Photos: Dalton Tucker Students Mark MLK Day

January 15, 2018

Americans are celebrating the Martin Luther King holiday today, and students at Dalton E. Tucker also commemorated Rev Dr Martin Luther King, and they were joined by Minister of National Security Wayne Caines, Minister of Education & Workforce Development Diallo Rabain, Minister of Economic Development & Tourism Jamahl Simmons and Pastor Leroy Bean.

The annual celebration included a march from the school to the Maximart grocery store at Hog Bay Level, and the organisers noted that the annual event serves as an opportunity to highlight the work and peaceful message of Rev. King.

Minister Caines offered some words of inspiration and encouragement to the students, speaking about the importance of standing up against bullying, injustice and supporting one another. Minister Caines and his Ministerial colleagues also highlighted the need for peace and tolerance in our community.

Dalton E - MLK Day (6)

Dalton E - MLK Day (1)

Dalton E - MLK Day (2)

Dalton E - MLK Day (3)

Dalton E - MLK Day (4)

Dalton E - MLK Day (5)

Dalton E - MLK Day (7)

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  1. Thank you, Minister Rabain, for taking out POSITIVE time to interact with our students.

  2. Joey Bag O'Doughnuts says:

    I had the privilege to attend Sothampton Glebe School, now Dalton E Tucker School while Ms Tucker was the principal. I did not speak English very well at the time and she would take me aside and take time with me. She made me feel very comfortable. I’ll never forget her and what she did for me and my brothers and sister. I am proud of what the school is doing today. Congratulations to all involved. Bermuda should be very proud of most of their schools and their educators from the bottom to the top.

  3. Codfish and Grits says:

    Southampton Glebe was and is still THEE best primary school.

  4. Agree says:

    Glad to see they are continuing on the tradition of the march. Keep up the good work Dalton E. Tucker. This is a GREAT primary school.