Live Webcast: UBP Budget Press Conference

February 25, 2011

[Finished] Follow along live as Shadow Minister of Finance Bob Richards, flanked by fellow UBP MPs, hosts a press conference  this afternoon [Feb. 25]. Earlier today, Mr Richard’s delivered Opposition’s reply to the 2011/12 Budget in the House of Assembly. With Mr Richards at the press conference is UBP Leader Kim.Swan, MP John Barritt, MP Louise Jackson, and MP Charles Swan.

Follow the press conference below [we apologize for the audio quality]:

Update #1: Mr Richards is saying “we have to know who our customers are”, and that some customers feel unwelcome. he said some customers have taken their business elsewhere.

Update #2: Louise Jackson is now speaking on health care, specifically on coverage of HIP and Future Care. She is talking about having to prepay for medical care, and the stress it places on some seniors.

Update #3: Mr Swan is speaking, and asking “the country to go back and review.” He says what we face is of monumental importance, and said the “solutions have been coming time and time again.” He says Bermuda has not been practicing what “everyone in Government has been preaching.”

Update #4: Mr Barritt is speaking on the debt level. He said cuts don’t stimulate the economy, and we have to do something to increase the economy itself. He is talking about transparency, and says they will be “pushing” for that.

Update #5: Press conference is now over, video footage will be uploaded later.

Update #6: Five videos of the press conference posted here.

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