Photos & Video: Gombeys Celebrate Boxing Day

December 26, 2017

[Updated with photos] As has been the tradition for many years, the Gombeys are out making their rounds on Boxing Day today [Dec 26], helping the island celebrate the holiday season.

The island’s preeminent folk art, Gombeys traditionally span the island on Boxing Day and other holidays with the groups growing larger through the day as Bermudians start following along and dancing to the rhythmic beat of the drums.

The 8-minute live video replay is below:


Click to enlarge photos:

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Comments (3)

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  1. This is what cultural Bermuda is all about.
    Keep on beating, Gombeys!!
    Love ya!!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Yet you attack the beach goers over at Elbow .
      You’re a nasty , racist hypocrite Betty still trying to stir the sh*t.

    • wahoo juice says:

      Yes and much more! Things like flying kites on Good Friday, fish cakes, shark hash, being warm and hospitable to visitors etc etc. I am very proud to be Bermudian not just on Boxing day but always.

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