Meeting Held To Discuss Air Service Development

January 29, 2023

“I firmly believe we must work collectively to make Bermuda one of the best and most sought-after destinations for airline travellers,” said Minister of Transport Wayne Furbert, following a recent meeting with tourism and transport stakeholders to discuss air service development.

Minister of Transport Air Service Development Meeting January 2023_2

A Government spokesperson said, “Invited stakeholders were the Minister of Tourism and the Cabinet Office, the Hon. Vance Campbell, Shadow Minister of Transport, Susan Jackson and Shadow Minister of Tourism The Hon. Craig Cannonier; as well as representatives from the Bermuda Tourism Authority, the Bermuda Airport Authority, Skyport, and the Bermuda Hotel Association.”

Minister Furbert added, “The meeting provided an opportunity for each organisation to share their plans and how they are working to improve air service, marketing, on-island transportation and visitor experiences. I shared with the group that we are embarking on an exciting spring and summer season.

“Before the pandemic, Bermuda saw an average of over 420k arrivals by air annually. Air arrivals decreased during the height of the pandemic; however, this year, we are projecting more than 300k arrivals by air. Another significant milestone is that Bermuda will likely see over 200 cruise calls this season with an estimated 200 million dollars in economic activity.”

Minister of Transport Air Service Development Meeting January 2023_1

In his opening remarks, Tourism Minister Vance Campbell said, “We must be ‘all in’ with our tourism industry and by that I mean the entire country, from our schoolchildren to our pensioners. We must constantly remind ourselves that our very future is inextricably linked to our tourism industry..”

The Government spokesperson said, “In addition to Minister’s remarks, the groups heard presentations from Lester Nelson, CEO of Bermuda Aviation Authority; Tracey Berkeley, Interim CEO of BTA; Aaron Adderley, President Skyport; Erin Smith, COO BTA; Ken Hassard, Commercial Director Skyport and Jamari Douglas, VP Marketing & Communications BTA.”

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  1. puzzled says:

    Furberts Fairytails.

  2. Ray & Debi Davison says:

    The cost of an airline ticket is outrageous, all you get for your money is a small bag of peanuts and a half can of soda and God forbid if you ask for a full can. Someone should look into why the airlines are charging so much to visit your Island the airlines give no incentive to their passengers to travel to Bermuda and it’s a shame my wife and I have been coming to Bermuda since 1980 every year since 1980 our last year was 2019 because of pandemic, I can only hope that Bermuda is not taking advantage and getting a kickback from the airlines for every passenger that boards their planes if that is true we may change or plans and go elsewhere. Thank you Ray Davison

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Thank you for your post. We miss you (and all tourists) too.

      Whilst it is possible that some politician is getting a kickback from airlines, the more likely explanation for the cost of air travel is the “parking” of aircraft during the pandemic and the cost of putting those aircraft back in service coupled with the cost of fuel right now.

      • sandgrownan says:

        To a point. We’re also hampered by low demand (for Bermuda – we all know why) but also that flights to Bermuda are disproportionately expensive.

        Un-scientific quick look – LHR-Bahamas 800 return, Barbados 550, Antigua 560…Bermuda 1000. Economy seats, random dates end of Feb.

        And if you go to Antigua, Barbados, the weather is better, the resorts are cheaper and the buses, ferries and taxis are reliable. You don’t have to deal with the tooth sucking resentment of holier than though Bermudians.

        • question says:

          Yes. However low tourist demand over the past year was contributed to in large part by the stu pid and unnecessary TA Form.

          The most charitable excuse for the TA form was that the government was monumentally incompetent. The usual reason for things.

          There are other possible reasons for its existence though. As we all know. A lot of money was made.