Andre Lambe: “I Don’t Want To Let People Down”

May 6, 2017

[Written by Maya Palacio]

“Andre is going to come out with a big win, I can feel it,” says Pelon Andrade while outside the Forty Rego Gym while Lambe is training inside.

Andrade has been Lambe’s physical coach for about two years and has been training with Lambe and fellow Bermudian competitors six times a week in preparation for their match today [May 6] at North Field, National Sports Centre.

Lambe began boxing in 2012. “I was just testing the waters, once I found out I was good I kept going,” he said.

Coaching alongside Andrade is Lambe’s technical coach and former professional boxer, Allan “Forty” Rego. Both coaches contribute highly to Lambe’s success.

“I haven’t lost since my first win so I’m on a winning streak right now and I hope to keep it going on Saturday,” says Lambe.

Nikki Bascome, professional Bermudian boxer and the main event in Saturday’s match, is a motivation for Lambe.

Co-coach, Andrade says, “Nikki works overtime every day. Nikki is a glass half empty, he always judges himself like that. He doesn’t care if this building- Forty Rego Gym- was on fire, he’s going to finish his rounds.”

Lambe aspires to obtain success in the boxing realm like Bascome. “Nikki motivates me. He’s like top shelf and I try to mimic him, get to where he is,” says Lambe.

He recalls countless times sparring against the professional during their training sessions. “I probably know Nikki better than his own girlfriend,” Lambe jokes. “We’ve been in there -the boxing rings- gone through some hard times.”

On Saturday, Lambe will be competing against Corey Moore from Baltimore Boxing Club. Hines has 18 wins and nine losses. Lambe hopes that this match will be a step up in competition for him.

“I’ve had the same fighters over and over and I’m starting to beat them. Hopefully, this guy brings a new look for me, so I can learn.” Lambe has not had a match since his win in February.

“I got a first round knockout and since then it’s been hard getting fights,” he says. “I’m pretty excited about this one.”

As Lambe prepares for the match he is feeling confident that he will win. He hopes that in the future he will become a professional boxer. He also plans to give back to the community.

“In the next five years, I hope to put myself in a position where I can help people.” He wishes to help the next generation of future Bermudian boxers.

“We don’t have many coaches here and it would be good to get some more so we can teach the younger ones. We can get back into the Olympics, get some more medals.”

“I don’t want to let people down, especially people who have invested in me. I want to be able to keep doing it -boxing- for the people that can’t do it.”

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