March 2017: Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day”

April 2, 2017

Aiming to help our readers wake up to a taste of the island each day while also showcasing Bermuda’s beauty, Bernews features a “Photo of the Day” in our email newsletter, social media and app every morning.

Always popular, March’s top photos attracted tens of thousands of reactions on social media, and judging by the number of readers’ “likes”, photos featuring the island’s wildlife were the most popular photos last month, with images of a whale, fish, longtails taking the top four spots.

March 2017 Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day” TC WM

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1] Whale

This image of a whale was the most liked for the month, with over 1,000 reactions on Facebook alone.

641 The whales are back in town

2] Longtails

This photo of a ‘squadron’ of Longtails was the second most popular for March

453 A veritable 'squadron' of Longtails head out to feed

3] Longtails

Continuing the wildlife theme, another photo of longtails rounded out the top three most popular photos

447 And they are back! Longtails all around Bermuda

4] Clear Waters

Wildlife also claimed the 4th spot, with this image of fish in Bermuda’s clear waters ranking proving popular

425 The beautifully clear waters of Bermuda allow you to see fish swimming through waves

5] South Shore

A stunning Bermuda Aerial Media photo showing the South Shore ranked fifth

402 A stunning Bermuda Aerial Media photo looking down South Shore

6] Sky Over Paget

A beautiful sky, seen from the Paget area, was 6th

364 A beautiful sky, seen from the sky over Paget

7] Cooper’s Island Beaches

Cooper’s Island  in the east end was the seventh most liked photo for March

362 The Cooper's Island beaches are some of the best kept secrets

8] South Shore

The scenic South Shore makes its second appearance in the March Top 10

356 A slice of heaven driving down south shore

9] Beautiful Sunset

An image depicting a beautiful and colourful sunset was the ninth most liked photo of the month.

354 A beautiful sunset from Hamilton, Bermuda

10] Gorgeous South Shore

Another image of the South Shore rounded out the top 10 most liked photos for March.

316 An aerial view of the gorgeous south shore


As far as photos on our sister site, this photo was the number one photo for March 2017. Dedicated fans of Bermuda photography can also view great images of the island on the ForeverBermuda Facebook page and Twitter feed.

443 How about some pink sands and blue skies to start your week

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