Looking at the Warwick South Central Election

November 12, 2010

The upcoming by-election in Constituency 26, prompted by former Premier Dr. Ewart Brown’s resignation from Parliament last month, is a three party race with the PLP, UBP and BDA all fielding a candidate

Warwick South Central is considered by many to be a PLP stronghold. At the December, 2007 General Election Dr. Brown, despite lingering fall-out from the Bermuda Housing Corporation affair and related political scandals, held the seat by a better than two-to-one margin. He steamrolled UBP contender Roderick Simons 562 to 252 in the vote count.

The PLP’s candidate, former Government Senator and Junior Minister Marc Bean, is seen by many as the front runner at the December 15 by-election, and some political observers say the real race to watch in Constituency 26 could possibly be for second place. The by-election marks the first time the BDA will send a candidate to the polls, and potentially gain a seat under their own banner.

The BDA was founded by former UBP Young Turks Shawn Crockwell, Donte Hunt, Mark Pettingill, Wayne Scott, Michael Fahy, Sean Pitcher and Michael W. Branco.

Dissatisfied with what they perceived as organisational inertia and a lack of motivation within the UBP, the BDA founders launched the party as a clear alternative to the UBP/PLP duopoly which has defined Bermudian politics since the 1968 General Election, the first held under the Westminster two-party system.

Looking back at the 1985 General Election, the PLP and NLP ended up taking votes from one another which allowed the UBP to win with its largest ever majority in terms of Parliamentary seats –31 to the PLP’s seven and the NLP’s two.

Factions of the UBP, who announced businessman and former bodybuilder Devrae Noel-Simmons would contest Constituency 26 for the party, are said to be nervous about being pushed into third place.

Unlike the candidate rollouts for the PLP and BDA, which saw a host of elected MPs come out in support of their party’s candidate, the UBP’s rollout had a reduced attendance by elected officials. The reason why is unclear.

“If the UBP vote splits down the middle and either our candidate or Mr. Richards takes second place by a nose, that’s a wound we might be able to survive,” said a well-placed party source. “After all, no one is expecting us to win this seat. If, however, the traditional UBP vote coalesces around Mr. Richards and our candidate comes in a very distant third, that would be widely interpreted as a mortal wound to our credibility. And our viability. With good reason.”

The UBP source also spoke on the choice of Mr. Noel-Simmons as the party’s standard bearer in the Constituency 26 by-election. “The reality is the BDA has by far the more attractive candidate,” he said, referring to insurance executive Sylvan Richards. “I like Devrae personally, I really do. He’s enthusiastic, disciplined and hard working. But I also think there’s a very real chance he could come third in this three-horse race.”

The once-invincible UBP, which won eight back-to-back General Elections between 1968 and 1993, has been beset by internal feuding and diminishing public appeal in recent years.

In the beginning of 2008, the UBP held 14 seats in the House of Assembly, and by late 2009, they were down to 9 seats – having lost 5 seats in total, or approximately 36% of their elected officials. Three went to the BDA, one to the PLP, and one ex-UBP MP is sitting as an independent.

In addition to the 2009 schism which led to the BDA’s creation — removing MPs Donte Hunt, Mark Pettingill and Shawn Crockwell from the UBP’s Parliamentary ranks — former Leader Wayne Furbert quit the party in 2008 to sit first as an Independent and then as a PLP MP. Hamilton South’s Darius Tucker also opted to resign the UBP Whip in 2009 and now sits in the House of Assembly as an Independent MP.

The UBP has experienced additional high profile losses within their ranks, with former UBP MP Jamahl Simmons crossing the floor to sit on the Government benches prior to the 2007 General Election, former UBP Senator Wendell Hollis switching his party affiliation to the PLP and Gwyneth Rawlins walking away from her role as chairwoman of the UBP.

It’s unknown what impact the emergence of drug testing as an issue in the by-election will have on voters. A call for the mandatory drug testing of MPs was first raised in the House of Assembly four yeas ago by the Opposition UBP. However, then Premier Dr Ewart Brown dismissed the idea out of hand, suggesting it was both unnecessary and a cheap political exercise in scare-mongering.

Two days ago Sylvan Richards, the BDA’s candidate, provided a copy of a drug test he took and said “We believe that since the call for drug testing has been put on hold for MP’s and the current talk is about doing things differently, we should start now with constituency #26.”

Hours later the UBP’s Devrae Noel-Simmons also provided a copy of a drug test, also showing himself to be drug free. Mr Noel-Simmons appears to be the only one of the three candidates with a previous drug conviction; having been convicted of cocaine possession in 2008. He says he has since turned his life around.

The PLP candidate, Marc Bean, has not undergone testing with the PLP releasing a statement saying “There is currently no policy that requires any Members of Parliament to submit themselves to drug testing neither in advance of an election, nor during their term in the House of Assembly.

The sole focus of our candidate for Warwick South Central is to strengthen and deepen the relationship between himself, his constituents and their government. The residents of Constituency 26 desire a solutions-oriented team approach to government, not political theatrics.”

The by-election will be held in appoximately one months time – on December 15th.

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  1. Jim Bean says:

    I am sitting in total amazement at the fact that the UBP has announced the candidacy of Devrae Noel-Simmmons. I understand that people reform. But Mr Noel-Simmons was convicted on 31st December 2008 and received a fifteen month jail term, suspended for 18 months – so in fact has only been clear of the chance of going to jail since June of this year. He was in possession of cocaine in an increased penalty zone near the Bermuda High School for Girls. He was working as a door man at the Robin Now I ask you the question. Why out of nine UBP MP’s did only two show up at his announcement including his leader who si related to Swan? Is this who we want passing legislation in the House of Assembly? I suggest Mr Noel-Simmons take some more time to reform before presenting himself to the people of Bermuda. We can forgive but not that quickly!Then you have Mark Bean – a guy who has been a fat cat living off the people of Bermuda in various appointments. He has been a Caricom adviser to the Premier (with what specfic skill set I ask?) He has been a Senator and calls those that oppose the government “pimps and prostitutes.” Whilst he spoke up about the poor state of education and for that he gets kudos in my book he quickly back down. Maybe he was threatened in some way? How spineless. What terrible leadership! He has been driving around in a GP car. Sure he sells himself as a man of the people. But do you want someone who refuses to take a drug test as your leader? We expect every sportsman in our country who represents Bermuda to get tested and a potential leader refuses?As for Sylvan Richards – he is by far the best candidate based on his credentials. No convictions. Proved his leadership in taking a drug test and is not tainted by the past administration. Who would you choose?

  2. Bermygirl says:

    The UBP have lost their poltiical minds! They should’ve left well enough alone and not run anyone at all rather than risk such a defeat (which it will be!). Foolish.

  3. Aceb says:

    Jim Bean, well said. Seeing BDA putting out a stellar candidate like Sylvan Richards gives real hope for Bermuda. Here’s got integrity and great character. He’s the type of guy you want in Government. Wish we had more like him.

  4. Peter Barrett says:

    If you want to send a message of Hope & Change, a message that says we want to break free from the legacies of the past, then the choice is Elementary. Sylvan and the BDA is doing their part, now we need the voters to make it happen.

  5. UBP says:

    Can someone please explain why Sylvan is a great candidate. Because he doesn’t have a police record? He has no roots in the community and he works for an evil insurance company. I think you byes are pulling a boardwalk sales pitch here. This is just some dude the got to run in the election. He has no passion for politics. If he think she can just stroll into a riding that votes PLP 2-1 in spite of the constant attacks on Dr/ Brown, he must be high. Oh right, he took a drug test.

    • Peter Barrett says:

      If there’s any reason to vote BDA then “UBP” gives us all the reasons we need. Sylvan was born and raised in the constituency and his family lives there. Sylvan and the BDA are our only chance to bring about real Hope & Change for a better Bermuda. If people want to send a Positive message to govt on Dec 15, then vote for the BDA.

    • UncleElvis says:

      I love it… “He has no roots in the community and he works for an evil insurance company”… but it’s us “byes” who “are pulling a boardwalk sales pitch”.

      The whole post is nothing but a smear job, but it’s everyone else “pulling a boardwalk sales pitch”.

      Ridiculous demagogy is what it is.

      Just a Q: What exactly is “evil” about the insurance company and how, exactly, does this affect his ability to be a good candidate?

      Oh, wait. You won’t be answering, will you. You have NO answers to these questions.

  6. S. Beach says:

    What’s funny in a not so funny way is that the country and the PLP itself can so easily take the vote for granted even in the current economic, social, and spiritual climate. If voting along party lines is the only consideration without any thought for the futre governing and wellbeing of the country, then the people of Bermuda deserve everything they get and don’t get. Now is the time to send a message that enough is enough. But PLP Bermudians are not prone to action, just reaction to politricks of which they speak. The BDA candidate is the best candidate not because of who he is but because of what he represents… a different path to a better future… not politics as usual.

  7. Jim Bean says:

    Hey UBP since reading your message I have done some research. I asked around. His MUM lives in the constituency and he GREW UP THERE!!! Bean is a carpet bagger and Simmons is there cause of nepotism! Ask Swan how they are related!

  8. Jim Crow says:

    Jim Bean, You sound like a Jim Crow. How can you describe your BDA as a viable party when your mps are impostures? They won under the great viable and trustworthy UBP Banner and continue to sit in the house, IMO under that banner.

    You Jim Bean is what is wrong with Bermuda. You sit on your rocks and won’t stir your Jim Bean cocktail! You sit on your rocks and make slander at a young man who has the balls to admit he made a mistake. Who married a woman around his own age group and don’t date the groupies and take care of family responsibility.

    You sit in your rocks and throw out vile comments. You belittle the UBP for its white MP’s, you belittle the UBP for its Black MPs, you belittle the UBP for holding government to a higher standard and now you belittle the UBP for finding an educated young Black man who wants to contribute to the commmunity you sit on your arse and enjoy and do nothing. Mr. Noel-Simmons to you, if you’re nasty and you are wants to assist with the escalating crime violence we are all facing; but again sit on your rocks while we are facing the gun shooting up all around us, but you sit on your rocks and throw rocks at a now decent young Black Bermudian wanting to help make Bermuda a better place for your child, my child and his child. Get off your rocks. We will be supporting our own Mr. T and see that he win so he can contribute with action not idle disgrunted old guard comments.

    • Mark Pettingill says:

      Ahh, the dogmatic tone of the UBP extreme right supporter. Like your PLP counter parts in the extreme left you have nno interest in objectivity or reality! I have always said Country came FIRST with me (as with my BDA colleagues) and PARTY was second. We left the UBP because at the time it was not prepared to change in ways that we were promised it would pre-election. The Young Turks as we have been called got into the party on the promise of a transformation and a movement of real change. it didn’t happen, for two years we fought and talked and asked and it didn’t happen…we warned…I abstained on a vote with a clear message….the UBP did not move to change. WE LEFT…now, the UBP talks openly about change but cannot find anyone young (or OLD for that matter) to run for it with the intellectual capital and experience of a Barritt, or a Gibbons, Dunkley or Richards…ask yourself why non of them showed up to support Devrae…better yet, ask them. Get your head out the sand, have some b#lls and write your real name and then have a debate on the ISSUES and the solutions we need. Non of the “new” UBP candidates are qualified or capable for the job as Parliamentarians…simple fact. And if you or them for that matter would like to have a public debate on the challenges facing the Country PLEASE ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE NOW…or put your head back in the sand and continue to chant a muffled UBP, UBP. We are proud we left to form the BDA…and guess what, over half the UBP support left with us, and they were there when we ran as their candidates for the UBP!

      • UncleElvis says:

        Just a q… if you are so proud of this, why didn’t you give up the seats?

        BELIEVE me, I’m no UBP supporter, but it sticks in my craw that the seats won under the UBP banner weren’t given up. It smacks of a lack of integrity to me.

        You closed with “…and guess what, over half the UBP support left with us…”. Is there any hard data to back this up?

        I do have to congratulate you on your tone, though. The lessons in aggressiveness, belligerence and ad hominem attacks taught by Dr. Brown et al were well learned, it seems.

        • Mark Pettingill says:

          Uncle Elvis. Save the sarcasm, we don’t have time to waste on basement wit or really people that do not have the integrity to say who they are. I have little time for people that lack the courage to speak their opinions openly but sadly for the sake of truth some of these posts need to be answered.
          I would not have left the UBP to give a another seat to the PLP or a UBP candidate that simply lacks the qualification to be in the House or work in the best interest of Bermuda. Sorry, BERMUDA FIRST. if you manage to find some “guts”, sign your name or better yet meet with me in parson and I will be happy to continue a daialogiue with you…otherwise, Jim Crow has his head in the sand and perhaps you should join him there!
          As a Country we do not have time to waste on Party Dogma…we ALL need to get constructive about the way forward!

          • UncleElvis says:

            Um… Mark? We’ve met, on MANY occasions. I’ve known you for 30 years.
            I have been posting on blogs and websites for years, under the name “Uncle Elvis”, but I’ve NEVER hidden my identity. This “find some guts and sign your name” evasion tactic is straight out of Sen. Furbert’s Smear Campaign playbook. As I said… Lessons learned well, it seems.

            My name is Michael Hind. We’ve worked together at Jabulani Repertory Company. My name hers contains a link to my website and my avatar has a picture of me.
            Your ad hominem about not having “guts”, accusing me of a lack of integrity (especially after refusing to give up your seat) and courage concerns me, showing a distinct lack of respect, or even civility and speaks to my point about your tone mirroring that of Dr. Brown et al.

            You know… the tone that everyone is both sick of and has been asking for an end to.

            Now, to speak to the rest of my post… something you didn’t do.

            You said “…and guess what, over half the UBP support left with us…”. I asked “Is there any hard data to back this up?”
            You ignored this. IS there anything to back up this claim? Will you be showing stats or even poll data? Or ANYTHING to show that this isn’t just your opinion?

            You then say in your response “I would not have left the UBP to give a another seat to the PLP or a UBP candidate that simply lacks the qualification to be in the House or work in the best interest of Bermuda. Sorry, BERMUDA FIRST.”

            See now here’s my problems with this.
            A) it sounds like you’re saying that you don’t think you would have won the seat back when the time came. Yes? No? Doesn’t this mean that, when you won the seats, that it was actually the PARTY that won, rather than you guys and, if so, wouldn’t that make them the PARTY’S seats? If not, why not give them up and win them back?
            B) Wouldn’t “BERMUDA FIRST” mean that you let the constituents make the choice as to who represents them? Not giving them up so that your party retains them (“…give another seat to the PLP or a UBP candidate…”) smacks WAY more of Party Dogma than anything I’ve ever said, ever.

            I’d be happy to meet with you in person, but I do question why you’d request that, rather than using this forum, where we already have a dialogue set up, out there in “the sunshine of public scrutiny”.

          • Mark Pettingill says:

            Uncle Elvis…cheers Michael appreciate that.
            There are polls that have been done to back up what I said about half the UBP leaving with us…not only in the our constituencies buy on a National level, certain recent polls show the UBP a few points ahead of us on a Natoinal level. Check out the RG polls this year. Certainly in 28 we have well over half the support and those numbers are complied in large part on the basis of who actually joined the BDA officially. to your questions:
            A) I have little doubt that I could have won the seat back if I had stayed with the UBP, if someone crosses to the PLP I think they should have a bye election, different proposition. Youneed to really understand why we left…there was certainly no self indulgent political advantage to any of, we could have sat in a safe seat for years and plodded along and collected a salary NEVER to win the Government! We had major issues with the UBP, I have many friends there and people are respect BUT the party simply would not embrace change and could not attract new, dynamic QUAIFIED candidates…come on, you must see this. I will not get into all my issues that I had with the UBP but suffice to say that people on th einside of the PArty could hardly have been shocked when we left….AND guess what, now they want to change and all is not well…but ask them that and demand honest answers!

            B) Interesting point. Heres the honest answer, I was able to get more done for Constituents by not being in the UBP because in approaching Government PLP Ministers and Department heads for area needs (road work, lights, clean up, policing, Warwick Long Bay and other individual needs like permits etc, they were more receptive! Simple, honest FACT…thats all the stuff that is important and doesn’t get headlines (and shouldn’t ) but needs to be done. I spoke with many many people before I left and afterwards and have had numerous meetings in people homes and I can tell you, taking that as a general reflection which is what a poll does, there was a LOT of support for our move and there simply was a very limited call for resigning the seat…straight up. And I had, what I regarded as tremendous support to stay and represent people and I have tried to do that (we were the only Oppositon Party that EVER moved amendments in the hOUse on important issues an dgot them passed…AND the UBP left it to us to do and supported it encase they knew rightly if they put them forward guess what…PLP would have voted it down!
            Reason for meeting in person is Iike honest eye to eye dialogue and people can see my body language and expression, like me or not, agree with what I did or not, I dedicate myself to being a straight shooter…and when I ran for the UBP myself and the young Turks said at the outset we wanted change and we were PROMISED it would come….Wayne Furbert was one of the people who made us that promise and he fairness he tried to do it , so was the current leader and other
            Party higher ups…it didn’t happen. They have some excellent people that the Country really needs but the PARTY is well passed it sell date for whatever reason and, straight up, the new lot of candidates are not going to bring about the change or contribute to the Country in the way we need it…nice, hard working and decent people they may be. If the people don’t want me then I assure you I will be fine with that. As did before, all I will do it put forward my credentials for the job that needs to be done, they are the employer that hopefully hire on ability and merit…but I am well aware in our 2 party system it really doesn’t work like that now does it.
            Anyway, I could go on…and on and have said enough that people can nit pick at and challenge and question…I would make an invite to look at the bigger picture…it takes courage and wisdom to actually be rflective and prepared to change for the greater good…and that may mean not supporting Team UBP against the BDA!

            Appreciate the disclosure…respect!


          • UncleElvis says:

            Thanks for the frank reply. It’s actually nice to get a straight answer from a politician.

            I still have a problem with it, but I do accept your reasons.

            Tone down the agressiveness and you lot might just get my vote when the time comes.

          • Mark Pettingill says:

            Kisses and Hugs Uncle Elvis…people close to me know I’m really a Teddy Bear but don’t tell anyone!

            Good pointed questions deserve straight up answers, hope to see you at some of our events with your direct approach…I know that you want the best for Bermuda…on that we are in common!


      • Dragging A Lure says:

        To Mark Pettingill,
        “and guess what, over half the UBP support left with us, and they were there when we ran as their candidates for the UBP!” Be more explicit!!! What’s over half left the UBP? Come on give some numbers. Are you talking about island wide UBP supporters that left or half of the 259 persons that voted in Constituent 26 in the last General Election.

        Show the public, the BDA’s honor regarding Transparency, Honesty and numbers.

        Show the public that the BDA have some b#lls and write your real numbers and then have a debate on the ISSUES.

        Show the public that the BDA are not a CULT.

        We are waiting.

        • Mark Pettingill says:

          Show yourself and lets have a debate on the issues! Not going to happen is it? Typical talk a lot of talk and make a lot of challenges but don’t have the integrity to say who you are, what you stand for or even make a suggestion on ANY issue we need to address. Any fool can stand and poke holes, make snarky comments, and be pedantic about numbers (read the polies by the way, the numbers are there if you choose to look)…but lets be honest, people like yourself don’t like fact and truths thats why you don’t like people know who you are!

          • Dragging A Lure says:

            Mark Pettingill,
            You and I are on the same page when it comes to witness protection. Criminal Law 101. (not that I have anything to hide). Make your case but hide your identity. HA HA HA. An honest discourse should happen no matter who you are dealing with.It’s not the name but the information that counts. Do you agree?
            I’m beating the SH-t out of you.(pun) Ha Ha Ha

            Have a laugh and enjoy the weekend BYE.

          • I'm Voting UBP! says:

            Mr. Pettingill, show some integrity and resign your elected UBP seat. When we voted we voted UBP not BDA. IMO anyone who professes to be one thing and then change has very little integrity or NONE.

          • Mark Pettingill says:

            Draggin, maybe you have a point, not everyone is prepared to put it out there and if the discourse is honest and sensible I can deal with that, bring it. Its when you have to deal with the repeated “give back the seat nonsense” or people that have no clue that it gets tedious and you want people to know who they are. Honest discourse means talking issues and not getting personal or even rude…you can call yourself whatever you like and I can deal with that…even have a laugh (at myself too!)
            But lets be honest…do ou really think some of those new UBP candidates or the PLP ones are qualified to do th job…sometimes I don’t think the people that want to run as cadnidates or the voters have a clue what the job is about or what is involved and so they vote PARTY instead of sense…”I’m Voting UBP” sounds like someone who would vote for his dog if he had the right
            badge on…that never made sense to me! Go on…throw me a line! LOL

      • I'm Voting UBP! says:


        All are on board to win the seat vacated by Dr. Brown. Did you put country first when you ran under the UBP and won a seat under the UBP? All UBP supporters will all be out canvssing for Devrae. You seemed to have a mole, but your mole is feeding you wrong info. The mole will be permanently removed soon, then what? Most Bermudians when asked, feels that the BDA is a joke or an armed party to make sure the PLP retain power. Bet if we ran Devrae in your seat, trust me, you wouldn’t be collecting the taxpayers salary as an MP. As we stated he takes care of his family, don’t have anyone chasing him down for child support or saying he does not take care of this children.

        • Mark Pettingill says:

          Still at it Robert. You would think a young man would be open for change from the same old same. Your point about Devrae and family is lost on me and I sure that you were not making any slight on me personally in that regard, where you now? Happy to have Davrae, whom I like very much run against me, just like I am happy to have Jefferson running….would love to have a PUblic debate with BOTH of them and YOU for that matter about what we need to do to address the issues facing Bermuda ( I notice you rarey talk about that and are fixated on personal attacks and how wonderful the UBP is…Crime, education, economy, health, employment…let me hear you and your mates on those issues, and I mean THEM not the scripted platform version!) Anway, maybe the 4 of us could go on “Lets Talk” OR even get together with a bunch of people, no written scripts to read from, just a sensible RESPECTFUL debate on direction and plans for Bermuda…people deserve to hear what
          candidates can do and what their approach will be…owning land in the Parish or having your own business wont cut it I promise…but hey…lets talk!

          • Dragging A Lure says:

            Good morning Mark Pettingill,
            Your respectability in my opinion has risen up a notch based on (humility). Personally, I think your cause is honourable, regardless of the controversy regarding the seat. No line or bait intended for the following:

            (”I’m Voting UBP” sounds like someone who would vote for his dog if he had the right badge on…that never made sense to me! Go on…throw me a line! LOL).

            1. What description would you categorised the good and sincere people that left the UBP to support the BDA.

            2. What description would you categorised the good and sincere people that would have stayed with the UBP if the BDA did not exist.


          • Mark Pettingill says:

            Draggin. Cheers.

            Extremes on any position always cause me difficulty, I have tried to be open minded ,don’t always get it right of course , but try to be BALANCED…even when I sound aggressive.

            1> Couageous

            2> Without Choice

            Regrettably, not everyone is good and sincere, so the question is how do you categorize certain people in the reality of the situation that we have? Some may simply answer confused .

            And so perhaps open and honest and respectful discussion helps people to find their way…wherever that may lead them! :) My choices were clear for me and sincerely Bermuda was at the heart of it!


        • UBP Member says:

          Agreed, a vote for the BDA will mean the PLP retains power! Mark, I see all the UBP members taking of the issues, I even heard you agree with the FABULOUS, FACTUAL UBP throne speech on the issues. Louise speaks of the issues, Patricia speaks of the issues, Kim speaks of the issues, Charlie speaks of the issues, Cole speaks of the issues, John speaks of the issues,Bob speaks of issues,Trevor speaks of the issues, Grant speaks of the issues,Jeanne speaks of the issues, Suzanne speaks of the issues and we hear Michael always speaking of the issues and representing the UBP positions. Who are you referring to in the UBP that does not speak to the issues? and speaking of eloquent speakers, where does your 3rd MP place on that list? You are a good speaker, but it is always with empty actions your words, so we can’t trust you. You gave you all to get into the house to tout the MP title and then what? You couldn’t get your own way, so you created a new way and called it the better way. It’s a better way for who? I think we all know it’s a better way for YOU and only YOU. It’s not about you Mark P, it’s about Bermuda. Try again.

  9. Smithy says:

    I read with dismay the comments about Devrae. I have know Devrae for a very long time and I can’t vote in that area but would give him my vote because he’s a person that cares for this community. He’s smart, loving and has always help others in need. He will go that extra mile. VOTE FOR DEV HE’S THE BEST!

  10. Peter Barrett says:

    The BDA is growing from strength-to-strength as more and more Bermudians understand the importance of having a political party which places our children’s future first (it sounds corny, but true). A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but our ridiculous public education system is “managing” our kids instead of nurturing them. Our kids are managed like widgets and we wonder why they become angry and dissolutioned. I have learned a lot canvassing for our candidate Sylvan Richards. I have learnt that we have scrapped the day release programs in school providing our kids with the opportunity to connect with the community, learn new skill sets, secure solid summer jobs and grow as learning individuals. I am sick of wondering why past governments have given up on our kids (and watched the gangs grow). Instead I have joined the BDA and focused my efforts to ensure they become the next government; the government that will view our kids in terms of their potential; in terms of their greatness; in terms of all the talents they have to offer. Each child is different, and we need to nurture that…not ignore it. We sit our kids in these palatial concrete blobs, shove the French Revolution down their throats, whilst ignoring completely Bermuda’s rich cultural history….and we wonder why our kids feel “managed” and culturally sterile. Maxwell Burgess once said that the public high school system is Bermuda’s home grown apartheid. These days I’m beginning to see why. When the voters go to the polls on Dec 15, I want them to feel the warmth of their grandchild’s hand in the palm of theirs, and I want them send a message to both of the legacy parties and vote BDA. We all know by now that complaining and moaning is getting everyone nowhere. If you want real change; if you want to send the right message; if you want Bermuda to be navigated back on course, then the answer is in the voting booth.

    • Obvious says:

      Obviously, a person who has no clue about what is really going on in the schools…the majority of students are positive and have great teachers…students who get taught about Bermuda history as part of a diverse and comprehensive curriculum…differentiated teaching is also ALWAYS harped on in the schools in order to teach to the various learning styles…scrapped the day release – the high schools all have to obtain a set amount of community service hours, summer jobs – the government has a continually oversubscribed summer jobs program…this is all hype with no reality…I hope the BDA can come better than the “same ole, same ole…”

    • Reat Bermuda says:

      Peter Rabbit, you live in a world of Rabbits not Barrits. Which grand child can feel comfortable holding the BDA hands when their hands are filled of dis trust from the last election telling us the PLP were the bad guys and the UBP were the good ones to trust? Get real. A vote for the BDA remains a vote the PLP. Let your MP’s regsign their UBP seats and have bye elections, or better yet let the disgruntled milk man run your party, that should get you loads of votes. NOT. My family voted PLP last election in Warwick and will vote for the Devrae. He’s not pretending to be what he’s not, he represents more of a real bermuda, got in trouble and turned his life around. Surprise not, at how you support the drug dealer but the the recovering drug user?