Festival Aiming For Year-Round Programming

July 20, 2018

Executive Director of the Bermuda Festival T.J. Armand has announced that the Festival is “taking the necessary steps for year-round programming.”

A spokesperson said, “A programme has been put in place to engage students and the community at large with a Shakespeare play each year as part of the Festival’s year-round programming initiatives.”

Mr. Armand said: “We are very excited to start our Shakespeare On The Rock series and A Midsummer Night’s Dream has been selected for the 44th annual Bermuda Festival.” The specific touring company and the dates of the Festival performances will be announced in September.

“Along with regularly scheduled Festival programming between January through April, Shakespeare On The Rock will also enable local high school students to perform abbreviated versions of William Shakespeare’s works and support further studies in the dramatic arts all year-round.

“Bermuda Festival’s Outreach and Scholarship Program will serve as the continuation of the former Bermuda Shakespeare Schools Festival – which was established in 2008. Since Shakespeare’s plays are part of the GCSE curriculum, the Festival complements the school GCSE requirements by giving students a better understanding and appreciation of the works.

“The program will include student workshops performed at various locations throughout the year, including Victoria Park.

“Each year the series will conclude with an internationally acclaimed touring company production of the selected Shakespeare play during the Festival season.

“Mr. Armand also mentioned that Festival’s year-round programming will include P.A.M.S [Performing Arts Management Services] – an opportunity for the Festival to help raise funds for various charitable causes by providing concert management services to select organizations. Mr. Armand stated that Spring and Fall seasons are targeted for such one-off events which will also include local and international talent.

“Festival’s year-round programming for 2019 will also include a curated summer festival at a soon-to-be-disclosed location. Mr. Armand emphasized that the programme will include local and international talent.”

Mr. Armand said, “We have a particular know-how and capability to curate and organize performing arts events during the summer, it was a project in its incubation stage for a long time but now we feel its time to utilize the Festival’s full potential all year-round.”

For the latest updates, visit the website, or Twitter at @bdafestival, Instagram at @BermudaFestival, or Facebook at @BermudaFestival.

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  1. Connected Community says:

    This is very exciting news and so pleased our Bermuda Festival is stepping into additional offerings and services for our local talent and patrons.

    With Chewstick retreating from this space for so many reasons having someone credible and established step in and step up is promising.

    Congratulations to all involved in building this out.