Bermuda Power Boat & JetSki Racing Results

July 19, 2021 | 0 Comments

The 2021 Bermuda Power Boat Racing Season continued with the junior running heats inshore, jetskis running an offshore and inshore race, while the power boats held a 40 minute offshore race at Ferry Reach.

Jauza James won two of the junior power boat races, Dakar White on his modified Jet Ski won both the off shore and inshore races, while the stock class saw Jahlae Raynor take the checkered flag in both races.

David Selley and Owen Decosta won the A-Class Power Boat race, while Quincy Dowling and Tai Bean won the B Class race. The C Class was won by Chad Sutherland and Graham Sutherland, and the D Class winners on the day were Shawn Butterfield and Jamel Woolridge.

Juniors: Heat 1

  • 1st Jauza James
  • 2nd Trystan Hocking
  • 3rd Santo Rowe

Juniors: Heat 2

  • 1st Jonah Moniz
  • 2nd Isobel Rowe
  • 3rd Shawn Bremar

Juniors: Heat 3

  • 1st Trystan Hocking
  • 2nd Santo Rowe
  • 3rd Tyler James

Juniors: Heat 4

  • 1st Jauza James
  • 2nd Jonah Moniz
  • 3rd Shawn Bremar

Juniors: Heat 5

  • 1st Isobel Rowe
  • 2nd Tyler James
  • 3rd Shawn Bremar

Jet Ski Offshore 20 minutes

  • 1st Modified Dakar White
  • 1st Stock Jahlae Raynor
  • 2nd Stock Doran Simons
  • 3rd Stock Matthew Smith

Jet Ski inshore

  • 1st Modified Dakari White
  • 1st Stock Jahlae Raynor
  • 2nd Stock Matthew Smith
  • DNF Andre Bailey

Powerboats Offshore 40 minutes: A Class

  • 1st David Selley / Owen Decosta
  • 2nd Shane Madeiros / Owen DeCosta

Powerboats Offshore 40 minutes: B Class

  • 1st Quincy Dowling / Tai Bean
  • 2nd Ryan Resendes / Kieren White
  • 3rd Howard Ascento / Sadune Raynor

Powerboats Offshore 40 minutes: C Class

  • 1st Chad Sutherland / Graham Sutherland
  • 2nd Lee Wilson / Callim Cunningham

Powerboats Offshore 40 minutes: D Class

  • 1st Shawn Butterfield / Jamel Woolridge
  • DNF Craig Nebitt Sr and JR.

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