Man Attacked In Warwick, Three Men Arrested

January 31, 2019

A 25-year-old man is being treated at KEMH, and three men have been arrested following an incident at a Warwick residence this afternoon [Jan 31] in which “three males attacked another male,” with a knife being “brandished during the attack,” the police have confirmed.

A police spokesperson said, “At approximately 2:25pm today police received a report of a disturbance that took place at a residence on Random Lane in Warwick. Early reports indicate 3 males attacked another male and a knife was brandished during the attack.

“The victim, a 25-year-old Warwick man, sustained facial and leg injuries and presently he is being treated at KEMH injuries that do not appear to be life threatening.

“Three males [two 20-year-old males, and a 57-year-old male] have been arrested and are now being processed at the Hamilton Police Station.

“Police have commenced an investigation and anyone who can assist police should call CID on 295-0011.”

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  1. Playstation says:

    people that carry a knife should be locked up for life,no parole.

    • Come Correct says:

      Are you kidding? I carry a knife of legal size that I have for 100 other reasons than to use it as a weapon.

      You realize I can go to a store and buy a perfectly legal box cutter with a half inch blade that can do 1000x the damage as a pocket knife. Good luck trying to disarm someone with a box cutter too.

      • eyes wide open says:

        argumentive fool!

        you knew exactly what I meant,but you just wanted to split hairs,people like you are the type that ruins Bermuda.

    • Hair says:


  2. MM says:

    A speedy trial is very very important, for too long criminal matters have dragged on 2 and 3 years, and folks have continued on in their madness irrespective of who else maybe waiting trial. It’s not gonna take more than a week to determine how things went, and after that let’s hear their plea, some matters do go straight to supreme Court for a plea due to the serious charges they may face. Most important is not to have these matters drag on and on.

  3. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Saw what looked like most of Bermuda police force cars and bikes fly past, understand a serious matter but really needed all those police officers!!?? Wow!