YMSC Football Club Looking For Coaches

July 3, 2019

Young Men’s Social Club [YMSC] is seeking qualified coaches, with the club seeking a B-Licensed Senior Coach and C-Licensed Youth Coach.

A spokesperson said, “YMSC builds on its long-term strategy by seeking qualified coaches. If you are interested in joining a club that has a long history of community involvement and the development of individuals, this may be the opportunity for you.

“The Club rebuilt its team for the 2018/19 season. The Club started with a mix of old and new players with various skills. During the period we have seen the team find cohesion and work as a unit on the field. Seeking new talent at the Senior and Youth levels, YMSC isn’t standing still.

YMSC Football Club Looking For Coaches Bermuda July 2019 (2)

Vance Campbell, Club President, said, “We are on the lookout for a B-Licensed Senior Coach and C-Licensed Youth Coach for our redevelopment youth program for the start of the 2019/2020 season. The role of the senior coach will be demanding and falls in line with our long-term plan to take the team to the top of the league.

“In this position we will require the person to: meet FIFA standards, know the BFA guidelines, be organized, develop a coaching syllabus and demand a high standard for players relating to a style of play, club representation, personal conduct and fitness. This position is high-profile, so the person would be expected to work with the media and sponsors.”

YMSC Football Club Looking For Coaches Bermuda July 2019

“YMSC has a history of developing players from youth to become national players like Zeiko Lewis. Upholding its tradition for public service, in 2018 Young Men’s Social Club received the Wilkinson Award for community service,” the club noted.

Mr Campbell added, “We are adding coaching capacity to ensure we can properly invest in our sports talent. Anyone who is interested should visit the Social Club website — socialclub.bm/opportunities — and click on the opportunities tab.”

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