National Sports Governing Bodies Meeting

November 7, 2022

Sharon Hammond, James Barnwell, Sacha Richardson, Talitha Davis, Trina Roberts, Troy Harvey, Charles Wade, Dexter Basden, Jim Michelsen and Fiona Braidwood were honoured for their contributions to sport during the recent Association of National Sports Governing Bodies [ANSGB] meeting.

A spokesperson said, “The Association of National Sports Governing Bodies [ANSGB] held its General Assembly Meeting on Wednesday, November 2nd in the Bermuda Society of Arts Gallery located on the 2nd Floor of City Hall.

“The following National Sports Governing Bodies attended the Meeting: Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association, Bermuda Badminton Association, Bermuda Basketball Association, Bermuda Bicycle Association, Bermuda Boxing Federation, Bermuda Cricket Board, Bermuda Equestrian Federation, Bermuda Football Association, Bermuda Gymnastics Association, Bermuda Hockey Federation, Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association, Bermuda National Athletics Association, Bermuda Netball Association, Bermuda Rowing Association, Bermuda Rugby Football Union, Bermuda Sailing Association, Bermuda Sanshou Association, Bermuda Triathlon Association, National Archery Association of Bermuda, Special Olympics Bermuda

“During the meeting the Association once again paid tribute to volunteers who were nominated for providing many years of dedicated service, commitment and for contributing to the development and betterment of their respective sport.

[L – R] Senator Owen Darrell, Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Sharon Hammond [Triathlon 10 years], James Barnwell [Rugby 4 years], Sacha Richardson [Special Olympics 6 years], Oscar Lightbourne on behalf of Talitha Davis [Sanshou 6 years], Trina Roberts [Archery 9 years], Troy Harvey [Football 25+ years], Charles Wade [Boxing 20 years], Dexter Basden [Cricket 30+ years], Jim Michelsen [Equestrian 40+ years], David Sabir, ANSGB President. Missing: Fiona Braidwood [Field Hockey 5+ years]

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“Following the volunteer recognitions awards ceremony, delegates received words of encouragement, and congratulations from Minister Darrell together with his commitment to continue collaborating and supporting the ongoing development of sport in Bermuda. Minister Darrell highlighted the Government’s recently released National Sports Policy and his outlook for sport going forward.

“Delegates also received a presentation from Jekon Edness, Senior Sports Development Officer of the Department of Youth, Sports & Recreation and Carlita Lodge, Cultural Affairs Programme Manager of the Department of Culture.

“The General Assembly was also the occasion for the election of the ANSGB Executive Board. The following members were elected to serve the Association for the next 2 years when elections will take place in November 2024:”

[L – R] Calvin Blankendal [Executive Member], Nathan Dill [Executive Member], Mark Clarke [Executive Member], Mia Bean [Vice President], David Sabir [President], Ranae Cann [Secretary], James Davis [Treasurer]

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