Limited Reintroduction Of Parking Vouchers

September 29, 2011

The City of Hamilton today [Sept.29] announced a reduction in the cost to park on the top level of Bulls Head Car Park and the limited reintroduction of parking vouchers.

In making the announcement, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary to the City of Hamilton, Mr. Edward Benevides revealed, “The City of Hamilton is pleased to announce that as of October 3rd 2011, the cost to park on the top level of the Bulls Head Car Park has been reduced to $5.00 a day.”

Mr. Benevides added, “We continually assess all of the parking rates in the City and looked at how frequently the top level of Bulls Head was being used. To facilitate the new price, the top level parking meter will issue a different color sticker which will indicate that the motorist has paid to park on the top level.

“If motorists wish to use their Easy Park meters to pay for parking, they should look for 0104 which is the code assigned to the top level of Bulls Head. Please note that the Easy Park meters must be updated in order to take advantage of the new zone.”

Mr. Benevides commented, “Last year we announced the decision to phase out the parking voucher booklets and fully adopt Easy Park meters. Since then we received feedback from motorists who park infrequently in the city, as a result, I am pleased to announce the limited reintroduction of parking vouchers which can be purchased individually rather than in booklets.

“These vouchers are available immediately and only from City Hall. They are $2.00 per voucher and will pay for one hour of parking. It should be noted that there are some retailers around the island who are still selling booklets of the old parking vouchers. These booklets may be in limited supply and are still valid for parking within the City.”

“Over the next few months we will assess the success of these initiatives and look for ways to continue to help motorists with parking in the City. On the issue of parking generally in Hamilton, I would like to remind motorists to display either an Easy Park meter or a valid parking voucher to avoid a parking ticket or being clamped,” Mr. Benevides concluded

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  1. KillarBlaze says:

    When will the Easy Park be updated with new, old cost of parking on the top floor of BullHead?

  2. EasyPark says:

    As stated above, the new zone is already available and will show after you’ve top up your EasyPark meter, or when you have it read (aborted top up) at anyone of our retail partner locations or online.

    Please call us if you have any questions (542-7000)

  3. Haile to Bermuda says:

    If the top level is hardly being used turn it into offices space and rent it out… You’d get your money than.

  4. HogWash says:

    @Mr. Benevides, why do the public have to pay to park period: When most if not all the Government workers, others, and the Police are allowed to PARK all day for free on Victoria Street, Union Square, Court Street and even The Corporation of Hamiltons Parking Lot across from the Bermuda Industrial Union.
    WE the public, (includes Seniors) cannot find anywhere to Park to conduct our business with Doctor Butterfield, Peoples Pharmacy, Seniors Building(Age Concern), Cycle Shop, BIU, or any of the shops restaurants on Court Street, because there is no where to park, I have checked all signs and they state One Hour Parking, And we never see a Traffic Warden issueing parking tickets to anyone, has that been phased out since the Government workers moved BACK OF TOWN #I’m jus asking :enuff already

  5. Parking ticket says:

    @Hogwash. I really hate it (sorry… dislike it) when uninformed people speak. For the record, I’m a government worker who happened to park on the street illegally, ie. over an hour earlier this week and I received a parking ticket – unhappily but rightly so. So calm down. The rules still apply to MOST of us.

  6. Concerned Bermudian (not the original) says:

    I’m glad they are reintroducing the vouchers. Those of us who only park in town occasionally don’t want to have the expense of a yellow parking thing. But why only sell them individually? The old system wasn’t broken, why bugger about with it?

  7. Legal Eagle says:

    Dear ‘Concerned Bermudian’:—perhaps the reason rests with the “uninformed” Parking. Ticket poster (Benevides??)—to borrow his preferred descriptive of Seniors!!