40-Yr-Man in ICU After Diving Accident

July 2, 2011

[Updated] At approximately 5:30pm today [July 2] Police officers as well as EMTs responded to Admiralty House Park in Spanish Point, after a man was injured after reportedly diving off a cliff.

Bystanders told Bernews the gentleman jumped/dived off the taller cliffs located on the north-east side of the area, and appeared to not resurface immediately. Others rushed to his aid, and called emergency personnel who arrived, tended to the victim, and rushed him away to King Edward Memorial Hospital.

Police spokesman Dwayne Caines said, “First responders attended a incident at Admiralty House Pembroke this evening at 5:37pm. As a result, a 40 year old male was taken to KEMH, as a result of an apparent diving incident. The 40 year old man’s condition is unknown at this time.”

Update 9:45pm: The gentleman had been unconscious at the scene, however regained consciousness shortly after medical personnel transported him away. As of this time, he is listed in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

Update July 3, 6:30am: The gentleman remains in critical condition in the ICU

Update July 3, 10:15am: The Police Statement confirmed the gentleman was jumping off the rocks into the water when he was knocked unconscious. He was pulled to the beach by family members and an off duty EMT and nurse began to perform CPR. He remains listed in critical condition with serious head and neck injuries. The Police have asked anyone who may have seen the incident to contact them.

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  1. Prophet says:

    Prayerful that all will be well with this gentleman. Jah Bless.

  2. trins says:

    Having almost drowned when younger I hate to hear of these type of accidents.

    Hoping that the individual will be ok in the end …

    The water is no place to be careless .. be careful folks . Always .

  3. KMHBermuda says:

    These accidents are so avoidable with a modicum of common sense…so sad.

    • Prophet says:

      All accidents are avoidable if everyone stays at home and perpetually insulates themselves from all of the potential dangers of the world. Nobody would go anywhere or do anything. How enjoyable a life that would be.

      Unless we were there to witness exactly what transpired it would be irresponsible of us to infer that the young man acted carelessly. For all we know this could have been a feat he may have been executing successfully since he was a child, so we should be careful before we suggest that there was an absence of applied common sense.

      Now I will agree that it takes a special person to even consider jumping from 7, which is where we understand he jumped from, especially as it was low tide, but again, we don’t know the talent.

      I encourage all of those who might dive from such heights to be extra vigilant and assess and reassess the prevailing conditions, even as one takes flight. Reduce and/or eliminated risks where possible. There is so much to think about and all need to be always mindful of potentials when diving.

  4. islandgal says:

    I know him personally He was not being careless nor did he lack common sense it was just a freak accident!!!!

    • Point Boi says:

      so wat happened? I grew up on Cox’s Hill/Spanish Point…..we jumped head first all around the cliffs, between reefs, into as little as 8ft of water….vee-bies neva got hurt. If your not from Point, DON’T JUMP

      • Unfortunate says:

        I don’t even think he had 8ft of water, it was low tide … his kids were begging him to dive. He is a smart man … but I think he had a momentary lapse in judgement … like WE ALL do from time to time!!! I hate that folk resort to trashing otherwise good, intelligent people, when these accidents happen.

        • Point Boi says:

          um not trashin him, I’ve seen this and similar incidences happen before, sometimes ppl climbing up the cliff to jump slippin on the wet rocks, misjudging depth of water, or just inexperienced with the terrain and laking diving skills….like I said I grew up jumping Admiralty rocks. there were a few ‘platforms’ I wouldn’t dive from but my more skillful mates would make it look easy and other kids/adults/tourists would sometimes follow. We even warned parks to erect warning signs around these cliffs decades ago when people from outside (tourists included) started hurting themselves.

          • Killa says:

            @point boi
            we grew up round admiralty house too. so he was not unfamiliar with the cliffs. we’ve done it for years since we were children so make sure you know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth.
            freak accidents can happen to ANYONE including you.


      • Prophet says:

        Think yourself fortunate, Point. And good for you–keep from getting hurt.

        It takes on a split second’s lapse in concentration for disaster to strike.

  5. LaPersh says:

    I am praying for this gentelmen and his family

  6. buzy says:

    I pray the father helps him through this for the sake of his wife and kids.

  7. PLP but not the Government says:

    Sad news but hopefully all will be ok. God be with him and his family during this difficult time.

  8. Notorious says:

    How many times does this have to happen before people stop doing this? Comparing this to simply leaving your house to live life is illogical. Common sense would tell you to not jump off of rocks into water(shallow or not).

    • rockjumpa says:

      @ Nicole – u must live a borin-a$$ life den hahah.

      • Notorious says:

        Yeah no neck breaking, no spinal injuries, full functioning legs. Whew real boring being able to walk!

        • hahaha says:

          lololol “Whew real boring being able to walk”. notorious said the same thing kmhbermuda said so what’s the problem. common sense is right.

  9. B3NJO says:

    First of all we did not beg him to dive
    Second of all he is doning better than he started. He is beging to blink and hear

    We thank the ppl that helped bring him to shore. And for the ppl took over before the ambulance came

    From his son benjamin

  10. B3NJO says:

    I will ask 4 ppl just 2 pray 4 him

    Thx 4 everyones help

    • TMT says:

      Done Benjamin, been praying for him and the family ever since as family needs the Lords strength to give him all their support. We all make mistakes and as folk have said on here we just pray that God will restore to his former strength as I know he is a man of GOD, and GOD knows his needs. God bless you Ben and family


    • 4T says:

      I am praying for your dad and for your family. Your dad will be just fine. Hang in there- make sure you tell him a few of your jokes!

      Miss T.

  11. Bystander says:

    I was one of the people who swam him to shore.

    Benjamin – I know it was hard for your family to see that. I’m glad to hear he’s doing better – Bernews, please keep us posted.

  12. Itcouldhappen says:

    Benjamin, this has happened to my family so know the feelings you have. I will be praying (really praying) for your dad. Stay strong for him.

  13. It is what it is says:

    So sorry that this is happening to your family…I know that it may be hard to read some of the insensitive and inconsiderate comments posted but know that there are people who are sincere in their well wishes for you, your father and the rest of the family….people please realise that sometimes things are really best left unsaid…it could EASILY happen to you or yours…..

  14. bda living says:

    its an olympic sport and tons of fun, calculated risk is a part of life but unfortunately sometimes things go wrong. calling it non-commonsensical because its something you’ve never done before doesn’t make sense. comparing it to driving, flying, crossing the street is actually pretty sensible.

    • bda living says:

      this was in response to notorious

      • Notorious says:

        What I said made sense. How do you know what I have and haven’t done before? I did that and probably worse but I was a child with a child’s mind. If it’s an “calculated risk” don’t get on the news and beg for sympathy and prayers when “things go wrong”. I didn’t say it to be cruel or harsh. I wasn’t the only one who said it either, but of course I know I’m infamous for getting a rise out of people on here and thus a target. I enjoy it though. Clearly.

  15. Hmmm says:

    Hey Bernews, you might want to check the dates of your updates in this story… they are saying June… It’s July now… :)

  16. bda cliff diver says:

    Best wishes to the family, praying for a speedy recovery

  17. Think about it says:

    This was not an accident. Accident- “An accident is a specific, unpredictable, unusual and unintended external action which occurs in a particular time and place, with no apparent and deliberate cause but with marked effects. It implies a generally negative outcome which may have been avoided or prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence.”

    He dove off the cliffs and was injured, that was not an accident, it was poor judgment. So stop making it seem like it wasn’t avoidable and that he is an innocent victim. He wasn’t struck by lightning or rear ended by a semi truck, he jumped off a cliff.

    • Whoa Nelly says:

      God forbid anything to happen to you for your poor judgement cause you are in fact perfect…….but i am sure it already has right?……as you seem to be an expert on all…. difference between him and u (maybe) he got right with his lord…..when judgement day comes are you ready? (or i guess you dont believe in that either)….he is…….you dont have to have compassion you dont even have to care but keep your negative remarks to yourself…….if you wanna do something…..Pray that tredegy doesnt like you and stays far away……positive that tregedy has struck you at some point and the same way negative talk affected you (if you have a heart) ya negative talk affects someone else ….for someones pen name think about it you dont think very much ya pen name should be thinks very shallow…..really….think about it, it suits you

  18. get over yourself says:

    All I have 2 say is none of us have the right 2 judge, compare or claim what’s right or wrong. Yes he jumped but he was having a fun day with his kids so those that have personal opinions on this KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. All those that have smart and inconsiderate comments on a page that his children will read KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Instead of having everything but nothing to say……if it is not positive or prayer we don’t wish to see it so once again KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. I would never wish it on another family or on the people who have no hearts and are speakin wreckless. All I have to say is….ITS THE LORDS WORLD….WE JUST LIVE IN IT
    Signed SHAUNTE SEAMAN a cousin of the victim