Minister Commends Govt’s Emergency Services

September 9, 2022

“By all accounts, Hurricane Earl passed the Island early this morning without significant incident,” Minister of National Security Michael Weeks said.

Minister Weeks stated: “I want to thank our emergency services, including our Police, Regiment, medical services and our Fire and Rescue Service for their work and readiness for what could have been a different scenario.”

Minister Weeks also praised the effort of work crews from the Government and BELCO. They were out on the roads early this morning to restore residents’ electricity, trim trees and clear the roads of debris and obstacles.

He added: “I’m incredibly grateful to all residents who heeded our messages of preparation, including those who trimmed their trees to ensure the clean-up effort would not be unnecessarily hampered.

“We have been informed that there was an uptick in residents disposing of horticultural waste at the Marsh Folly facility in the lead-up to Hurricane Earl’s arrival.

“This reaction shows that residents took this storm seriously, and for that, I am thankful.

“I also wish to thank our EMO partner departments for ensuring that the public remained informed about key weather, utility and public services information over the course of last night and into this morning.”

A spokesperson said, “As of the 12 p.m. advisory, the Bermuda Weather Service put Hurricane Earl’s position at around 222 nautical miles to the NNE of the Island, moving NNE at 19 knots.

“At its closest point of approach, Earl came within 86 nautical miles of the Island.

“The Minister reminded that Bermuda remains in the throes of an active hurricane season and urged residents not to become complacent.

“He encouraged continued vigilance and storm readiness as we continue to navigate these latter months of the season.”

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