Public Middle School Girls Drone Coding Camp

November 6, 2018

Connectech hosted its second all girls’ coding camp during the most recent half term school break, introducing public middle school girls to coding drones and hovercrafts at the tech incubator’s purpose-built space on Cedar Avenue in Hamilton.

A spokesperson said, “Thirteen girls from Bermuda’s public middle school system attended the one-week camp funded by Hamilton insurance Group [“Hamilton”], a Bermuda-based insurer and reinsurer leveraging data science and analytics to advance the science of underwriting.

“Connectech’s instructor, Zär’a Cardell, used a block-based programming language to teach the girls how to code the drone, which was able to transform into seven other vehicle forms.”

Instructor – Zär’a Cardell, Azari Easton, Chloe Morton

Drone Coding  Bermuda Nov 6 2018 (3)

Connectech founder Coral Wells said: “We were excited to offer another opportunity for young girls in Bermuda to learn to code, this time through an exciting activity using drones and hovercrafts as vehicles.

“It is encouraging to see the increase in interest in technology among girls but the gender gap is still a significant issue. Connectech will continue to offer opportunities to increase awareness for our girls to excel in this industry.

Drone Coding  Bermuda Nov 6 2018 (1)

“We look forward to our continued partnership with Hamilton Insurance Group who make these and many more opportunities possible for our youth today.”

Hamilton Re CEO Kathleen Reardon said: “We’re delighted with how popular Connectech’s most recent coding camp for girls has been and we look forward to following the progress of the girls whose interest has been captured by technology. Maybe a future employee of Hamilton is among them!”

Drone Coding  Bermuda Nov 6 2018 (2)

Participating schools included Sandy’s Middle School, Clearwater Middle School, Dellwood Middle School, Gilbert Primary School, Heron Bay, St George’s Preparatory and Warwick Primary School.

Participating students included Sanaa Berkeley, Priel Minors, Chelsea Minors, Lia Smith, Azari Easton, Christina Leverock, Electra Smith, Siniah Lambe, Celine Smith-Martin, Chloe Morton, Gabriella Charles, Zae’ya Tucker-Crockwell and Tamara Dean.

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  1. Lol says:

    This is really wonderful honestly it is, but why does society always leave the boys out? They need this the most. They are the ones being disenfranchised by this school system the most. We need to care more about our boys just like we do our girls.

    • Eye 4 and Eye says:

      Geesh….nobody is leaving anyone out! It was a girl’s camp. Ever thought that it was done to encourage girls the might normally feel left out of anything tech based or sports based, to participate. Girls and boys grow,learn, socialize and express themselvea different. Therefore sometimes it makes sense to have these types of events to get the most out of these kids.

      Boys aren’t left out of anything. Connectech has similar classes for all kids. Look it up before reading a heading and complaining.

  2. Sailor says:

    I agree. Too bad boys do not have this opportunity too.