Column: Key To Enjoying A Stress-Free Holiday

July 30, 2017

Karin Kushner Bermuda July 2017[Written by Karin Kushner]

We all want to return from our holidays feeling like new, not in need of a second vacation to rest and detoxify.

The key to enjoying a stress-free holiday is planning ahead. In fact, planning a vacation can act as a stress-reliever. Picture yourself in a relaxing environment away from your everyday responsibilities, and imagine feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

The longer you plan, the more benefits you will see. People who plan their vacations ahead of time are more likely to be able to take more time off, and to feel happier at work, in relationships, and financially.

Regular exercise is a sure way to reduce stress, so include some physical activity each day. Check if your hotel has a gym or on-site fitness classes, or pack travel-friendly workout gear like a skipping rope or resistance bands and exercise right in your hotel room.

Walking is a great way to explore a new place- look for local hiking trails or walking tours. The idea is to maintain your fitness momentum while away so you do not have to start over when you return.

While vacation is absolutely a time to enjoy new foods, pick and choose where you would like to indulge.

If you are going out for a lavish dinner, have a lighter option for breakfast and lunch. If you plan to enjoy alcoholic beverages, be sure to have a glass of water between each drink. Pack healthy snacks for the airplane or car journey.

The benefits of a relaxing vacation extend beyond the plane touching back down. Reducing stress has a positive impact on mental and physical health. Plus, taking time away from work will reduce the risk of burnout down the road.

When you return, allow time to wind down after travel. If you can, give yourself a day at home to unpack, wash your laundry, and prepare to return to work. Fill the refrigerator with healthy ingredients for the week and go to bed early.

You will wake rested and ready to tell your colleagues all about your amazing vacation!

- Karin Kushner is the Wellness Communications and Administration Manager for Colonial Medical Insurance. She manages enrollment for the Virgin Pulse program, and is the editor of the Zest Wellness blog.

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