Former UBP MP Darius Tucker Joins PLP

June 10, 2011

tucker-dariusFormer UBP MP Darius Tucker announced in the House of Assembly this morning [June 10] that he will join the PLP.

In 2009 Mr Tucker, who represents Constituency #7 Hamilton South, opted to resign as the UBP Whip and sat in the House of Assembly as an Independent MP up until today.

Mr Tucker follows in the footsteps of former UBP Leader Wayne Furbert who also resigned from the UBP and sat as an Independent before joining the PLP last year.

The change now alters the balance of the House from 23 PLP, 10 OBA, 2 UBP, and 1 Independent to 24 PLP, 10 OBA, and 2 UBP.

Making the announcement this morning Mr Tucker said, “The Book of Ecclesiastes teaches us, “to ever thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the haven. A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.

“A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up. In 2007 I entered this Honorable House as the duly elected representative of the people of Constituency 7, Hamilton South under the banner of the United Bermuda Party.”

“In my term, I determined that conditions within the United Bermuda Party were such that I could no longer server under that banner of that organization.”

“Yet while I cast down the flag of the UBP on that summer day in 2009, my commitment, dedication and passion for protecting, articulating and acting on the interests of the people of Hamilton South and Bermuda remains unswerving.”

“I have spent the past two years in my Constituency and Bermuda listening to their hopes, their dreams and far too often their fears. They haven’t really cared what political party pin, I have pinned to my lapel. All they cared about was if I could help them, whether I could solve their problem, whether I could calm their fears and whether I could relieve their pain.”

“Over the past two years, I have also listened and watched as my former political party go through its pain. I watched the start and stop of the BDA and the birth of the OBA. But I also watched a Progressive Labor Party government that has begun to reset the dial.”

“I rise today to reflect the times; Times that call for unity not division; Times that call for vision not criticism; Times that call for Bermudians to come first in their own Country.”

“Mr. Speaker, for that reason I today will officially join the Government benches as a member of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party. Thank you Mr. Speaker.”

Update 7:00pm: A PLP spokesman said, “The Progressive Labour Party welcomes MP Darius Tucker to our family. As the Member of Parliament for Hamilton South, his presence will enable us to more closely have a link with parochial issues affecting the Knapton Hill, Devil’s Hole, Tucker’s Town and Wilkinson Avenue communities. We are confident that MP Tucker will be an asset to the Progressive Labour Party team.”

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  1. Young Observer says:

    i would like to hear all the calls for “why didnt they have a by election” from the same people than called for the OBA members to have one. Had his constituients wanted a PLP representative in the House of Assembly they would have sent one there. This is a joke and to be honest IMHO it harms the PLP more then it helps them. With 23 members in the house they have no need and no use for this gentlemen (who if runs in the next general election as a PLP member is going to dissuade the party faithful waiting for their chance to run) and as such he just joins a background chorun of yes men. Shame on you Mr. Tucker.

  2. Vote OBA says:

    Hmm, why did he go PLP and not OBA? Seems a bit odd to me.

    • RME says:

      Because the OBA is just the UBP with a new name (and a few new people). If he left the UBP there’s no reason to join the UBP. Nothing much has changed. Ray Charles can see that!

      • RME says:

        *If he left the UBP there’s no reason to join the OBA

  3. Terry says:

    Another one joins the gravy train. But it ain’t gonna last. Seaweed anyone?

    • Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

      Agreed. He,Furbert, Simmons,Burgess etc. have no further use for the UBP now that it’s funds are low. The hunger for business contacts,lucrative contracts Ministerial posts, along with the other bells and whistles over rides their principles. Having said that, how can people like this even be trusted? Talk about fair weather friends and loyalty? Hell, they were elected on a different platform! Picture this, the former leader of the Opposition and others, now hope to land Ministerial/Senate posts in the Government that they spent so much time trashing in the House of Assembly! The fate of these MP’s should have been decided by their constituents. I guess it’s called “get it while the getting is good”

      • Um Juss Sayin says:

        What a stupid a$$ comment!! He left the UBP when it had funds- he has been an independent for quite some time! SMH- we have some purely politically ignorant people on this Island!

        • Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

          @ Um Juss Saying. You stand to be corrected! The UBP had financial difficulties when Darius Tucker was a member!! It’s wealthy support system kept it afloat with the hope that it would once again regain the Government. Problem was when this seemed a forlorn hope the cash started to dry up. That is when a few MP’s got a little nervous and made their own decisions as to their next move. Please don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. Have a chat with Wayne Furbert and allow your self to be enlightened!

      • LMAO says:

        Rockfish, its stinker than fish the whole lot of them including the 8 oba mp and senators right, I agree with you.

      • Bermudian@heart.. says:

        you have hit the nail on the head..

  4. Chart says:

    Funny: the PLP is the new UBP.

    • Jerry says:

      You’re right about that! We can say half the PLP is the ‘old’ UBP

      • 1+1=2 not 3 says:

        what math you using? 2 UBP MP moved over to PLP, that would mean there are only 4 PLP mps, according to your math.

    • Shorta ranks says:

      how true

  5. Yng Black Mind says:

    Young Observer

    As a person who has been watching the musicial chairs in the House for the past few years, I am here to say that I agree that MP Tucker should have to run in a by-election instead of just stepping across the floor.

    We need to hold our politicians accountable for their actions – all of them – PLP, OBA, UBP, whoever.

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)

    • Black Soil says:

      Agreed Yng Black Mind. But bye-elections should only be called if MP’s are moving from or to the ruling party. Not when MP’s are moving within the opposition. In 2007 the PLP were elected as the govt. And they should stay that way till the next general elections (whatever the results). Right now, theoretically, a bunch of PLP MP’s could cross the floor and (effectively) force a general elections. That would be wrong. Similary, members of the opposition could cross the floor and join the ruling party. That would also be wrong because 45% of the population reject the policies of the PLP. When MP’s moving within the opposition, then it does not warrant the time & money of doing a bye-elections cuz all of them (no matter the party) were voted in “as opposition”.

      • Truly Soiled says:

        Black Soil who votes in a general election for Oppositions (as you said “were voted in as opposition” – that is the best bull I have read to date, talk about excuses for the powerful dishonest MP, how much was that statement worth?

        • Black Soil says:

          Parties that are not the ruling party PLP are the “opposition” Man…you think people vote for “opposition”.

  6. lol says:

    Why should Darius cross over to OBA, he’s no fool, he knows they are UBP with only a new name, same players even the extinct ones like Sirs Gibbons and Swan. He should resign as should all of the OBA members and Wayne. Can we now say we can only trust the PLP because they are the only ones sitting in the house under the party they were elected? really LOL

  7. crazytalk says:

    So now the PLP is made up of old UBP faces…

  8. Reality check says:

    Yes and the OBA are all new and old UBP faces. But check this – NON from the PLP has checked out nor cross over?????????

    • Jerry says:

      It’s the money, these Ministers do nothing and get paid big bucks.. if the any party was in power for this long, they would be jumping ship again.. money talks mate.

      • Commonsense says:

        UBP was in power for 30 years. How many PLP members jumped ship to the UBP government? Will Darius get more money being an PLP MP? Are the OBA MPs getting more money being OBA members?

        • Black Soil says:

          Commonsense…you need to see the MP pay scales. Govt MP’s do a lot better especially if they hold ministerial positions. Oppositions MP’s get “minimum pay”.

          • knowing it all says:

            since he who knows please share the amounts. don’t see mp who have moved to plp getting any important position within the plp, but if you know this to be different, please share.

            • FYI-- Pay Scale says:

              Government Pay Scales also known as “PS” are based on a numbered pay scheme from 1 – 41+.

              A PS (Permanent Secretary that is) starts the Pay Scale at PS 40+ that alone is calculated at six figures.

              Pay scales in the region of 23+ start at an annual salary of 60,000 +. All of this information is public knowledge contrary to popular belief as most and all government jobs are adverstised with salaries.

              Appointed posts such as Permanent Secretaries & Minsters are not advertised.

              Hope that offers clarity.

              • Scales says:

                There are accountants and others getting a PS (pay scale) of above 6 figures?

                • FYI-- Pay Scale says:

                  I can’t say for certain, although it depends on the level of seniority in which the employer was hired. When posts are advertised, invited candidates know what PS levels they’re going to make and these are usually calculated in 2 increments.

                  Most Management level positions can earn up to six figures. The Comptroller or Financial Accountant appointed for each Ministry can earn up to six figures.

                  And to clearly and implicity define six figures I am referring to salaries of 100,000+

                  • FYI-- Pay Scale says:

                    Correction employee* along with their years of expertise, qualifications. I am sure you get the jist.

                    • FYI-- Pay Scale says:

                      See example as taken from for a post advertised for a Management Consultant:

                      Cabinet Office

                      MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT
                      PS 36-38 $113,480 – $122,064 (=US$ equivalent)

                      Department of Human Resources

                      Ref: 5374/26/0179/RA/OS

                      The Management Consulting Section within the Department of Human Resources seeks an individual with a strong business consultancy background, gained in either the public or private sector.

                      This internal consultancy group provides a broad range of business consultancy services to Government’s Ministries, Departments and Agencies. We support our clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their program and service delivery, against the often complex backdrop of the changing environments in which they operate.

                      This accomplished individual will work within our Team to:

                      · develop and maintain senior level client relations;

                      · work with clients, on a projects basis, to analyze, rationalize and reinvent their programs and services in order to achieve their strategic and operational goals;

                      · work with clients to develop policies and procedures;

                      · undertake and commission research on behalf of clients;

                      · conduct client meetings and presentations to communicate project goals and objectives, progress, findings, and recommendations;

                      · perform a critical Government-wide role in the evaluation and grading of posts, resource allocation, and optimizing organizational structures;

                      · provide general business consultancy support and advice to assist with clients’ day-to-day operational issues as they arise; and

                      · support knowledge transfer to both clients and our own junior staff through on-the-job coaching and sharing of management practices and consultancy experience.

      • Bermudian@heart.. says:

        sure is , these guys deep down they could care less about you and me, all they see is the money and their retirments , its all about them selves. ( can’t beat them join them) buttom line.
        and P.l.p should know better then accept these guys..

    • Hmmm says:

      They are hedging their bets… better the devil you know…

      If you look at parliments around the world, more people move to the ruling party than from it.

      It will be interesting to see after the next election if those that crossed over are still elected…

      • Commonsense says:

        What country, USA, UK, Canada, Asia, India, what country are they moving to the ruling parties?

        • Black Soil says:

          When people cross the floor, they almost NEVER cross from the govt (ie the power base) to the opposition. Politicians move TO the power base, not away from it.

          • Trading places says:

            How many moved from PLP to UBP in the 30 years UBP was in power?

            • Black Soil says:

              Maxwell Burgess comes to mind. He quit the PLP around 1982 to join the UBP. He saw that John Swan’s UBP was going to be the future, so he rode the wagon (and he was right on that score). Quite a few persons were kicked out of the PLP (around the early 1980′s) and they formed the NLP. I don’t recall any UBP person leaving the UBP while they were in power to join the PLP. And so far no one has left the PLP (since 1998) to join the opposition. People gravitate towards power, not away from it. Dr. James also left the PLP in the very late 1960′s to join the UBP.

              • FYI-- Other memebers to leave the PLP says:

                As did the late Dame Lois Browne-Evans. She too, had a brief stint as a member and head of the NLP. History peeps… Check it out…

                • clearing it up says:

                  Dame Lois was never the leader of the NLP or even a member of the NLP.

                  • FYI-- Other members to leave the PLP says:

                    Perhaps my deduction was wrong in her leadership, but she did join for a very brief stint. That I do know.

                    • Shorta ranks says:

                      never a member of the nlp. She created it by kicking out 3 PLP mps.

                    • FYI--Just A Thought says:

                      Yes, I retracted my statement offering apologies.

                      @Michael, right names, but wrong party name. It was the NLP.

                  • FYI-- Other members to leave the PLP says:

                    @ clearing it up a brief snippet


                    In 1984, a faction with the PLP, frustrated by the party’s inability to win a general election, called for her to step down. It caused a bitter split that left the PLP with just seven seats in the House following a 1985 general election, and resulted in her resignation.

                    Second Source

                    She was also at the centre of the bitter split that saw the PLP’s representation in Parliament reduced to seven seats in 1985. A group that was opposed to her leadership quit to form the National Liberal Party.

                    • FYI-- Other members to leave the PLP says:

                      My apologies. I stand corrected.

                    • Michael says:

                      I think that was the Bermuda Democratic party…BDP. Two of the members were Mr Austin Thomas and Mr Gilbert Darrell…cant remember the third

              • Silly Soil says:

                Give Black Soil a star! NOT. Maxwell Burgess did not cross the floor when he join the UBP he wasn’t an elected official. NLP founders were KICKed out, they didn’t leave on their own accord. Dr. James was not an elected official either. So How many elected MP left PLP to join UBP.

                • Silly Soil says:

                  Elected UBP MP Grace Bell crossed the floor to join the PLP when the UBP was in power. Perhaps Dame left but she came to her senses and rejoined the PLP.

            • RME says:

              I stand to be corrected, but I believe Dr. De la Chevoitiere (spelling??) moved from PLP to UBP. Don’t know what year and don’t know if was an elected offical when he did.

              Wasn’t Quinton Edness also a founding member of the PLP. Was he an elected official when he switched parties?

      • Bermudian@heart.. says:

        lets hope NOT..

  9. UBP supporter says:

    @ young observer, why only shame on Mr. Tucker and not on Mr. Crockwell, Mr. Pettingill, Mr. Hunte, Mr. Moniz, Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Barritt, Mr. Dunkley, Mrs. Jackson, Ms. Pamplin, Mr. Richards, Mr. Simmons et al? Should be shame on them all, no?

  10. In General says:

    Check that! The Tucker’s Town residence are now represented by the PLP in the House. Times are changing.

    • Michael says:

      a bag of Frito Lays would stand a better chance of getting elected before Mr Tucker get re-elected in that constituencey…watch this space

  11. Tucker's Point says:

    The only resident in the house close to Tuckers Point is Mr. Grant Gibbons??

  12. Face The Nation says:

    Think I’ll go rent Cheech and Chongs “UP IN SMOKE .” This whole circus is now quite boring . Another Parasite chasing the Money ,But Wait !! There ain’t no friggin Money …

  13. Onion says:

    Sorry, but I don’t trust anyone who switches parties.

  14. LMAO says:

    Most of us don’t trust party switchers – they are opportunist only when they switch to PLP; when they switch to BDA or OBA they whitewash, hogwash and bullwash us to believe the bull@^*% that it better for Bermuda and they are putting Bermuda 1st. LMAO

    • Scott says:

      i still believe though that in reality we do not vote in the “better” politicians, we simply vote out the ones that are screwing up too much.

      to trust a politician before they act is naive.. we can only do so after they’ve shown how they perform..

      some may rag on people for jumping to OBA.. which in itself could be a bad or distrustful thing, but then i realize how the PLP is driving this country, and i’d be more then willing to give the OBA, with whatever opinion people have of them, a chance..

  15. Honestly says:


  16. Darius, I believe that you have finally made the decision to come back home !! Wish you all the best as I recognize you were left with little or no option. The UPB and OBA did not seem to meet your expectations. But it tells me that there is just something very magical about the PLP ! It also speaks volume about the party. In fact it a clear indication that the party has done somethings right, and not everything was bad, as some would like for many to believe. The on going discussion that you came to PLP to earn a better wage is an extremely weak arguement. No one becomes rich as a result of being an MP, most MP’s that are financially stable own or run their own private business. A few were born into wealth, and some of no wealth. In addition, while earning an income is necessary for all, it is not significant enough to push anyone to become an MP. (Yes I know what they earn) An MP’s role is mostly about service to mankind, and, the rent one paids for living on earth in God’s honour……

    • ho ho says:

      go have another rock special gurl … LOL

      What a crock haha

      • Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

        Tucker knew when he left the UBP,there was very little chance of his getting elected as an independent. He simply waited for whatever he reasoned would be suitable for HIM. NOT his constituents!

        • New Positions says:

          The BDA waited for the UBP 7 to resign then dissolved the BDA and they did that because? Oh yes, they are placing Bermudat 1st, how silly of the Bermuda electorate? The UPB 7 resigned prior to answering the Bermuda Judicial system’s injunction because, oh how silly of me Bermuda 2, 3, or 4th. Most OBA MPs have jobs with over 6 digits salaries + MP salary; but all they complain of full time MP’s being in similar salary range? Let them disclose assets all.

    • Young Observer says:

      “In addition, while earning an income is necessary for all, it is not significant enough to push anyone to become an MP.”

      I think we should all remember this statement. There have been some statements about how some MPs are all business-minded and they just want to earn more millions in dollars – lets just remember that for any millionaire serving as a member of parliament one takes a huge paycute so there is no reason to be in it politics unless it is to put country fact. And if were honest unless you own a construction company there really is no way to attach your business into government. This quote applies to both Government and Opposition members.

      Whilst I may not agree with all the decisions they make I do have to admit that I believe members of this government are doing what they believe is in the best interest of the country (except in circumstances where I sense corruption has taken place). To often members of both sides are quick to accuse the other side of just being in it for the money when in reality many of ours MPs would earn more money elsewhere (unless of course they manage to maintain those full time positions and work “part time” as a minister, this one intrigues me because how you could only lead a ministry part time astounds me).

      • Young Observer, why does it astounds you that Minister’s work part-time? Political history indicates that full-time Ministers were introduced by the PLP government. Under the UBP most were part-time for more than over 30 years. Persons were lawyers, doctors etc…but educatorss(teachers) and a few other professionals were not allowed to wear an MP’s hat. If I am correct that still is the case today, unless the individual left/re-signed from his/her profession. Often it kept many educated individuals out of politics because they were not able to earn a living if they entered the political circle. The individual was not sure that they would be given a Minister’s post or even be successful at the polls.
        The “level of wealth”, I am referring to is that the earning of an MP does not make one “Millionnaire or Billionnaire” for entering politics, it may however make life a little more comfortable. The political history of our country reflects Ministers who have ably served whether full or part-time, for several years !!

        • FYI-- Gumment Worka says:

          In one post you indicate that it isn’t about the money, and about the service that each MP can provide and then you’re suggesting that the money they earn makes them more comfortable?? Make up your mind!!

          No teacher or educator imho would leave a full-time teaching post to join politics if the money being offered for a seat wasn’t higher than what they’re currently receiving. Furthermore, the only teacher or educator to-date that has an active role in the Ministry or department to make significant difference ie., your referral of service is Dame Jennifer Smith.

          It was under leadership as the then, Minister of Education that she commissioned the newly developed Berkeley Institute and now again under leadership the multiple cuts the Ministry of Education now faces. Out of all the Ministers that I have worked with and along both ruling party and opposition there are a handful of MP’s who actually think outside the box and are beyond politics. Furthermore, you should know that history repeats itself.

          Change is within, and the first order of business, is that any MP who does not hold the post in a full-time capacity ie., in the event that the ruling party should go out the door and they have a job to return to, should set the example and 1) make their salaries public as in the UK (since we seem to follow the regime) and 2) consider taking a pay cut. It begs me to question how comfortable a life should these MP’s live?

          None of which have to consider paying for fuel with government issued cars and drivers along with a host of other measures that could be reduced.

          • The 411 says:

            Get your facts straight. Dame Jennifer did not commission the Berkeley Institute in her last round as Education Minister – the senior schools were established under the UBP. They built Cedarbridge and as we know now, the PLP government, in the early days, completed the Berkeley Instiute and there was a lot of waste ie. ProActive etc.

            Dame Jennifer was Education Minister for something like 1 month before she was booted by the incoming Premier…

            • FYI--Just A Thought says:

              my facts r str8…. my point was she held the post of Education Minister when the Berkeley development was in the development stages.

        • truth be told says:

          @ specialgirk 4you, you speak the truth I concur with all of your comments on this subject.

  17. YES MATE! says:

    Did you hear him say he is there to serve the PLP at :40? Dude what about your constituents? Surely you are to serve them as you promised just before they voted for you! You ain’t been in the PLP five minutes yet and you’re already putting party ahead of people. I guess we can say you’re a fast learner, you pick up on things really quick. Party first, people last is the PLP way. Surely you know that your soon to be ex constituency will not vote PLP in the next general election and therefore you will soon be out of a job, but don’t worry, Bermuda Regiment is always hiring!
    What I find peculiar about the PLP is they call all the black UBP members house n*g*ers and uncle Toms and traitors to their own kind but when one of them comes a-knocking on the door at Alaska Hall it’s all handshakes and hugs. I would ask the PLP to explain this but I’m well tired of hearing their crap but I’m sure one of our many resident kool-aid drinkers will chime in.

  18. HO ho HO says:

    I don’t drink cool aid! Right back you “yes mate” its all different when the UBP 11 jump ship to become Independents, form 3rd party, then when unable to beat UBP start another new entity OBA and of course you all can mention the race colour “black” but when we do, we are using the race card or get get responses such as “I have black friends” “my best mate is Black” or the best one to date “I’m gay and my partner is Black, so how can I be call a racist” Simple HO HO HOs in June.

  19. Black Forest Cake says:

    I wouldn’t trust anyone who switches sides.

  20. dont believe you says:

    Darius I am constituent of yours and you never called, wrote, stopped by to ask me or my family who all vote in the area, what we thought if you jumped ship. You just never took the time as you did not take the time to emerse yourself in the grass roots of the party, the party who put all their faith in you to represent them since the last election. I will never trust or believe you again.

    • Bermudian@heart.. says:

      i couldnt Agree with you more i can say the same thing but you have said it ALL. cool

    • HO ho HO says:

      Agreed and we won’t vote for the OBA because they did not once come to us and ask us if they should a. join in with the bda and b. disolved the party that got them elected. We are looking for some Independents to form a coliation government, can’t trust the present nor the illegal opposition OBA

  21. Bermudian. says:

    Crap ,How the Hell do you ever support people like this.

  22. Cleancut says:

    Darius Tucker is a nice guy, i do however think he should bow out gracefully. I can understand this guy is popular and would probably muster up a good number of VOTES, but honestly i don’t think he has the intellect to fulfill his ambitions.

    • Michael says:

      yup, no-brainer!

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      If intellect was a prerequisite for becoming a Member of Parliament, Bermuda would not be in this sorry state!