Grandfathers Raising Awareness For Children

December 22, 2022 | 2 Comments

Grandfathers Lynn Millett and Glenn Fubler are aiming to raise awareness of the plight of the world’s children.

A spokesperson said, “Grandpas Lynn Millett [10 grands] and Glenn Fubler [4 grands] over this season join in highlighting the need for solidarity for all the planet’s children; they are all precious in His sight.

“Our personal friendship dates back to 1970 as members of the Black Beret Cadre. Our concern for the welfare of people beyond Bermuda’s borders manifested on February 21, 1985, when the two of us were arrested for staging a sit-in at the offices of one of Bermuda’s premier firms, protesting in solidarity with the people – notably the children – of South Africa.

“During this Christmas season, observing the humble birth of the baby Jesus, we two Bermudian grandpas join with the intent for meaningful action to capture the reason for the season. That birth occurred in the shadow of the Roman empire’s cruelty, which impacted the lives of so many Middle Eastern children two millenia ago. We join in 2022 in addressing in some small way parallel circumstances being manifested today.

Glenn Fubler & Lynn Millett Bermuda Dec 2022

“The two of us will be fasting on one of the days between December 25th and the Orthodox Christmas of January 7, 2023, in solidarity with the many millions of today’s children across the planet who are adversely affected by the actions and inactions of far too many unconscious individuals, groups and governments.

“Among those multiple inhumane actions, harming so many of the planet’s children; we cite a few examples:

  • Most Haitian children are currently affected by the actions of local gangs controlling portions of that island. This bitter experience has its roots in the historic struggle of Haitians overthrowing the system of slavery by defeating a French regiment in 1804. The New York Times has recently published a series documenting how France, joined by other slave holding regimes – Britain, U.S, Germany and others – over subsequent centuries, punished Haiti. This, included billions in reparations that Haiti was forced to pay former French slave owners and continued black ops destabilization, resulting in the tragic circumstances we see there today.
  • The major global media have turned a blind eye to the ongoing suffering in Yemen where a war, championed by the notorious Saudi Crown Prince MBS, has devastated that country since 2014. The UN estimates that a total of 377,000 people had died by 2021, due to the war – supported by the UK, US and a few others – with hundreds of thousands seriously injured and four million displaced, 70 percent of total casualties being children. One tactic of the Saudis is blockading food and medicines and Save the Children reports that 85,000 children had died of starvation by 2021.
  • Russia’s Kremlin’s decision to invade Ukraine in February 2022 has resulted in the well-publicized tragic widespread loss of life, including many children. This dispute has a sustained destabilizing impact on the global economy which is devastating the most vulnerable, especially children, across the globe. With the danger of a nuclear conflagration possible, it’s clear that principled diplomatic efforts be made to resolve this war.
  • Even though Exxon’s own scientists presented conclusive findings in the 1980s that the use of fossil fuels results in a devastating climate catastrophe, those owners and the other oil and coal oligarchs have used their increased multiple billions to grease the wheels of global governments to forestall meaningful societal transformation to alternate energy. Consequently the roosters are coming home to roost with increasingly devastating droughts; deadly floods, super hurricanes and the like, impacting billions of the most vulnerable people– especially children across the globe.

“We two grandpas invite any persons, young and old, who are so-minded to join in the initiative on any day that suits them between December 25th and January 7th by engaging in some form of fasting, from only imbibing fluids or skipping one daily meal. All of us joining are urged to make a special monetary donation to one of the many food programs for Bermuda’s challenged families impacted by the current economic crisis.

“We invite all to enjoy a peaceful Christmas holiday and encourage everyone to, at some point, include the children of the globe in their thoughts and prayers.”

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  1. Lion Paw says:

    Good for you both. It starts with the young they are the future and will be making the changes when we are gone. They will be uniting unifying and making the differences previous generations could not.

    Bernews thank you for reporting the stories that matter many of my comments are because of your work and dedication to the citizens the various communities within Bermuda as well as the country. You are make an impact.

  2. A says:

    so cool! i love this and what it stands for

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