30th Anniversary Bermuda End-to-End Held

May 8, 2017

[Written by Marisa Whitecross]

On May 6th, Bermuda celebrated the 30th anniversary of the XL Catlin End-to-End event, an annual event with an amazing turnout each year to raise awareness and donations for multiple charities.

XL Catlin End to End Bermuda  May 2017 (1)

The End-to-End started in St. George’s square; walkers and joggers began at 8.00am and cyclists at 9.00am and middle to end walkers started at 10.00am at Albuoy’s Point, with all participants making their way to the finish line in Dockyard.

The End-to-End event brings together locals and visitors together at all different fitness levels, with participants cycling, walking, paddling and swimming lengths of the island. Even those who are not participating were either volunteering at stations or cheering on the sidelines. Altogether the day was a celebration amongst the people in Bermuda, with support for the participants.

XL Catlin End to End Bermuda  May 2017 (2)

Many different stations were set up along the way, managed by different organizations, providing drinks and food including fruit, cookies, popcorn and granola bars for energy. One station was set up by a few friendly people making free snow cones, cooling the participants as they made their way to the finish line.

It was truly an event for everyone. One tourist visiting the island, Hayley Nelson, said, “It gave me the opportunity to see Bermuda in a way I wouldn’t be able to if I didn’t participate, it is really amazing. The nicest water I have ever seen.”

XL Catlin End to End Bermuda  May 2017 (3)

A local walking the middle to end, Brittney Wall, said, “This is my second time participating in the event and I enjoy the atmosphere of the event and the support of the locals on the sidelines cheering everyone on even if they don’t know you.”

The sights of Bermuda that can be seen on the route are breathtaking. There was cloud cover, a strong breeze and the rain stayed away, which made for good conditions for the event.

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