Group Back In BHW Parade After Court Hearing

May 18, 2018

Following a hearing in the Supreme Court of Bermuda, Passion Bermuda Presents Nirvana Mas will be part of this year’s Bermuda Heroes Weekend [BHW] Parade of Bands, the group said this week.

The popular annual event is set to get underway at 10.00am on June 18th with the new route starting at Clearwater Beach, with the Parade of Bands serving as the finale of Bermuda Heroes Weekend.

Five Bands At January Launch

The annual launch held in January featured five bands: Party People, Intense, Nova Mas International, Passion Bermuda, and Code Red.

Statements Last Month: Passion Withdraws, Nirvana Needed To Seek Permission

On April 17th, the Nirvana Bermuda’s social media page stated, “Passion Bermuda made a unilateral decision to withdraw from the Parade of Bands without prior discussion with Nirvana Mas Bermuda or any of the directors.

“This is being addressed by legal council and an official statement will be released as soon as we are advised.We would like to reassure our Nirvana patrons that we have several options for continued participation within the Parade of Bands 2018.”

On April 18th, Passion Bermuda’s newsletter stated, “We wish to give you official notice that Passion Bermuda has withdrawn from the Parade of Bands for 2018.

“We, the owners of Passion Bermuda had hoped to serve our clients in 2018 through a partnership with Nirvana Mas Bermuda. Unfortunately, this partnership has been dissolved, therefore we felt it was in the best interest of the brand to withdraw Passion Bermuda from the Parade of Bands for 2018.

“Nirvana Mas Bermuda was participating in the Parade of Bands through Passion Bermuda only. As such, they will need to seek approval from the BHW Board of Directors to participate in this year’s Parade of Bands.”

Three Bands Announced Last Month

In a statement last month, BHW noted they had three approved bands — Code Red, Party People and Nova Mas International.

On April 20th, BHW said, “In order to participate in the Parade of Bands, you must register with one of our approved bands for the best experience on the road. We encourage those who haven’t decided to quickly check out Code Red, Party People and Nova Mas International to see which band fits your style.”

Matter Listed On Court Documents

In the Civil and Commercial Jurisdiction court documents for this past week, a case — “Yvonne Cacace -v- Jason Sukdeo et al” was listed.

This Week’s Statement: Passion Bermuda Presents Nirvana Mas Is Back In 

In an online posting this week the Nirvana Mas social media page said, “Passion Bermuda is back in the Bermuda Heroes Weekend Parade of Bands under its original title and logo: Passion Bermuda Presents Nirvana Mas.

“Dear Passion Bermuda and Nirvana Mas Followers, Following today’s ruling from the Supreme Court of Bermuda we are pleased to inform Passion Bermuda Presents Nirvana Mas will be part of the Parade of Bands 2018 as an approved band by The Bermuda Heroes Weekend Limited Board.

“The Passion Bermuda Nirvana Mas partnership has not been dissolved and will be participating in the exciting and joyous Monday Parade on Bermuda Heroes Day!

“We wish to give you official notice that Passion Bermuda is in the Parade of Bands for 2018. The owners of Passion Bermuda continue their partnership with Nirvana Mas, and the partnership has not been dissolved.

“Nirvana Mas Bermuda is approved by Bermuda Heroes Weekend Limited to be on the road with Passion Bermuda as Passion Bermuda Presents Nirvana Mas for 2018. We look forward to providing you an amazing road experience for 2018.”

Four Bands Now Listed On Official BHW Website

BHW officials declined to comment, however the official BHW website now lists four bands:  Code Red, Party People, Nova Mas International and Passion Bermuda Presents Nirvana.

The Parade of Bands is one of the events during the multi-day festivities which will also includes events such as 5 Star Friday, VIP Raft Up, Pan In The Park, and the BHW Cirque Du Soca J’Ouvert.

Organisers previously said that the 2017 iteration was the “best ever year” since the event’s inauguration in 2015, stating that “the event attracted a total of 736 visitors, an increase of almost 200 visitors from last year, generating $2.4 million in revenue for the Island.”

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  1. Jeez says:

    Too much politics for me to support event. Went from having a good time to overcharging cause you want a bigger slice of the lime.


    …nirvana wasnt really a miss… gonna be 3 massive bands.. then… nirvana…make them go first.