Sybil Barrington’s Bermuda Day Appearance

May 25, 2011

Female impersonator Mark Anderson appeared in yesterday’s Bermuda Day parade, joining the dozens of floats, dance groups and performers. Mr. Anderson was also hoping to raise public awareness of today’s [May 25] City Hall rally aimed at encouraging Government to include sexual orientation in Bermuda’s Human Rights Act.

sybil barrington bermuda may 24 2011

The entertainer — who styles himself as Sybil Barrington, The Queen of Bermuda– has been participating in the Bermuda Day parade since 2005.

He was abruptly dropped from the official list of parade participants in 2006 after complaints were lodged with Government claiming Mr. Anderson’s drag routine did not reflect Bermuda’s heritage. He took part in the event anyway and has since become a Bermuda Day parade fixture.

sybil barrington bermuda may 24 2011 2

This is not the first time Mr. Anderson has used his participation in the parade to draw attention to community issues close to his heart.

Last year Mr. Anderson entered a float in the parade to pay tribute to 20 of the “most outstanding women of Bermuda.” They were Dame Lois Browne Evans, Patricia Marirea Mudd, Pamela Gordon, Lady Gibbons, Dr. Barbara Ball, Sheila Ming Burgess, Dame Jennifer Smith, Terry-Lynn Doyle, Dame Marjorie Bean, Gina Swainson, Ruth Thomas, Diana Dill, Polly Hornburg, Ann Smith Gordon, Lady Gladys Hall, Olive Trott, Joyce Hayden, Rose Gosling, June Augustus and the late Olive Lady Cubitt.

Mr. Anderson said at the time: “In my eyes there are women who have made a real difference to our community. Some of these women have only been recognised in a small way but I see them all as our national heroes.

“The parade is an historical event and I want to shed some light on the achievements of these women, they fought hard to make Bermuda what it is today.”

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  1. d reader says:

    waste of time printing this crap

    • passion says:

      You read it…so I guess you wasted your time!

    • tradition says:

      This is definately not my heritage. Mark be a man.

      • Irritated says:

        I agree! The parade is not the place for such an abomination!

        • wil says:

          abomination…i’m assuming your an avid church goer. well let me tell you whats an aobomination, hating your fellow man based on the false writings of an invisible deity high in the sky who ACCORDING TO SOME apparently hates gay people..who according to these writings were created in his image…
          You as an individual are an abomination

          • Notnice at all says:

            I dont go to church and i agree it is an abomination. Im tired of man thinking they can make up their own rules as they go along. U dont have to be a church goer to know that this lifestyle is wrong. Look if they choose that way fine. But dont try to force ppl into thinking your way that it is right. and as well they shouldnt be marching in no Bermuda Day parade looking like a bag of skittles talking bout taste the rainbow. Its disgusting.

            • wil says:

              so stop trying to say theyre disgusting. Sybil isn’t telling any one to be gay, she’s bringing a message of sensible awareness because bigots like you are full of hate when they have done nothing to you

              • JUST SAYN!!! says:


                • Beezlebub says:

                  haha. why dont you focus your rage on something more positive.

        • Beezlebub says:

          yeah the parade is much better suited for closet homosexuals.

      • UncleElvis says:

        So YOUR heritage is the only one that should be represented at the parade?

    • Beezlebub says:

      do you even know how to read?

  2. joe says:

    Well done Sybil. You go, girl!

  3. reality check says:

    Sybil you looked fabulous!!!!

    • Pussy cat says:

      You need to tell Sybil to go the distance. Thank you can say fabulous. A man in a woman’s clothing pretending to be a queen but he still has man’s tools. Let’s get rid of the tool and fix all the defects so that Sybil can either be a he or a she.

      • UncleElvis says:

        Why? Why does he have to mutilate himself to conform to YOUR gender roles?

        “Let’s get rid of the tool…”?

        When did you get a say in what he does with his body?

  4. All in fun! No harm done! Bet you all go to the show every October at City Hall! lol

    • Talk 2 you bent says:

      LOL ha ha were all queers! Nobody is str8, were all twisted!

    • ke says:

      I DON NOT … And this isnt my heritage ither …

      • UncleElvis says:

        And? The Portuguese or Philipino or African or Caribbean parts might not be your heritage, either. Should they be banned?

  5. Bermudian says:

    Here it is, 2011, and you still have close minded people about gay men and women. How about instead of gay people, we substitute it for either Black people, or Jewish people, or Muslim people. You are all pathetic who are hostile towards gay people. You all wanted free rights for black people, why can’t the gays have their freedom as well? Bunch of hypocrites if you ask me. And please don’t bring religion on this because you all will contradict yourselves on here. You can say,”Oh God says being gay is a sin”, but yet you all believe we are all created in his image. There’s your contradiction.

    Talk 2 you bent is also right. Think about it. When you watch a porno, do you just watch girl on girl all the time? I highly doubt it.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Being created in his image has nothing to do with the way people act. The only point I’m making here.


  6. Living in Hells kitchen says:

    Somebody needs to stop this madness. What type of example is sybill setting for the youths of Bermuda. If everyone was gay then we wouldnt be living. Its a reason why God condems it. and naturally it doesnt make sense. Somebody please dis guy sybill for this disgusting display

    • Bermudian says:

      The fact that you think that one guy being who he wants to be will make any child who sees him gay is a pathetic excuse of a argument. So by your “logic”, if I children see someone jump off a cliff, that means that they’re all going to do it?

      • Living in Hells kitchen says:

        ya you should jump off a cliff for such a stupid comparison. And no its not just one guy im talking about. This one guy represents the WHOLE of them. Yes children ARE picking up this behaviour you see more children turning at very young ages. And this myth about them born that way is total crap. Its a choice and alls im saying they should have their seperate parade if they wanna march around in women’s clothing, not be in our Bermuda Day Parade when you have so many kids watching this. Especially young boys of today who are finding it difficult to establish their own identity in this drug, gang, materialistic infested society we live in today.

        • Live Life says:

          How about you take this same mind set and put it to good use. What about the senseless killing that the kids are watching more and more everyday? It seems that you Bermudians love to make a big deal about the small things and make the big deals small things. Sybil/Mark is being who he is and yes I agree he has a very forceful way of making his point but he has the right to express himself the way he chooses to. Wake up and get over yourself stop worrying about small issues and concetrate on the bigger issues this island is dealing with.

        • UncleElvis says:

          When did you choose to be straight?

          And do you have ANY evidence at all that children are “turning” because they’re “picking up this behaviour”?

          It’s bizarre that you’re saying how hard it is for young men to establish their identity, yet are denouncing a young man who has done just that.

    • In General says:

      The example he is promoting to the youth is that it is ok to be who you really are and be happy! I don’t know if you know Mr. Anderson, I don’t know him well, but in my experience with him, he is a genuine person, that truly cares about Bermuda and her people. He does so much for this community and is one of the friendliest and open hearted people i have ever had the pleasure to meet. I for one am proud that Bermuda has a person like him to give an example to our kids. He is giving, true to himself and his country. He is accepting and honorable. I think that is a great person to have as a role model.

    • Single says:

      What kind of an example are some parents setting for the youth! There are straight men and women who do not set good examples for the youth, so what’s your argument? Let’s not judge people…have any of you had a conversation with Sybil to find out the type of person he is? No I am not gay, just believe in treating EVERYONE equally!

    • UncleElvis says:

      Actually, “naturally”, it’s fine. Homosexuality happens throughout nature.

  7. JUST SAYN!!! says:

    waste of time advertising these wierdo’s !!!!

  8. Open Minded to an extent says:

    I wasn’t going to comment on this thread, but I feel I must now. I believe that Mark and all the divas on the float have every right to live their lives how they choose. However, I cannot and will not support the change in legislation. Because of my interaction with the legislative process in this country, I have a different “insight” into how things work in this country. Most persons who are in support of the inclusion of the terms “sexual orientation” in the Human Rights Act will see it as just that – two words and a comma. Others feel that it is going to be the end of the world for heteros in Bermuda – - both positions are false.

    It will be the beginning of a cultural shift in Bermuda which majority of the population will and do not want. Most people have used the example of a gay couple going to rent an apartment and being told no based on what they do behind closed doors. I UNDERSTAND THEIR POSITION, but as a landlord, IT’S MY DOOR. With the inclusion, that landlord could be held liable for discrimination based on their belief system which doesn’t include the homo lifestyle.

    I gave someone an example using a smoker coming to rent an apartment, or a mother with 3 kids for a 2 bedroom, or a couple with dogs/cats – so if a landlord refuses to rent to anyone of them, we would all be upset?

    This is a very serious situation that the zealots on both sides will used to promote their own agenda versus working towards what’s best for Bermuda.

    Again, I believe that everyone has the right to live their own life the way they see fit; the problem with that is we all have to live together – that’s the great trick in itself.

    • reality check says:

      Thanks for sharing that. It sheds a whole new light on the situation.

      • UncleElvis says:

        Not really. It’s the same old “I should be allowed to be a bigot” argument people pull all the time because they think they should be allowed to discriminate against someone.

    • Beezlebub says:

      what does adding sexual orientation to the human rights act have to do with any of the other crap you are talking about? Every major civilization in the world includes sexual orientation. In those places landlords can still refuse smokers, pet owners. Your ignorance is confusing this issue with any of your examples. Open mind my ass.

    • Bda Greatest Bballer says:

      Your examples of smokers, pet owners and multiple children do NOT fit the same criteria as sexual orientation. Your examples are ALL choices, one can choose to smoke or not, be a pet owner or not, have children or not… sexual orientation is NOT a choice. Ask anyone who has had to deal with hate and discrimination based on their sexual orientation if they would really choose to have to deal with it. It is the same choice Blacks and women had to deal with…they had NO choice in what their skin color was or their gender. The HRC even gives rights to choices believe it or not… you can be protected against discrimination based on your CHOICE of religion…people can choose to be Anglican, Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic… they can even choose to be Christian, Muslim or even non believing Atheist and they are protected in their choice. Sexual orientation is NOT a your eyes, knock some of those cobwebs out of your head and sober up (literally and figuratively) once again why would someone choose to be shunned, hated, reviled, bullied and despised just for S**ts and giggles???

      • Open Minded to an extent says:

        @Bda Greatest Bballer & Beezlebub

        Both of you missed my point (I’m not surprised, though). The purpose of changing the HR Act is to provide rights for gays so they will not be discriminated against – to create a level of tolerance in our community – yes?

        My point was that changing the legislation is not going to change the minds and thoughts of those who are against it – never did I state my own position on the subject. You assumed even though I clarly stated that “I believe that everyone has the right to live their own life the way they see fit,” that I am against gay rights.

        You are both the zealots that I was talking about earlier. I am promoting tolerance with the reality that people are simply that – they will be what they are regardless of “adding two words and a comma.”

        In regards to the “choice” versus “born” debate, there is plently of evidence for both positions thus it is a mute point and a matter of opinion. I know of several well-known Bermudian Gay males who were sexually molested as children which had a profound affect on them and their sexuality. In the same breath, I also know a few Bermudian Gay males who had no interference as children and say they knew they were gay from the age of 4. BOTH SIDES TO THE STORY.

        All this to say, don’t ever assume anything – these are simply words on your screen – you haven’t walked in my shoes, haven’t slept in my bed, and don’t know who I sleep beside at night – male or female, str8 or gay.

        My words are used to evoke thought and positive interaction of human beings – - open minded to an extent provides you with an insight into how most Bermudians think about this situation – they can only accept what they can understand – - and I never said that they shouldn’t try harder to

        think about that for a second

        • Bda Greatest Bballer says:

          @ OpenMinded,

          I never assumed anything about you, your sexuality or your stand on HRC and any amendment to it…I took what you said and solely based on what you said and applied it to my reply. I personally don’t care what your sexuality is your who you choose to sleep with, male, female, transgender, gay, bi or heterosexually.. its none of my concern.. just like who I sleep with or anyone else sleeps with. That’s my whole shouldn’t matter who does what sexually behind closed doors (consensually) and they should NOT be discriminated against because of it. As far as your rebuttal, it will make a difference, tolerance can be learned, especially when it is enforced by the law. Do you think that ALL men just cheered, applauded and jumped for joy when women’s equal rights where enforced? Do you think ALL Christians (or supposed Christians) where ecstatic when religious rights where enforced? Do you think every KKK member and redneck just dropped their guns and embraced their fellow human. colored brothers and sisters when civil rights where enforced. I am not saying that everyone will change (though I hope so) but enforcing tolerance and basic human rights for ALL people is the goal for the amendment to HRC.

          • Open Minded to an extent says:

            @Bda Greatesr Bballer

            We are saying the same thing, just from different sections of the same book – persay.

            The use of the term “enforce” is where I believe most Bermudians have unreadiness about – - you can teach tolerance – it cannot be enforced.

            Changing the HRA may provide a “blanket” of protection for homosexuals, but it will not stop the hatred and dislike – time will only assist in that regard.

        • UncleElvis says:

          The “choice vs born like that” argument is moot, as well, as things that ARE choices are protected by the Act. Religion, for instance, is a choice and you aren’t allowed to discriminate based on that.

          I’m curious on your stance on other things that are protected by the HR Act.
          Are you against other things being protected? Do you consider them to be unfair, as “that landlord could be held liable for discrimination based on their belief system which doesn’t include” those things?

          • Open Minded to an extent says:

            @Uncle Elvis

            You missed my point in regards to the choice vs. born argument – but I agree that it is a moot point – moving on.

            My stance on the HRA is not the issue – - my point was to highlight that fact that protection against discrimination is valuable, but that does not automatically eliminate the discrimination.

            Protection against hatred is always a good thing – - but will it be the “cure-all” that people make it out to be? Only time will tell

            • UncleElvis says:

              Time can’t tell if it never happens.

              And I didn’t miss your point, ill-informed and based on anecdotal evidence as it was. I totally understand it. I just happen to think that, based on ACTUAL evidence and studies, that it’s incorrect. Sexual preference isn’t a choice.

              One Q: If protection against hatred is always a good thing, why are you speaking out against it?

              • Open Minded to an extent says:

                @Uncle Elvis

                I speak from a level of experience and personal knowledge – - I previously stated and acknowledged there is “actual” evidence and studies, as you stated, that provide information that sexual preference is not a choice – noted. In the same breath, there are “actual” evidence and studies that prove otherwise – - should we simply eliminate those studies because they do not prove what is our intented outcome? Just a thought . . .

                But you asked me a question, so I shall oblige and answer –

                Answer: I am not – read my posts and you will find that I am evoking thought and dicussion on the topic – I take no sides and provide ideas and concepts for people like you to read, discuss and attack, if you deem it necessary.

                Attempt to read my posts without the negativity and just perhaps you will be able to see the method to my genius.

                Evoke your inner eye – :-)

                • UncleElvis says:


                  so… you’re not actually SAYING anything… just throwing out opinions, then backing down from them. Gotcha. You take no sides? Of course not. Taking a side would take conviction.

                  The only negativity happening here is yours and your bizarre defense of someone’s “right” to discriminate… there’s no genius there. Just bigotry.

                  Oh, and I don’t have an inner eye. Just the two REAL eyes I was born with. And those two eyes are seeing someone who tried to justify discrimination with a weak and irrelevant argument.

                  • Open Minded to an extent says:

                    @Uncle Elvis

                    You basically are saying that because I “choose” to provide everyone on this message board with information (factual and opinionated), citing examples (personal and otherwise) that, in your opinion, I am “just throwing out opinions, then backing down from them?”

                    Isn’t that the kettle calling the pot black?

                    Let’s clear about a few things for you – ok?

                    1. I have a stance on this issue – which isn’t your concern. As my American friends remind me when trying to discuss politics, who and what I vote for is my business. And therefore, it is unncessary for me to provide you with any insight in that regard just because you feel the need to believe there is “no conviction” – I haven’t backed down from anything – I simply chose, from the begining, not to stand up to be heard. People can hear me quite well enough without having to be in the front of the room, in front of the podium.

                    2. As you claim “my bizarre defense of someone’s ‘right’ to discriminate” is simply a way to get people to discuss the topic – nothing more, nothing less. You believe that because I have provided “opinion” based information that people cannot glean from and construct their own thoughts and opinions? That is a sad comment from you on how you perceive the mentality of your fellow Bermudians.

                    3. Just for the record, the “inner” eye thing was kinda of a joke – but this is what I meant. Your “inner” eye actually is your HEART – it is the basis of all human life on this planet. It connects us to everyone and everything on this planet (and if you believe in higher powers, them/her/it too). With your “two REAL eyes I was born with”, you were not able to see anything of value or worth in my statements – and that is sad.

                    You simply decided to “discriminate” against me based on how you perceived I thought or believed on this subject without truly knowing my position – which makes you sound just like those true bigots out there ready to beat down a homosexual – which makes your position not only plausible but ironic as well.

                    Now, with all that said, Uncle Elvis – I do not justify discrimination in any form – I embrace all people for that is what I believe – - hopefully, this allows you comfort and peace as your last post seemed a bit tense . . .

                    It is a wonderful day – enjoy it while it lasts

                    • UncleElvis says:

                      I decided to react to your posts, and ONLY your posts, based on the misinformation and opinions expressed there. I didn’t discriminate against you… oh, and “plausible” might not be the word you’re looking for there.

                      You say you don’t justify discrimination in any form, but your first post, defending the homeowners’ right to discriminate, puts that to a lie. That’s pretty much literally what you did. Justified discrimination.

                    • Open Minded to an extent says:

                      @Uncle Elvis

                      This is part of the post you referenced:

                      “It will be the beginning of a cultural shift in Bermuda which majority of the population will and do not want. Most people have used the example of a gay couple going to rent an apartment and being told no based on what they do behind closed doors. I UNDERSTAND THEIR POSITION, but as a landlord, IT’S MY DOOR. With the inclusion, that landlord could be held liable for discrimination based on their belief system which doesn’t include the homo lifestyle.”

                      So, because I used the pronoun “I”, you are trying to say that I co-signed justified discrimination? Laughable

                      I cited an example which was described to me in a conversation off-line – highlighting what people who do not support the change think and feel.

                      Uncle Elvis, I enjoy our conversations and hope to continue as I believe you are an intelligent, passionate, caring individual – by the way, there is no punch-line or joke in that statement (to be clear).

                      That first post highlighted the “reality” of the situation – - this is a very serious situation with real consequences – our political parties must be clear and concise – like I said earlier, time will tell.

                      Again, I wish you a wonderful day (or what’s left of it) – - and I’m not sure you will see this as you refused to allow me to reply to your comments below – interesting again, et tu?

        • UncleElvis says:

          The legislation is needed BECAUSE people won’t change their minds!

          The purpose isn’t to create tolerance, it’s to protect people from discrimination.

    • Real Talk says:

      I’m with you Open-Minded… it’s a slippery slope that we as a community have not yet wrapped our heads around… respect for lifestyle choices has to go both ways… I support the gay rights but at the same time I support the rights of individual homeowners whose lifestyles might be in stark contrast to potential tenants having the right to turn away people without the fear of being hauled into court for discrimination…

      • UncleElvis says:

        So are you actually speaking out FOR discrimination?

        Are you actually defending the right to discriminate?


        • J Galt says:


          “Are you actually defending the right to discriminate?”

          You seem ok with discriminating against those who don’t subscribe to your belief system.

          Why do you believe you have the right to decide how other people should think?

          • UncleElvis says:

            Never. Not once. Hasn’t happened.

            But you keep spreading those lies to make yourself feel better, Galt.

            • J Galt says:

              An example of Elvis discriminatingQuestion: Should we save the Derby for Bermudians and Expats?

              Elvis’ answer:“it’s a local tradition and allowing tourists to join in is just selling ourselves out for… well… no reason.Allowing them to join isn’t going to bring any more of them to the island and NOT allowing them isn’t going to deter anyone from coming (and if it does, f#@k ‘em. I don’t really want someone that f#@king petty to come here!)I mean, come on. Can’t we keep ANYTHING from our past?”

              That to me would seem to be discriminating against individuals based on their country of origin.  

              Back to the topic at hand Christians have a belief system; they believe it is immoral for two individuals of the same sex to know each other in the biblical sense.

              Rightly or wrongly some of them who happen to be homeowners might have an issue renting to a gay couple.

              Elvis believes their thinking is incorrect and they shouldn’t be allowed to decide who they rent to. He wishes to discriminate against those who do not subscribe to his belief system by limiting their property rights and forcing his morality upon them.

              • UncleElvis says:

                I love how personal attacks are the only form of discussion you are capable of, Galt.

                We’ve had this discussion, you and I, ad nauseum and will never agree. That’s fine with me.

                I just don’t understand why you have such a problem with that.

                It’s getting kind of sad your obsessive need to keep up with the ad hominems.

                • J Galt says:

                  Ad hominems?

                  “I love how personal attacks are the only form of discussion you are capable of, Galt.”

                  That is a personal attack, instead of attacking the ideas put forward you try to attack me. Even your first response to me was an attempt to discredit me by calling me a liar, instead of debating the points put forward.

                  Now are we going to debate or not?

                  • Uncle Elvis says:

                    You ARE a liar, Galt, as has been proven many, many times before.

                    Your initial post was an ad hominem, as usual, accusing me of… Whatever nonsense you’ve made up to cause trouble… As usual.

                    I’m not in the mood for your “I should be allowed to do whatever I want” nonsense, so do me a favor and leave me out of your trolling.

                    • J Galt says:

                      Not willing to debate your ideas then resorting to personal attacks, it’s just a sign you know that you can’t defend your postion, I’m content to let the readers decide for themselves, who was willing to debate and who resorted to personal attacks.

                      Real Talk has a point about how “..respect for lifestyle choices has to go both ways…”

                      You sum it up as
                      “So are you actually speaking out FOR discrimination?
                      Are you actually defending the right to discriminate?

                      What Real Talk is speaking out for is the freedom for ALL individuals’ right to live the lifestyle they choose. What he is really asking for is tolerance. Tolerance for ALL individuals. Sure we may not agree with an indivdiual’s choices, but does that give us the right to discriminate against them? Don’t you think every person in Bermuda is entitled to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual?

        • Real Talk says:

          Discrimination takes place every day… at job interviews, schools, work, apartment rental process on any number of criteria… Is it “right”? What is right? Should I be forced to hire a guy to work my cash register although he has a criminal conviction for stealing? Should I be forced to rent to an unmarried couple as a Christian whose personal and religious beliefs are against ‘shackin up’?

          • UncleElvis says:

            Should you be forced to rent to someone of a different colour? A different nationality? A different religion?

            Is the Act forcing you to rent to rent to them?

            Shouldn’t you be rallying to have the Act rescinded?

            • Real Talk says:

              You shouldn’t be ‘forced’ to rent your personal property to anybody you don’t want to rent to. Particularly if rental to that individual goes against your own personal values or morals. Landlords routinely discriminate against smokers, pet owners, people with kids, and the list goes on…

              I think a lot of people are not against the amendments to the act in theory… the issue though is when it comes to dictating how people can and can’t conduct their own personal business.

              And actually, no. Section 4 of the Act pretty much takes care of the situation so far as renting a private dwelling to same sex couples.

              • UncleElvis says:

                So… no, you shouldn’t be “forced” to rent to someone of a different colour or religion? Is that what you’re saying?

                Don’t you see that the arguments you are making are EXACTLY the same arguments made decades ago about black folks?

                “… the issue though is when it comes to dictating how people can and can’t conduct their own personal business”? You don’t see that?

                • J Galt says:

                  “So… no, you shouldn’t be “forced” to rent to someone of a different colour or religion? Is that what you’re saying?”

                  Elvis I believe Real Talk is saying is that no individual should be forced to dispose of their property in a way they deem to be unfit.

                  “Don’t you see that the arguments you are making are EXACTLY the same arguments made decades ago about black folks?”

                  You are incorrectly saying that Real Talk’s position is the same as racists, and as racists are wrong so too is Real Talk,(association fallacy) playing the race card is a tactic often used to derail arguments, because such comparisons tend to distract from the real point being made and anger people.

                  “You shouldn’t be ‘forced’ ” applies to ALL individuals, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation etc… The arguments made by racists go back a lot further than decades about black people, and they were used to LIMIT the liberty, citizenship, voting rights etc… More to Real Talk’s point they were used to limit property rights.

                  It seems to me that Real Talk is arguing against limiting an individual’s right to their property while you have taken the other side.


  9. Pussy cat says:

    In the beginning God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. If you are going to put the bible in this remember that the bibile means Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. Follow the instruction and you will find that the outrage is not leveled at Sybil it is leveled at his/her approach to find a place for his identity. Please don’t try and force us to love the lifestyle. Since Sybil is so strong in his/her beliefs and he/she made that clear on the radio interview please intorduce us to his/her significant other or is he a gay by himself/herself. The other senario is that he is sleeping around and that is adultry so let’s hsve it. Mr. and Mrs. Barrington. While your doing that please tell me is Sybil is the male or female partner in the gay relationship. I am not hating on Sybil but for those of you that defend this I did not see you physically supporting Sybil in the parade. If you really want to make your statement defending Sybil please support him/her when he/she is trying to make a point.

    • Citizen Banned says:

      God only made Adam & Eve in that work of fiction called the Bible.

      • Pussy cat says:

        Obviously you do not believe in the Bible but who do you call on when something goes horribly wrong in your life. I bet you say oh my God. Who are you talking to. In the context of your comment did you march with Ms Barrington and if not, why not. You seem to favour this lifestyle masked in denail of Human Rights. Maybe you are the significant other. Will the real Steve Barrington stand up for Sybil.

    • Beezlebub says:

      you are an ignorant fool if you believe an ounce of what you preach.

    • Bda Greatest Bballer says:

      Why does Mark/Sybil need to introduce you to his/her significant other (if he has one) it’s none of your damn business. As far as adultery, that is committed when a MARRIED man or woman sleeps with another… seeing as gays are not allowed to be married here in Bermuda, they can never be accused of adultery.

      Im just sayin…

  10. The Messenger says:

    It’s amazing how folks are quick to chastise Sybil even if he is standing up for human rights and promoting the recognition of important women of Bermuda. All you homophobes need to realize that homosexuality IS part of our heritage. What, do you think gay people just suddenly appeared in the last few years?
    Although I am straight, I have many gay friends and I choose to look at them as human beings first before I see their sexuality. I treat my straight friends the same way in that I do not look at their race first, criminal convictions, habits, or anything deemed inappropriate by us ‘righteous’ living people.
    I have heard Bermudians run down gays when I know their daughter, son, cousin, brother, sister, friend, parent is gay…..should I post a list of the closeted gays for you all to read? I know you will see a name you know that you thought this person was straight. But I would never do that because I have learned what it means to respect someone’s privacy and to allow them the freedoms (which are very limited in a closed minded Bermuda) to live without persecution by us so called ‘righteous living/strictly by the Bible’ folk.
    Face it, gays are here to stay and you don’t have to like it but don’t be judgmental and degrading of another human being unless you house is totally clean.

    • Pussy cat says:

      Isn’t he imposing his views on us. Didn’t you see Sybil on TV. What was that all about? He can be who is but we don’t need to know and definitely not in a Bermuda Day float.

      • The Messenger says:

        Imposing his views the same way someone smokes weed at a football game or the same way someone wants me to think the white man is out to get me? Is Sybil out to hurt someone? NO. I make up my own mind about what I want to do. And his float was about something….not just about him and a lifestyle.

  11. Observer says:

    I have no problem with people being gay. If ur gay fine be gay. I dont judge. But we dont need it thorwn in our faces every 10 seconds. The simple fact that they made it thru the entire parade without any harm done to them I think its fair to say that they are not discriminated against as much as they think. If anything at all majority of the island accepts these people for who they are, apart for a small percent of closed minded individuals. So can we please give the “Woe is me, I’m gay” dramatics a break.

    • UncleElvis says:

      So… the only way to discriminate is by doing harm? Seriously?

      You can read this thread, and all the hate and defense of hate in here, and say that gays are accepted?


  12. SMDH LOL says:

    Lmao!!!! this is so funny, how the hell can this dude say he is the queen of Bermuda lol What kind of message is this damm man sending to kids. I’m sorry but if thats what he wants to do fine, but keep that crap to yourself. On top of that he didnt have a lot of supporters because people can say what they like but who was really gonna walk down front street with him and all those other not so cute he/shes that he had with him. Please!! do your do sybil but not everyone is ok with that $h%t.

    • Pussy cat says:

      Right on. Support you all the way

    • UncleElvis says:

      How bad are we doing at raising kids that Sybil being in the parade is “Sending a message”?

  13. Citizen Banned says:

    Do any of the narrow minded bigots on this thread realize that gay landlord could also discriminate against a straight tennent? Yep, he/she could refuse to rent an apartment to someone who is straight – the laws we can discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation.

    • PEPPER says:

      We had a fantastic gay guy rent our apt for two years …he was the best tenant we have ever had , our apt was always spotless and he wanted to help with anything that we mave beeen doing outside.

    • At last .. says:

      I was wondering how long it was going to be before someone figured this out and verbalized it..

      Different story now that the shoe’s on the other foot , maybe ?

      • Real Talk says:

        Not really. Landlords have the right to rent to whomever they damn-well please… and discrimination when choosing tenants happens for all sorts of reasons… you probably don’t want to live under the same roof as somebody who has had legal obligations imposed on them to tolerate having you there anyway.

        • UncleElvis says:

          So, are you against the HR Act in general?

          Do you consider the Act to be “forcing” you to rent to black folks or white folks or Christians or Jews or Muslims or bastards?

  14. Motts Apple Sauce says:

    The same people on here that decry SB are the same people that go running out to buy tickets to Tyler Perry’s movies.

    • Pussy cat says:

      Do not compare Sybil to Tyler Perry. Obviously you don’t know the difference between a man who makes great movies and plays and a person who has nothing to show for who hs is. Sybil could only wish he had the brains of Tyler Perry and even the money.

      • Motts Apple Sauce says:

        A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this. (NIV, Deuteronomy 22:5)

        • UncleElvis says:

          We’re also supposed to: lock away women on their period; not eat seafood; keep the Sabbath holy; not mix fabrics and follow a plethora of other ridiculous rules from thousands of years ago. How many do you ACTUALLY follow?

        • Question? says:

          So I guess that you’re opposed to women wearing slacks?

      • Just wondering says:

        but are you Sybil? do you have access to her accounts? do you know that she has nothing to show for herself? How can you say such rude things with no basis for it?

        And how do you quantify what a person has to show for their life? Mother Teresa was one of the most well know women in the world because of her acts of love and kindness which enriched and empowered people yet she as a nun she was poor in money. There are many others like her who quietly reach out and touch others’ lives through money or through the gifts that god gave them.

        Who is to say that Sybil is not one of these people and that by her taking a stand and putting herself out there, it might help to encourage or empower someone else.

        • Bible Scholar says:

          Just so you know, Sybil, in her persona as Mark is one of Bermuda’s greatest ambassadors. He exemplifies what they call the “spirit of Bermuda.” He greets every one with a smile, a friendly greeting and a compliment. That’s the kind of example our kids need to see on a regular basis. Wish we all did

    • Nicole says:

      LMFAO! Same thing I said before @motts apple sauce!

  15. Male 32 says:

    This thread has created far more debate then any of the stories relating to gang violence. So while your people are being killed in the streets on a monthly and often weekly basis the bible folk, bigots etc only become vocal and speak up when a dude in a dress decides to go on a parade. Seriously Bermuda sort your priorities out.

  16. Bible Scholar says:

    Bigots have used religiosity to justify inhumanity toward their fellow men from time immemorial. So-called Christians should re-read Jesus’ view of the Commandments – love God, love your neighbor as yourself. Few of you sound very loving.
    In my opinion, Sybil’s appearance in the Bermuda Day parade is entirely appropriate. She is a member of this community, and there are many like her who need to know that they are not alone. In addition, she sets an example of honesty and courage that we should all be proud to see our children demonstrate.
    We are so schizophrenic about gays. I noticed many spectators waving, shouting encouragement and having their pictures taken with Sybil and her entourage, but very few had the courage to walk with them.
    We are so schizophrenic about gays

  17. keepitreal says:

    Tyler Perry is creating a character NOT living a lifestyle. those that are gay/transgender whatever, say they have a right to privacy which is true, so why be in a parade? If you want privacy, keep it private. I should not have to explain to my children why a man is dressed as a woman and FAKING womanhood. You have a right to privacy, I ALSO HAVE A RIGHT not to be exposed to something that I don’t wish to see.

    • Just wondering says:

      but what articles are you reading cause my understanding is the issue is not about privacy it about having equal rights for every one under the law

    • Beezlebub says:

      you should absolutely explain to your child why some people are men, some women and some whatever the hell they want to be.

    • Nicole says:

      Well that’s were you are an idiot @”keepitreal” because:
      A. Tyler Perry is gay and
      B. How does dressing up in womens clothes to play a “character” makes it okay? and
      C. A lot of men who dress in drag aren’t even gay. I think it’s best you don’t explain anything to your kids because as we all know ignorance and hatred is taught by parents and learned by kids. I bet your kids wouldn’t even care or ask.

      P.S. You do have a right it’s called “look away” or “don’t go to the parade”. Mark has rights too and one is to be in the parade.

    • Live Life says:

      Great example of not thinking before you speak just as Tyler Perry created the character of Madea, Mark created the character of Sybil Barrington…. Sybil is not a real person she is a CHARACTER and for the most part when Mark dresses up as Sybil she is getting paid to do so. And when you take your kids to see Tyler Perry’s movies do you explain to your kids then why a man is dressed in women’s clothes? You are correct in one thing you have the right to not see it so simple solution don’t look.

  18. Proud to be an American says:

    Wow it amazes me that in 2011 we still have people quoting bible verses to put down others. A true christian and believer in the bible would know that Christ said, I am the way. The truth and the light! They would also know that Christ taught us to love each other. The problem I see is that some of these people that are bashing gays verbally can’t possibly love themselves enough to love anyone else. When you throw around a word like “abomination” you should first know the meaning. Abomination is defined as; an action that is vicious or vile. Sybil has not done that, the people that are spewing hate on the page and teaching their children to hate are doing that. Another definition is; hate coupled with disgust. I may be wrong, but isn’t that just what some of you are doing. The worse part of it all is that you are teaching your children to hate others and yes some of them to hate themselves. Think about the poison that comes out of your mouth before you speak, because it lands somewhere.

    • Bible Scholar says:

      Just so you know: when the word “abomination” is used in the Bible, it is referring to practices, behaviors and/or items relating to idolatry or used in worshiping idols or ‘other gods’ – which is what the God of the Israelites hates.

  19. Nicole says:


    Cue “Born This Way” lol

  20. Citizen Banned says:

    What about those Scottish guys who wear Kilts? Nobody is complaining about them.

    Just stupid dumb folk complaining about guys dressing up and having fun. Get a life!

    • Bda Greatest Bballer says:

      And if they are living the true Scottish lifestyle.. there is nothing under those kilts.. a good stiff breeze off the harbour front and you get to see all the “glory and honor” LOL

  21. Genghis Khan says:

    Come drink from the cup of destruction!