Cannonier: ‘PLP Still Acting As If In Opposition’

October 26, 2018

“The PLP has now been in Government for almost 18 months yet it is still acting as if it were in Opposition, taking cheap shots at the OBA instead of concentrating on governing and fixing an economy that is steadily in decline,” OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said.

Mr Cannonier — who was responding to Premier David Burt’s comments during the PLP Delegates Conference – said, “The Premier used his speech to his party’s annual conference to mislead the people of this country and to cast aspersions without answering key questions.

“He claims the OBA doubled the national debt yet fails to explain that there was no option in order to cover the huge budget deficits left by the previous profligate PLP Governments. If they had been in power, the debt would probably have trebled such was their poor record of spending the people’s money.

“They claim that 2000 jobs were lost but overlook a Department of Statistics report which showed an increase in jobs for Bermudians last year – the first such increase since 2006 – which was down to OBA policies which are still benefiting this country.

“It should also be noted that unemployment under the PLP almost trebled between 2000 and 2012 and when we came to power we continued to suffer from poor PLP policies.

“The OBA cut the cost of health care, unlike this Government which raised costs and paid $1.2m to a former PLP Premier and doctor, and it was the OBA that oversaw the creation of jobs with investment in projects like the new airport and hotels. The OBA created the Bermuda Tourism Authority which has successfully revitalized the industry, which is benefiting this current Government.

“The PLP were in power from 1998 to 2012. They have been in power for 15 of the last 20 years – the issues we see today are a direct result of their policies and we were left with no choice but to make the tough decisions that had to be made to get this country’s spiraling debt, the legacy of PLP Governments, under control. This year would have been the year the OBA would have balanced the budget.

“It is time for the Premier to stop trying to prop up his agenda by making personal attacks and to start telling the people of this country when the jobs they promised will arrive, when the burden of new taxes will be reduced, when health care costs will come down, when businesses can again look forward with confidence in Bermuda, when the fall in the volume of retail sales will be stopped and when the budget will be balanced.

“Those are the issues Mr and Mrs Bermuda want to see addressed. They are not interested in puerile PLP rhetoric,” Mr Cannonier concluded.

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  1. Warwick West says:

    I’ll say! Listening to Min. Foggo this morning on the radio you would have thought there is an election next week! They are soooooooo busy looking back they have ignored the need to go forward!

    • kevin says:

      Its pretty simple when you don’t know how to get there or have the ability to think forward progression you float in a very sad world. With Burt and his flip flop assistant Furbert both together are void of having the smarts to create any economic growth we are doomed for further sinking
      into quicksand .this country needs to get the plp out of government ….anyone other group would at least be able to create ideas and lower health costs

      Anyone else

      • Facts over Political hats!! says:

        This makes the OPPOSITION appear even more weaker, Craig telling lies and falling in a game of political gamesmenship.

        Stop this sad USELESS WEAK approach OBAUBP and take a better pathway towards working in a collobrative effort to make a better Bermuda for all

        You did BAD when in government, so this name calling or attempts to bring down the PLP MAKES LITTLE SENSE.




  2. DeOnion says:

    Good stuff Craig! Tell them how it really is!

    • Paul says:

      Great stuff indeed from Craig, at last the OBA.have a leader that is not afraid to speak out.

      • Same narrative why racist love Trump.
        To bad he cant speak out on JetGate.

        • Wahoo says:

          Why do you always talk about Trump? Why don’t BIU release their financials? Are they afraid of something? Should we add financialgate to all our gates?

        • Question says:

          The PLP is the Trump party.

        • OMG says:

          4 Muslim Uighurs smuggled into Bermuda without notifying the people of this country, under the disguise of humanitarianism.

  3. JetGate says:


    Why don’t you just come clean on Jetgate?

    Also, my health insurance went up 25% under the OBA – so you lying again when you say the OBA cut health insurance.

    Burt was right, you can’t trust a word out of your mouth.

    • Hmmm says:

      JetGate still can’t read I see (or read what you want) There is nothing said about cutting insurance costs… Cutting the cost of healthcare will not necessarily reduce the insurance costs. Insurance costs are high because of allot of reasons (including Bermuda’s poor driving habits)

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      Vat about Port Royal and Zane Desilva and Derrick Burgess and the Court Building?!?! We talking millions there buh!! Titty milk making you forgetful. And these are two SITTING MP’s!!!??? Ha ha ha!!

      • Pork & Bean says:

        Why not come clean about Dr Browns JetGate?

        Lets not forget TCD, Bermuda Emissions, T-Street / BH Corp, Dockyard Cruise Pier, Bermuda Cement Company, Whites Island and the 1.2 million million paid to Dr. Brown!

    • DeOnion says:

      Why don’t we know more about four seasons trip?

  4. watching says:

    Oh please Cannonier.
    He was speaking to his party supporters at his party conference.
    Perhaps if you didn’t give him the fodder, then they wouldn’t have anything to say!

  5. I and I says:

    My,My! Talk about misleading the people and cheap shots! Lol!

  6. Adrianne says:


  7. Disaster Recovery 101 says:

    Finally! The OBA get it. The have taken off their boys to badges and act like real politicians. Keep up the good work. Had you done this type of direct, straight talk, the election results might have been a lot different! What I find amusing now that the OBA are giving (finally) as good as they get, is PLP’s childish reactions. Cue another Jet Gate press conference!

  8. Humphrey says:

    I argree Craig act like the government,move on plp you won don’t you are the government,so act like it don’t focus on the oba

  9. Same Love says:


    The Premier of Bermuda is spending $ 400k of TAXPAYER $$ hiring a UK QC in their continued attempt to deny marriage equality…..
    What is your position Sir ?

  10. Jetgatelier says:

    Oh stop it Craig, you still have not told the entire truth as you promised. Weeks have gone by and still you sit in a sit filled with dishonesty.

    Why is the OBAUBP still on the same path of dishonesty, rather than trying to take a different direction of working towards solutions for all of Bermuda

    This backward and forward gamesmenship is silly poitical move

    Stand Strong PLP and continue working for the people
    Ignore this silly tit tat bynthis weak OBAUBP

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      Why ya not stressin bout de $1.2m ya pee el pee gave Dr Brown?!? Titty milk drinka!! Ha ha ha!!

      • OBA tried to sink him and didnt realize he was a submarine.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          For once you just might be right. The submarine is the deadliest vessel that sails the seas. Be afraid. Be very very afraid. All CC needs to do is start acting like a real opposition & form a wolfpack of submarines to be on the constant attack on all of the failures of the PLP.

    • Anbu says:

      How about they get the hell to work then? Its like they want the oba to show em how to do it or something. Nope. Not this time. U wanted it, u got it. Now like i said. Get to work already. Chop chop

    • Question says:

      This is typical. Instead of addessring serious points about the economy, you attack the messenger. The economy is shrinking, jobs are not being created, debt is rising, and the only plan you have is to increase taxes. That’s the ONLY thing you have. When you boil it down, you have nothing at all other than you hate expats, foreigners, and people who don’t look like you.

  11. puzzled says:

    In ten years there will only be people in the graveyards.
    And enjoy the abandoned homes

  12. Humphrey says:

    You mean start working for the people don’t you??just saying

  13. steve says:

    Why dont you ignore is and stop acting like you are in oposition? Oh i forgot…been over a year and you aint done squat.

  14. Tea Pot Vs Frying Pan says:

    Good speach ! Nice to see the other jockeys alive! Cause this Horse named Bermuda Government still has to run the race regardless of the rider ! But there should be only one team that they both ride for!!!! Politicians should not be able to personally profit financially off of government other than a regular wage ! It’s otherwise considered inside trading! And if people weren’t practicing * W.M.I * ??? Bermuda wouldn’t be split in two,three, four Groups…. See the pictures yet ?? Divide and conquer !

  15. facts of the rock says:

    I cannot be the only person to spot the green t shirt brigade’s lack of education from comments

  16. Joe Bloggs says:

    Alternatively Mr. Cannonier, the PLP propaganda consultants know what they are doing. The PLP has been running rings around the OBA for years. If you want proof just look at how the 36 seats in the House of Assembly are divided up

  17. There’s no work to be had.What jobs are there are seeing over 100 applicant each one.If your over fifty forget it.
    Some poor soul was a actually trying to break into my house through a bathroom window I forgot to close down and lock.
    I say poor fellow because he must have been desperate to think that inside my house was going to be acceptable…they must have been making popcorn and had there binocular out down the hill…don’t get me wrong I will call police for him.. and they will probably call a ambulance for him so he’ll have proper medical care but let’s face it,is it worth going through that?
    It’s Halloween now and I will protect my home,my family from vampire,zombies,warwolves,serial killers,drug addicts,theives, boogie men etc.
    Put yourself in my position for a second please…I have a responsibility to protect my loved ones.I view anyone trying to enter my castle as a threat to their welfare and safety and well being.
    I have no compunction using force I deem necessary and I do deem it….demification is mine to observe .
    So be aware goblin…a house breaking element (tool) is to me a weapon in or on my castle ground.

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    Poor PLP. Always worried about a boogyman behind them dressed in OBA red. That boogyman is in the mirror dressed in PLP green. He is the inept PLP of 1998- 2012. He is also the PLP of today which also lacks the management people needed to run Bermuda Inc

  19. Jus' Askin' says:


    if it was nothing, why is it being investigated?
    that is Your reason for not speaking on it
    until You come clean
    all of YOUR words will fall on deaf ears
    and You are the real “Interim Opposition Leader” ;-) ;-)

  20. Time Shall Tell says:

    OBA is acting like schoolyard hecklers just for the point of it while offering nothing else. If you want a better Bermuda as you claim than offer alternate solutions rather than just childishly nitpicking over pettiness. As long as Bermuda continues down the road of one party placing all efforts in undermining the efforts of the other all in the name of political points, Bermuda as a whole will stay in a position of stagnation. As for PLP, drop with the pettiness yourself & get on with the business. Start working on a backup plan should the vision of our Premier fall short or fail we will still need a way forward.

  21. LIAR!!
    Give the country the JETGATE information.
    OH!! It appears as though you have been INSTRUCTED(as always) TO SAY NOTHING.
    You are clearly their fall guy. Sad, embarrassing and pathetic.
    Do find your intelligence.

  22. A Little wisdom says:

    Is C.C’s trip on a jet the only thing the PLP can throw at the OBA and Craig? The police found nothing incriminating. It was an internal matter as well. The PLP always push to know other people’s business but, will not divulge the details of what it has done with the public purse.
    Hipocracy is rife with the PLP. The commission of inquiry uncovered what was perceived as corruption, and still could not get to the bottom of all the malfeasance. How can one stand up in the HoA and smugly assume the title of “Honourable member”. I was asked,” How can one be HONOURABLE when you appear to continuously cover up corruption and refuse to root out those who may have plundered our tax coffers and enact due process. Where are our MILLIONS of $$$$$$?
    The PLP has much to answer for its behaviour as Government. I wish that this was all conjecture rather than fact.