New Regiment Soldiers On Last Leg Of Training

March 1, 2019

The island’s newest soldiers will today [March 1] finish their basic training and celebrate with a passing out parade.

The 25 troops in the first of two Recruit Camp intakes this year yesterday learned about the RBR’s internal security role and the requirement to act within the law if called out for public order duties.

The recruits earlier spent their first night under canvas at Hog Bay in Southampton as part of their fieldcraft training.

Private Canaan Tucker, 20, of Warwick, said: “I enjoyed it a lot – but I didn’t enjoy walking up the hills because I hurt my knee. But I managed.

He added he had enjoyed lessons on the RBR’s SA-80 rifles and the new-look assault course.

Pte Tucker said: “My favourite part was the assault course. That was the highlight for me. I did pretty good.”

He added that he signed up with the Regiment to help increase his chances in the job market and learn new skills.

Homeward stretch: From front, Privates Andrea Burrows, Canaan Tanner and Christopher Montgomery, who will take part in the RBR’s passing out parade for new recruits today

Regiment Bermuda Feb 28 2019 1

Pte Tucker said: “I’ve been applying for a lot of jobs and I wanted to do something of substance and get a little more discipline.

“I joined because I knew it could bring other opportunities outside of the Regiment.”

Pte Andrea Burrows proved a hit on the firing range and her marksmanship earned praise from Air Vice-Marshal Gavin Parker, the Defence Attaché at the British Embassy in Washington, who visited the troops on Wednesday.

Pte Burrows, a cashier at Master’s hardware store in Hamilton, said: “I was quite a good shot. I think I must just have a natural talent for it. I enjoyed the shooting.”

The Pembroke 21-year-old added: “I enjoy the lessons, learning something new. But the most important thing is rifle drills. It’s all about safety.”

Pte Christopher Montgomery, 21, said he enjoyed a night outdoors on the fieldcraft exercise, Operation First Encounter.

Class time: RBR new recruits get a lesson in public order duties from Lt Ryan Eve

Regiment Bermuda Feb 28 2019 2

Pte Montgomery, from Hamilton Parish, added: “It was interesting getting woken up at 4.30am – that was very different.

“It was pretty crisp outside, but I liked it. I’ve very much enjoyed the entire experience.

“I had heard about the Regiment’s humanitarian efforts and that they wanted volunteers. I wanted the discipline as well.”

Lieutenant Ryan Eve, the platoon commander for the intake, who ran the rules of engagement class, said the new soldiers had been keen and eager to learn.

He added: “We ensure our soldiers always act within the law and use the minimum force required. In the event of civil disturbance, they will know how to react in an appropriate way.”

Lt Eve, an insurance underwriter from Southampton, added: “They have done well and I’m confident they will be ready for their passing out parade.”

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