ABIC Award Scholarships To 25 Students

July 21, 2020

This year marks the 43rd anniversary of the Association of Bermuda International Companies [ABIC] scholarship program which has seen ABIC members support more than 670 students’ college education, with 25 students being awarded scholarships this year.

ABIC Chairman Patrick Tannock stated: “International Business is one of the key economic engines driving the Bermuda economy. A key component of Bermuda’s track record of innovation excellence is an enabling environment for the free flow of high-quality intellectual capital while simultaneously developing diverse local talent. It’s critical that we continue to invest in education to nurture the island’s existing and future talent pipeline.”

A spokesperson said, “The ABIC Education Awards program ranks as the largest post-secondary scholarship program in Bermuda. The mission is to enable qualified Bermudians in financial need to pursue their undergraduate or graduate educational goals in areas related to International Business. The intent is that they will return to the island to further build the International Business sector.

“The Education Awards are sponsored by annual donations from international companies in Bermuda. As the sector has grown, so has the size and scope of the program. It now stands out as the first choice for companies looking to invest in Bermuda’s future.

“Selection is based on a combination of the applicant’s financial need and academic ability. The awards are given only to students pursuing higher education at accredited degree-granting colleges and universities. Students in the program have attended universities in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

“The largest corporate contributors to the program each year are designated with ‘Corporate Named Awards’ in the name of the corporation. This creates a direct connection between the company providing the award and the student. Students are encouraged to treat this as a mentoring opportunity, a chance to obtain career guidance and advice from their corporate sponsors.”

Christian Dunleavy, Chairman of ABIC Education Awards, said: This year we have 25 students receiving awards, in 1977 there were four recipients. To date more than 670 students have been provided with scholarships and many of them now hold leadership positions in international business or in the industries supporting it.

“In the past 10 years alone ABIC companies have donated $5.5 million to the program. ABIC with the generous support of its members will continue to help secure Bermuda’s future by investing in education. It is one of our most important priorities and one that we are fully committed to.”

2020 ABIC Education Awardees

  • Jasmaine Adams
  • Reanna Bassett
  • Tiffany Cooper
  • Shatonae DeSilva
  • Jordan Etemadi
  • Dazhja Greaves
  • Victoria Lindsay
  • Natasha Mansell
  • Isaiah Marques
  • Brianna Mawer
  • Kairo Morton
  • Julianne Oatley
  • Alneisha Outerbridge
  • Alyssa Paynter
  • Candace Paynter
  • Tamia Place
  • Kayla Simpson
  • Chrysda Smith
  • Khiyrah Smith
  • Jahkai Smith
  • Malaysia Thomas
  • Kelly Trott
  • Zahra Wilson
  • Taiyana Allen – Post Graduate
  • Elizabeth Sousa – Post Graduate

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