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July 24, 2017

A new programme encouraging students to become leaders in their community recently held its closing ceremony and programme showcase.

The Future Leaders Programme was launched by Ryan Robinson Perinchief and combines hands-on education, community service and mentoring to empower students ages 13 to 17 to recognise their roles as leaders within their community and develop a sense of civic duty.

Throughout the three-week programme, which began on July 3rd, students covered a wide range of topics including

  1. Service and Community Building,
  2. Poverty, Crime, and Inequality,
  3. Identity and Privilege,
  4. Leadership,
  5. Social Justice & Entrepreneurship and
  6. How to become Agents of Change.


A total of 17 students completed the three-week long summer course, amassing a total of 72 academic hours and 18 community service hours each. Students presented their findings at the closing ceremony, held in the Berkeley Institute Upper Atrium, including an interactive discussion on topic learned, such as the concept of intersectionality, the matrix of oppression, and the Mincy Report.

Future Leader Seon Tatem from the Berkeley Institute said, “When I was first signed up for the programme, I just thought it would help me to become a better leader. But my first day, talking, the deep conversations we did, it was just mind blowing because so many times when you’re talking with adults and children it’s so mediocre – nobody really digs deep.

“And no one really wants to talk about the uncomfortable topics – poverty inequality, racism, sexism, homosexuality – no one wants to talk about it. And we were reaching and all these deep topics. It really blew my mind. I will forever be grateful to the program because it opened my eyes to many things.”

Shi-Shun Burgess from Cedarbridge Academy said, “One of the things that I’ll take with me the most is how when we were at the Drug Treatment Court, I saw some people there who were living in the shelter and looking at them, I thought they were normal citizens…I felt something because they look like normal people – people that are in our environment that we see every day who you would never think are homeless and struggling.”

“Overall throughout this program I feel that I’ve learned a lot and I think that I should become more caring and more considerate of other people’s situations. I also think that this programme should keep on going because it taught me a lot and I hope that it can help inspire a lot of people. I’ve been inspired to do something in the future – and not just in the future, but now – to help make Bermuda a better place.”

This year’s Future Leaders were:

From the Berkeley Institute:

  • 1. Kwensi Cann
  • 2. Dakota McDonald
  • 3. Kazaya Sealey
  • 4. Robert Thomas
  • 5. Seon Tatem

CedarBridge Academy:

  • 6. Shi-Shun Burgess
  • 7. Ashley Pacheco
  • 8. Adriana Burchall
  • 9. Jhazii Johnson
  • 10. Ka’Ri Richards `

Bermuda High School:

  • 11. Calvina Steede

Bermuda Institute:

  • 12. Justin Bascome Dickinson
  • 13. Riley Christopher
  • 14. Chervonne Hodsoll

Somersfield Academy:

  • 15. Nathaniel Binega-Northcott

Sandys Middle School:

  • 16. Marli Butterfield

Saltus Grammar School:

  • 17. Z’Ajae Lee

Whitney Institute:

  • 18. Dakota McDonald

At the closing ceremony, Programme Director Ryan Robinson Perinchief gave words of encouragement to the successful participant, and spoke to the need for the Future Leaders to have the right mindset, courage, and passion to be successful change-makers in their communities.

“Over the past three weeks, you have examined issues that most people, even adults, will never have the privilege of understanding. You’ve learned a lot about the world, each other, and yourselves. There’s a phrase which reads, ‘When you know better, you must do better.’ And after the things you have seen and experienced working in the community, you all know better – and you have a responsibility to stand up.

“So dare to be different. Dare to have the courage to speak out. And remember that no matter how small or powerless you may feel, everything is a matter of your mindset. As the saying by Margaret Mead goes, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’ You – Future Leaders – are that group. And you must all have the courage to stand on your convictions and make the changes you want in your own communities.”

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  1. Ladeej says:

    Excellent!!! Well done Ryan Robinson Perinchief. What a great idea and I love that you and the rest of your peers are taking the lead! What a great future we will have with young people such as you!

  2. RG says:

    I really hope this continue to grow! Great program and very much needed!