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April 15, 2018

For the past year, the HI Group of Companies LLC, in collaboration with The Becan Collection, has been dedicated to creating an online platform that will highlight and feature the many businesses that operate in the North Hamilton Area.

HI Group Chairman, Charles O’Brien, said of the initiative, ‘A couple of years ago in a meeting with the City of Hamilton’s Infrastructure Committee, a concern was raised that the businesses in North Hamilton were not promoted or exposed as much as they should be.

“The result of that discussion was that a platform, where the businesses are able to market themselves, a place where people could explore all that this area has to offer, was the ideal solution.

“This discussion gave life to the concept of a ‘backatown’ web-based community listing site. Subsequently, a free outlet to North Hamilton businesses that will act as a comprehensive directory for the services and retailers in that area was developed.

“We realize that not all businesses can afford to have a website designed so this is an opportunity to list themselves on a site where they can highlight what they offer. The purpose of this website is to stimulate economic activity and drive foot traffic into the area.

“We are calling on all businesses in the Economic Empowerment Zone to reach out to us, take advantage of this opportunity and get yourself listed on the website. We will be promoting the website not only to locals but also through tourism forums in the hopes that we can drive our visitors to these often unseen storefronts.”

The City of Hamilton and the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation have both endorsed the new website and are assisting where they can to encourage full participation by the targeted businesses.

City of Hamilton Mayor, Charles Gosling, added, ‘The City is in full support of any initiative that gives the businesses of North Hamilton exposure. This is such a culturally rich area of the City and it deserves to see its fair share of consumers. I encourage all businesses of North Hamilton to embrace this opportunity and be a part of an inclusive directory alongside their neighbours.’

A spokesperson said, “The website will feature a photo, address, phone number, opening hours as well as a description of the featured businesses and list the business under the appropriate category – Service, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Retailer, Hair/Beauty, etc. The initial listing will be free of charge and there will be advanced settings that businesses can sign up for at a nominal fee.

“A public announcement at City Hall in the coming weeks will be the official kick-off of the website and all North Hamilton businesses as well as the public are encouraged to attend.

“The BEDC has started visiting the North Hamilton businesses in an effort to gather data to build the website. During this process businesses can request that their information be shared with the In the interim, the HI Group Companies LLC representatives are available to respond to any inquiries or provide further support at 292-4695 or via email at as necessary.”

On a related but separate note, businesses are also welcome to have a free business listing in the Bernews app, allowing our thousands of subscribers to have access to your business’ details no matter where they are.

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