police force that Premier Dunkley himself called ‘violence against our citizens’. The charging of these summons the day prior to the release of the Peer Review raises considerable questions.

“It is completely unacceptable that the Opposition Leader, a position enshrined in our constitution, received a copy of the Peer Review Report after it had been supplied to the media. This disrespected the position of a man who was among the first to support an independent review. As a result, the Opposition’s ability to respond in detail is hindered.

“However, we note that there is no mention of communication between the police and members of the Government, a question deserving an answer and which a full, independent Commission of Inquiry, which the PLP has repeatedly requested, would produce. It is clear our concerns that this type of review would fall short have been realised.”

Shadow Minister Walter Roban: “Goes Beyond Prosecution, Into Persecution”

Acting Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister of National Security Walter Roban adds, “On 2nd December 2016, our grandmothers and grandfathers, our aunts and uncles, our friends and neighbours were pushed, shoved to the ground and pepper sprayed.

“These victims were everyday Bermudians who were simply standing up for transparency in the airport deal. They were everyday Bermudians who had had enough of OBA deception, OBA broken promises and OBA anti-Bermudian policies.

“While Bermudians who took a stand against the OBA will be dragged before the courts and possibly fined and jailed, it seems that Bermudians will be left in the dark as to the involvement of the OBA in the violence they suffered.

“The PLP considers this decision to prosecute as an obviously provocative step as one that goes beyond prosecution, into persecution.”

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  1. Navin Johnson says:

    Peaceful? Broke the law is more like it….

  2. sandgrownan says:

    “While Bermudians who took a stand against the OBA will be dragged before the courts and possibly fined and jailed, it seems that Bermudians will be left in the dark as to the involvement of the OBA in the violence they suffered.”

    You have got to be f***ing kidding me. What the f*** does this have to do with the OBA? We’ve all watched the video Walter.

    • wahoo says:

      Do they think we are that dumb? Even the robot at Alaska Hall is saying “what….?

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        For what it is worth, if Mr. Scott and Mr. Roban are correct that this is political persecution, then the Constitution of Bermuda has been changed without our knowing about it. The Office of the DPP must no longer an independent office, like that of Governor or Commissioner of Police, and the next Government will use that power to round up political dissidents and persecute … sorry, prosecute them.

  3. Warlord says:

    Woban should get a summons for his constant complaints

  4. Wassup says:

    Stopping democracy from working by forcefully blockading the house is not peaceful

  5. Bully Beef says:

    Ah — PLP and BIU supporters are above the law. That’s why we are in deep financial feces.

  6. Wassup says:

    If this is how the plp spin things god help us

    • Humphrey says:

      And they want to be able to run the country try working for your country not just members remember country and what sustains this country

  7. Real Onion says:

    In many other Countries in Latin America and parts of Europe,they would have been shot on the spot or dragged away never to be seen again!
    Quit complaining when you break the Laws of the Country you live in!

    • Kathy says:

      Parts of Europe – NO! I live here!

      • Bda says:


      • Nanny Pat says:

        Ok then Kathy – you live here so be thankful you will only get pepper sprayed when you block entry to the House next time.

      • Real Onion says:

        showing your complete lack of common sense with your reply.

      • bermie says:

        Exactly. thats the point

  8. cpm says:

    Breaking the law and using our seniors as shields is totally despicable
    Why is Tweed still here on our Island after breaking the law and rabble rousing?

    • Politrix says:

      Interestingly, he’s still here because he has a legal right to be here until the appeal procedure is completed. A nice example of the law being followed by all parties.

      Unlike the PLP and their union sheep, who believe the law doesn’t apply to them when it doesn’t suit them.

  9. Enough says:

    They broke the law. They prevented the MP’S voted in by the rest of is to carry out our business. There are consequences to these types of actions and here they are. To attempt to spin this as a political move really goes to show that the PLP have no interest in our democratic process or rights.

  10. wahoo says:

    PLP are in desperation mode and at the whim of “he who shall not be named”. Potential supporters of plp let this ride and you will see that your shepherds are wanting to lead you astray. Nobody improved your situation for 15 years but they did improve their own and now they claw at the waves rising over their heads.

  11. steve says:

    Hey PLP be careful, your mentality is showing.

    • Risky says:

      MAWI a good place for PLP & BIU. Throw in Jason Hayward & the so called Rev Tweed.

      • Honestly says:

        These comments are ridiculous! The naysayers and expats… this doesn’t concern you! This demonstration was peaceful until pepper spray was used by the police officers. The PLP was blocking the nonsense the OBA has passed in the house. The OBA is a selfish, prejudice, party for themselves. Greed is their ongoing act of what they have done since being the govt of the day. Their actions are not supported by all Bermudians! Can’t wait to see the back of them! Change my arse! Selling Bermuda off to the Canadians! Why! Beyond pissed!!!

  12. Andrew Paul Scaife says:

    ‘Just please do not break the law my fellow Bemudians………..Plain and simple ;) !’ ….. #ordoyouthinkyouare #abovethelaw #perish #atthyownwill #simplicity

    • Weed says:

      Ummm perhaps you can put that in simple terms for us sheep. Just tell us where to go we don’t need to know why……
      Gracias SMU bro

    • Humphrey says:

      And they want to be able to run the country try working for your country not just members remember country and what sustains this country

  13. Kevin says:

    we have entered into a brand new era where individuals who have clearly broken the law and are now about to be brought before the courts as they should be …..we have an opposition claiming “persecution”
    and they want to be the next government
    What a joke

  14. Little girl says:

    Does this mean that if Mr a Tweed ends up with a criminal conviction ,that a work permit cannot be issued and he HAS to leave?Please tell me this is so and make my day !

    • Risky says:

      Under the law of all practicing clergy no matter what religon that person is not permitted to be involved in any union matter. Tweed like all other members of the clergy from outside Bermuda have to reapply for a work permit 6 months ahead of current expiry date. No exceptions. Understand tweed still here. And yes if convicted he gets deported.

    • I shall not be moved says:

      You have the right name little girl because your comment sounds juvenile

  15. Micro says:

    Peaceful and lawful aren’t the same thing.

    I can peacefully enter your home without being invited and peacefully drive away in your car without your permission. Both criminal actions even if they were carried out peacefully.

  16. Ringmaster says:

    “Unofficial suggestions indicate up to 10 people have been served”. Is that all the people who protested? It seemed a lot more to me in the videos and photos. Why weren’t they all summonsed? Could it be that hundreds demonstrated peacefully, but a handful broke the law?That is hardly persecution, but then facts tend to have an anti PLP bias.

  17. Zevon says:

    So the shadow Attorney General is against the rule of law.
    When it suits him.

  18. aceboy says:

    Thank goodness Dr. Brown was unsuccessful in gaining operational control over the police. This is proof that such control MUST stay out of the hands of local politicians.

    • Weed says:

      Bet you the plp sheep don’t know whether to agree with this statement or not. Catch 22. In one hand they will have to be accountable for breaking the law now….on the other hand if they win the election it would give them freedom to do what ever they want…

  19. sid says:

    Everyone needs to be treated equally under the law.

    Just because you are a friend or ally of the PLP doesn’t mean you should get a free pass to break the law.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Warrants based on video evidence camera’s don’t lie

  20. Joe Bloggs says:

    “A PLP spokesperson said, “The Progressive Labour Party finds the actions taken by the DPP and BPS to issue multiple summons last night charging peaceful protesters with criminal charges to be provocative and unwise.”

    How will we know if they were “peaceful protesters” if there is not trial?

    As for the “a wholly unwarranted show of police force”, is Mr. Scott suggesting that PLP and Union supporters may break the law without consequence? Where would that stop?

    • aceboy says:

      The Chief Justice has already ruled that the protestors acted unlawfully in blocking the House. These charges are the consequences coming home to roost for those that pushed the people into this action.

    • jt says:

      Watch the video. That’s how.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Well, there we have it people (above).

      30 people agree with me that whether or not the protestors were peaceful can only be determined after at trial and 133 disagree.

      I guess that means that, by a majority of 133 to 30, protestors who are accused of attacking police officers with umbrellas and walking sticks and other weapons should be exempt from appearing at any trial in relation to those allegations.

      I wonder if that logic applies to any other groups in Bermuda?

  21. watching says:

    It is sad that people are automatically using the legality of the blocking of parliament as a barometer for the use of force or pepper spray. I guess that means that protesters and activists in the 60s deserved to be hosed down and set on by dogs as they oftentimes broke the law as well.
    In some cases, the law is used to oppress and the oppressed must break the law in order to gain a semblance of respect and equality. No one is condoning arbitrarily breaking the law, but the legality/illegality is not the only barometer. Slavery was legal…segregation was legal…and no rights were ever gained without pushing the limits.

    • aceboy says:

      This was about an AIRPORT deal. No human rights issue at all. Apples and oranges. When your boys tried it a second time there were no protests from ANYONE because the MPs were already in the House. If this was an issue equal to slavery why did the *people* not protest? If the *people* were fighting oppression on Day 1, why not on Day 2? They had every right and ability to do so. But it didn’t happen. Nope, they were going to protest PURELY to block the House. THAT is why they are being charged.

  22. Very bad politics on this one says:

    The political spin is questionable on this one.

    The rule of law of a country is the rule of law. If this law doesn’t work, then the Honourable Oppostion Member should seek to redress the situation by introducing new legislation that does address it.

    Simply puty–action versus shrill words.

    Protestors were not singled out when they willingly broke the laws of the country.

    Civilized socities must abide by the rule of law and its encumbent upon those with political responsibility to ensure that.

    This is political spin at its worse I am afraid….

  23. Comfortably numb says:

    The really sad part is that quite a few people will believe this PLP’ version of “alternative facts”. After all, they believed Genevieve was Tweed………

  24. mark says:

    Nah PLP. Ya mug. You have no credibility any more and no one believes or even listens to you. All you do is protect your own and foreigners who you like. Even your long time protest group aka the BIU members don’t trust or follow you anymore. Theyre wise to your lies. Bwah ha ha.

  25. karen says:

    You only see what you want to see and believe, these people were NOT PEACE FULL PROTESTERS they knew what they were going to do, some even came with pieces of wood in their hands WHO does that if they were peace full protesters they were all advised what to do before they got there, all the old and young upfront.

  26. Mumbojumbo says:

    What was unwise was that piece of egrunce you did…now you didn’t do it?…yes you did it…now you gotta not do it.

  27. Trace Easton says:

    If some one is motivated by race. Don’t expect the to hear your point or act out of reasonability.
    The won’t simple.
    They are a brick wall.
    Deaf ears.
    No rhyme nor reason to hate.
    No matter what you do , you will always be considered wrong.

  28. Jacob Marley says:

    This action is unnecessary. The tactic of blocking Parliament has been shown to be unsupported by the general population. The political division in Bermuda will continue for some time, but right now, we need to be united in our support of the much needed economic infusion that the AC represents. Does this action lead to more protest and disruption? Possibly. Would that help Bermuda right now? Not at all. Sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs lie.

  29. Up D hill says:

    PLP say its unwise ?? Threatening the law now PLP? When will your idiot leaders of the PLP grow the f up!!!

  30. 32n64w says:

    Larry Mussenden, the current DPP, is a former PLP appointed AG and Senator.

    Amazing how Messrs. Scott & Roban try to politicize everything with their alternative facts.

  31. trump supporter says:

    They had to deceive you..

  32. Come Correct says:

    So wait, wait, wait… you’re trying to tell me not one single person can refute anything said? Who do you think you are fooling?

  33. mark says:

    I love how there is not one post on here in support of the plps statement….. I feel like there are 1 or 2 fulltime plp surrogate trolls out there who having been faced with overwhelming opposition to their views are now not even bothering to defend their positions but are merely trying to discredit those views they dont agree with. The plp/biu/peoples campaign puppets have truly adopted trump style democracy and brought it to our island. So sad. This next election will determine whether we go with trump/plp or stand our ground against such intolerance and ignorance. Vote people!

  34. van martin says:

    So these self entitled twerps don’t like the OBA. That’s fine……… but these self entitled twerps broke the law. They thought it was just fine to blockade parliament and obstruct the police. Well, guess what dimwits…… it’s not OK. Off to court you go.

  35. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    “If you listen to a fool you become one “.