“Unequivocal Support” For BPSU President

April 6, 2017

The General Council of the BPSU has “thrown its unanimous and unequivocal support” behind its President Jason Hayward, who is expected to be charged in Magistrates Court tomorrow, and said the General Council will be accompanying the President to the Court hearing.

BPSU TC April 6 2017

BPSU President Jason Hayward Expected To Appear In Court Tomorrow

Mr Hayward is expected to appear in Magistrates Court tomorrow, where it appears he will be charged with allegedly preventing “entry into the House of Assembly grounds, an act calculated to interfere with the free exercise by a Minister of Finance of his duties” as well as allegedly obstructing police officers.

Potential Bus Disruptions

The BPSU President is not the only person expected to be charged, others are also expected to appear, and earlier today, the Department of Public Transportation advised of “the potential for disruptions to the bus service” tomorrow, as some “union members will be supporting a DPT union member who is due to be in court this Friday morning.”

Three People Already Charged, More To Be Charged

Earlier this week, three people were charged with offences involving allegedly preventing entry to the House of Assembly on December 2, 2016; and a group of supporters gathered outside the Court holding signs as the session took place.

The police previously confirmed that 15 people have received summonses to appear in court relating to a range of offences,a and they will appear in Hamilton Magistrates’ Court on April 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th.

BPSU Statement

A Bermuda Public Services Union spokesperson said, “The General Council of the Bermuda Public Services Union has met and has thrown its unanimous and unequivocal support behind its President Jason Hayward.

“They consider these criminal charges as a blatant attack on this Union’s leadership. President Hayward’s actions were those of a Unionist dedicated to the betterment of all workers and citizens of this country and should be applauded and not penalized.

“As a result, the General Council will be accompanying the President to his Magistrates Court hearing tomorrow. Those members that wish to support the President can voluntarily do so. We will be leaving the BPSU Headquarters at 9:30am on April 7th, 2017 and make our way to the Dame Lois Browne Evans building.”

Caribbean Public Services Association Statement

Caribbean Public Services Association General Secretary Thomas Letang said, “The Caribbean Public Services Association of which the Bermuda Public Service Union is a member, expresses solidarity to Bro Hayward for the unfortunate charges against him.

“Our comrade is fervent in his drive to defend and protect the rights of workers especially public workers in Bermuda and by extension the Caribbean region. It is unfortunate that he is being singled out for actions which are against his constitutional rights and freedom.

“We call on the authorities in Bermuda to desist from its attack on our comrade and to allow freedom of expression in the form of peaceful protest to take place. We further call for the charges against our two trade union comrades to discontinue.”

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