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August 9, 2011

[Updated] The start of a large task is now underway – the work on the HWP Group Body & Paint Centre on St. John’s Road. Yesterday [Aug.8] flames tore through the building causing extensive damage to the property and automobiles, with the fire burning for over three hours.

august 9 2011 hwp repairs bermuda

The road was opened late last night, and this morning the true extent of the damage could be seen. Much of the roof collapsed, the interior of the car showroom was decimated with lines of burned cars on display in front of the shattered windows. Smoke was still wafting from the middle of the building this morning, blowing across the Dandy Town sports club.

HWP Fire Demolition Bermuda August 9 2011 (3)HWP Fire Demolition Bermuda August 9 2011 (4)

Earlier today [Aug.9] the repairs began, with both manpower and machinery at work. Dozens of curious onlookers have gathered at the gas station and surrounding areas to watch the construction machinery tear down the walls of the HWP car showroom. The work is underway presently, and we will bring you additional footage later today.

Watch as the roof is removed:

Update 1:45pm: Demolition has come to a standstill as fire department personnel are taking a closer inspection of the building. Workmen were seen retrieving papers that were falling out of charred filing cabinets.

Update 3:45pm: Workmen moved onto working to clear away all the burned cars, video below:

HWP CEO Jonathan Brewin said, “We are making every effort to complete all mechanical work as soon as possible and HWP will be open for business from Wednesday morning, albeit on a restricted basis.”

“We will be working manually, as our computerised systems are down, so we ask for patience from our customers. Mechanical services anticipate that they will be able to run on around a 50% capacity for the time being. The biggest issue will be in the parts department which relies heavily on a computerised inventory system.”

Click to enlarge photos:

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  1. MinorMatters says:

    If the “Bermudians” would like to take up a collection for the workers who have been displaced by this fire, then I would be happy to contribute to this which is a much more worthy cause.

    • 80s Sonesta Kid says:

      they’re still on payroll mate…..they’re not unemployed.

  2. Hmm? says:

    When will the investigation of the cause commence if the building is gone?

    • MinorMatters says:

      do they really want to know…awfully quick to be tearing down the ‘evidence’?

    • Treddy says:

      The showroom wasn’t where the fire originated… So they probably are just demolishing the showroom so the fire service can conduct there investigation safely… or more safe than if the showroom was there.

  3. 80s Sonesta Kid says:

    just drove through St Johns road and the debris is not being watered to keep the dust down. PPL are breathing that sht ….. no advisories, no detours….wher is the Dept of Health……BERNEWS Help

  4. Terry says:

    After watching tha video….that company needs to be fired.

    Look at it again. They have no freeking clue as to what they are doing………

    Working on a corner and the front falls down…almost on them…………..

    Must be F& F………………

    • Soldier One! says:

      What are you talking about!!! That wasn’t even close to them.

    • Treddy says:

      The building adjacent was not damaged by the fire, so it appears there one machine was holding the wall so it didn’t fall on top of the other building. While the other machine pulled the front down so the side could fall into the building and not onto the undamaged building with brand new cars still in it.

      • St. Davids says:

        This Treddy guy must have insider information!!!

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    That is the end of a bit of Bermuda history. I bought two Mazdas from ‘
    Cheese’ Ray out of that building.

    Out of ashes comes an opportunity for HWP to build a state of the art showroom & service center.

    • smith says:

      HAHAHA – State of the art everything and still get sh*t service and no parts.

    • Soldier One! says:

      I believe the building itself still belongs to the Ray / Rayclan family…not HWP.

  6. Ernest says:

    Any asbestos in that building?

  7. Terry says:

    Cheese Ray was my cousin yoo know…….

    He’d be upsat if he say this ‘grilled cheese’…….

  8. White Christ says:

    So how did the fire start? Has there been an investigation? Why is the building being pulled down the very next day?

    • Soldier One! says:

      I understand…not sure in the paint / bake booth closer to the Standard Harware section of the building.

  9. Terry, your ass is so fcking boring. Sad part, you think you’re funny. So what if the whole front fell over. It was totally taped off FROM EVERY AND ANYBODY…… Do you have a life or is Bernews your ONLY life cause whenever I have a chance to read blogs, YOU ARE THERE LIKE A PUNK AT A CLUB AT 3 LOOKING FOR DEAD MEAT DUDE……..Get a life ….and some pus!!!

  10. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    They might just decide to put a Cheese Ray museum at that spot , put a statue of him smokin that nasty pipe he seemed to always have , a horse and buggy and the old geezer ridin shotgun . That would be nice ..