PLP Confirm Walton Brown For C#17

November 28, 2011

[Updated with video] This morning [Nov.28] the Progressive Labour Party held a press conference and confirmed that Walton Brown will represent them in Constituency #17 Pembroke Central. In September 2011, Mr Brown was announced as the winner of the candidate selection meeting for the Pembroke Central branch, selected over National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief, who presently holds the seat.

Educated in Bermuda at Berkeley Institute and Bermuda College, Mr. Brown also earned a BA (Hons) in Political Studies from Queen’s University and a Masters in Political Science from York University — both in Canada. He is President of Research Innovations Limited, and previously served as a lecturer at Bermuda College [1988-2000].

He served in the Senate from 2007 to 2010, and was Junior Minister of Education, Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce. Mr Brown hosts a weekly radio talk show, Bermuda Speaks; and is a weekly columnist for Bermuda’s daily newspaper. He recently released the book ‘Bermuda and the Struggle for Reform: Race, Politics and Ideology.’

In the 2007 General Election, Minister Perinchief won the Pembroke Central seat with 56.5% of the vote [439 votes], over the UBP’s Austin Warner [308 votes] and Harold Darrell who ran as an Independent [24 votes].

The PLP candidates either confirmed, or selected in branch meetings, thus far include: Dennis Lister [C#35], Kim Wilson, [C#34], Randy Horton [C#32], Scott Simmons [C#31], Stephen Todd [C#30], Zane DeSilva [C#29], Jonathan Smith [C#28] Lt. Col David Burch [C#27], Lawrence Scott [C#24], Darius Tucker [C#23], Rolfe Commissiong [C#21], A.L Vince Ingham [C#19], David Burt [C#18], Walton Brown [C#17], Diallo Rabain [C#7], Wayne Furbert [C#6], John Gibbons [C#2], and Dame Jennifer Smith [C#1].

Update 1.17pm: Video of press conference:

Update 3.19pm: Mr Brown’s full speech below

It is a distinct honour to represent the Progressive Labour Party as the candidate for Constituency 17, Pembroke Central at the next general election.

Since returning to Bermuda after my studies abroad I have given back to help improve our country. For 12 years I served as a lecturer at Bermuda College helping to put our young people on a stronger footing; I have tried to influence policy and shape views through my writing and lobbying.

I think my book that was recently published contributes towards this. Internationally, I have worked with the United Nations Decolonisation Committee since 1990 to provide information, analysis and advice on UK—Bermuda relations.

My goal is to work for the interests of all Bermudians. I pledge to listen attentively to their concerns and to work hard to address them. To the voters of Pembroke Central, I pledge to provide you with access to me via telephone, emails, home visits and constituency walkabouts. I will not be an absent MP.

In fact, I live on the very border of Constituency 17 and am in the area every day. I further pledge that I will liaise with you on all national issues as we seek to address our greatest challenges in more than a generation: the rising tide of crime, declining tourism, real job opportunities, equality of opportunity for government work, the cost of living and the need for affordable housing.

My commitment is genuine and my work ethic to help make Bermuda better is clear. I look forward to working with the constituents and serving our country to the best of my abilities.

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  1. sigh says:

    Another good selection. Mr Brown is well respected in all circles. A good lineup so far PLP!

  2. WillSee says:

    Another plper just got a job!

  3. Yup says:

    He might get my vote if he convinces PLP to introduce absentee voting which every other country except Bermuda has. PLP is only for limited democracy…PLP democracy.

    • all clogged up says:

      Walton will get my vote if he renounces his passion for independance LOL

  4. Yup says:

    Hey bloggers! Will an unemployed person who voted PLP in 2007 still vote PLP if they are still unemployed on election day?

  5. MinorMatters says:

    Internationally, I have worked with the United Nations Decolonisation Committee since 1990 to provide information, analysis and advice on UK—Bermuda relations.

    What does this mean, that Mr Brown is an active member of an organization to help us to be de-Colonialized. This seems to be the least of our worries…we need to be de-PLP.

  6. specialgirl4you says:

    Congratulations Walton Brown, Wish you all the best in the future.
    It is evident that the PLP continue to attract high quality candidates that bring greatness to the PLP and people of Bermuda. It looks like the quality, characteristics, and standard of candidates of the PLP is something that the OBA/UBP are struggling to bring forward.

    • Nil points says:

      Hmmmm you have just happened to forget that your colleague,the current National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief, has been rejected by the PLP voters. How much do they pay you to roll out this constant blind propaganda. The PLP are not GOD, GOD is followed with blind faith. Please stop treating the PLP as is an insult and your worshipping of false idols is a path to hell. Yours sincerely G. Orphius Devil

    • willSee says:

      Please explain to us why he is “high quality” and how will he improve economy among other things.Bring greatness to the people of Bermuda!

  7. Hamilton Parish says:


    unlike everyone else who has been unveiled recently yu didnt read ffom a sheet of paper, that alone is impressive. good work as it speaks that outside your talk show experience you at least have an idea about what an MPs role is and how you can assist Bermuda.

    you may need to bury your passion for independence for 5 or so years until our economy is back on its feet and not solely reliant on financial intermediation, but good luck and dont take up the elitist persona that so many PLP MPs embrace.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      And you think that the financial chaos that the PLP has created in the past few years can be cleared up in five years, even if they had a clue of what to do?


      It will take a generation of good governance to clear up the miserable failure that the 13 year PLP experiment has been.

  8. Lol.. says:

    They would rather get shafted and robbed by someone of their own color than let white people have a role in running the country right.. apparently??

  9. Jim Bean says:

    specialgirl4u – PAID PLP BLOGGER

  10. Please explain Mr/Ms LOL says:

    lol !! what?? please expound/expand on that theory/thought??

    • Lol.. says:

      Well 1st of all, its not a thought, its a fact. Since this government has clearly set a racial divide amongst its people, i have no shame in speaking the truth about black or white, its what this government wanted, so here it is. Show me one country thats run by black people that is run correctly without corruption.. 2 would be even more of validation.

      It is quite obvious the PLP would like black people to think it’s better to get shafted by someone of their own color than let white people have a role in running the country. That is a fact and quite obvious.. Before this corrupted government, bermuda was a beautiful place to live, with a promising future and money in the bank.

      Once the current government stepped in, we are 1.2 billion in debt with social, economic, crime, tourism, education , all gone to poo poo.. Not to mention, the allegations about numerous scandals laid out for everybody to see. But i guess plenty of people get blamed for robbing a bank though they had no parts of it, right? Or get blamed for a shooting they had no parts of , right?? Give me a break!

      The auditor general tried to tell you idiots, there was $800 million missing, unaccounted for, with PROOF that your government was.. excuse me.. is corrupted .. But what happened to him?? He was arrested and had everything taken from him.. Why in the hell would you do that if you had nothing to hide.. you incompetent morons.. you please explain ?? i dare you..

      TCD i believe was a contract for $5 million .. but went over budget by $10 million .. What construction that you know of that goes over budget by that much money ?? along with the berkeley, the cruise ship pier, the police station,?? please explain, i dare you… but again it happens every day that someone get blamed for a serious crime, like fraud, murder, for no just reason .. EVERYDAY!

      Amidst all of these accusations people voted them back in.. which proves my “thought” that the PLP philosophy has gained traction in the black community.. this is clearly a fact.. you were getting robbed right in front of your face, yet let the thief take your money then turn around and offer him back in your house for a drink.. Brilliant!

      Amidst all of these accusations the the finance minister .. ” aka.. the person overseeing and monitoring your money.. going missing with no explanation” gets appointed as the premier of bermuda .. yet again proves my “thought”.

      When plp got in power i for one gave them a chance with open arms.. since then however i have seen nothing but, corruption, lies, a racial divide, tourism on the way out, no future and black people screaming black pride.. I hate what this country has become and its only going to get worse.. yet you have ministers singing ‘bermuda is another world’ to get people to visit.. knowing full well, there was a shooting before and after his meeting about his wonderful island.. you cannot sell people a faulty product… but apparently people are that stupid?? right?? you tell me..

      My predictions are for the upcoming election that you will conclusively prove my theory correct. i also predict that once this happens next year all of the IB will pull the eject cord and leave to another more welcoming destination and say goodbye bermuda.. Guess what happens next ??

      Your trustworthy black government will also up and leave with the millions if not billions of dollars they have squandered to retreat to one of their many lavish homes around the world.. But its ok.. dont worry about a thing because bermuda has plenty of natural resources to survive.. plenty of products that can be exported to survive. You will be fine.. trust me.. or better yet lets be real…

      There will be looting, more deaths, pure hell.. this place will be like a part of africa that is poor, disease d where nobody goes… But maybe then you can prove my theory wrong … If you dont see signs of this happening already i feel sorry for you.. and maybe you will remember this email when one of the many situations already happening affects you and your family.. may your black god be with you…Sorry if i sound racist… im really not.. its what this current government and its followers have done to me, i swear… All i care all you people can kill eachother.. i wont be here to witness it next year…. ohhh wait a minute, its happening now.. have a great day and better yet, a great future.. its looking great!

      • Curious George says:


        • Sam says:

          So much hate in their hearts. Sad.

          • Lol.. says:

            I dont have hate in my heart sweetheart.. I speak the truth.. Whats funny is all i just said is facts.. and all you can say is, i have hate in my heart ?? lol.. wow.. i asked a few questions in that email, please feel free to answer any one of them.. so you can prove my ” theory ” wrong .. please

            • specialgirl4you says:

              Your facts are twisted, and lack some important real details. It would take me several pages to write a detail response, but that will do you no good anyway, as you will only believe what you choose, even if hard facts are provided to you. So why waste the time?? Read detail government reports on each over-run project and you will determine where and how the money was spent. Also, it is common practice worldwide for governments to over spent on Capital projects. Did you forget that the UBP/OBA also overspent on Capital projects? Hey looks like you may have to consider living somewhere else in the world since you hate this government and its people so much ? What if the PLP wins the next election, where will you go?… plan now…..farewell…….I recall Mr. Richards saying in 1998 that if the PLP wins he will leave Bermuda, but why is he still here, acting like some financial whiz kid?? PLPPLPPLPLPLPLPLPLPLP

  11. Please explain Mr/Ms LOL says:

    LOL I read your post, all I can say is, your pain is evident, but your biggotry and hate is even more evident. You see the whole black community as one big homogenious pool of sheep. You have no idea of the diversity in the black community or the diversity of thought in the PLP. Just as I don’t expect, you do speak for biggots and slave owners of the past, for you to characterize the black community and supporters of the PLP as you have speaks to a leave of hate and or ignorance that is truly sad.

    I do not condone racist rants of a PLP minority but to hear you characterize black bermudians and PLP supporters so passionately is pretty scary. What I have come to appricate about the vocal minority in the PLP they have always spoken about, racism, panafricanism, and all of the other things that apparently make you nevervous. What might suprise people is how many (white) people in this island feel the same way you do.
    Before you begin to judge I am white I was raised in a white family, I went to a Private pridomainantly white school, and I am tired of the hate that is spewed behind the backs of of black Bermudians, I hear it everyday, I hear i from my family (i’m married interracially) many do not know am married to a person of color, so they begin there conversation, I hear it from my white colleagues Bermudian non Bermudian and many of my friends . they use wcode words like, this government, the PLP those people but the true word is, those black people. Many hate this government so much, many have started to silently divest out of Bermuda and build little communites in places like, Florida, and the new Little Bermuda (this is for real) Costa Rica.

    I dont get into politics as it is not my real interest, but I did for two years study African Studies and University in Canada, were my eyes and heart truly opened up. Many Bermudians as liberal as they feel they are dont recognize we are polarized and segregated and the White community is just a mean, nasty, and aggressive with their comments they just say them in their houses or safe places. Why, because the worst comment that you can be called in Bermuda as a white person is a Racist, many white people do not want to be liabled as such so they do not even consider entering into an “public conversations” and express how they truly feel. They everyday have black, white conversations trust me.

    I now do not speak to my own father because of his comments about black people: Oh, they cant make time, they are lazy, cant manage money, and sleep with anyone. This is a man who has black friends and considers himself one of the nicest people in the world, but behind closed doors his views on black people scare me. I told him, how can you love your grand kids, who are bi-racial but say so many mean things about black people and he said, they are differnent they have my blood. Why am I saying all of this, until we see this as our Bermuda and we are honest about our pain our past and our future we will not get anywhere, as long as we hide and act like we give a sh!t about each other and we dont, we will be here. We are in a hole, if your Believe it all is PlP’s fault then you are an idiot. If you travel the world most countries in the free world are right where we are if not worse. This does not let this government off the hook, they have done some shameful, down right poor,bade and nasty things, of which they will be held accountable for. But we must have honest conversation and begin to heal. I got so much more to say but I have to ge back to work (excuse typos on laptop with small keys during lunch)

    • Lol.. says:

      Listen.. i dont care about this current government being black or white. I never did, hense why i gave a chance with open arms. I have as many black friends as i do white.. anything i write here i have told them to their face.. for one they respected me more for being honest and two could not deny the truth.. The truth is the truth.. again show me one country thats run by black people that has no corruption.. Im not saying that they are not capable or shouldn’t be given a chance.

      Im saying when given that chance, they screw it up.. every time. Yes i admit, i voted them in to begin with, giving them a chance … but for me to vote them back in would be absolute suicide after they have clearly demonstrated they are theives.. If this government were white.. do u think i would defend their actions? hell no… i dont care about color.. I speak of this black and white no more than your honorable ewart brown.. When he says it.. he is openly discussing whats real.. and when i do it.. im a racist.

      Dont talk to me about the world around me.. as i have lived and also traveled on the other side of the world.. I can tell you, the country is run by whites and was the best country on earth.. a country where the government did for the people, not take from them. I have lived and experienced what a government and country could be.. and if you think bermuda has a good future.. or even present i would recommend moving somewhere else for a while..

      The people are reflected by their government..Bottem line.. black pride has ruined this country weather you choose to accept it or not.. and will be the demise of bermuda..You and i sound like we had similar upbringings.. I was always brought up that their is no color.. and still feel this way.. Your father has black friends because anything he says to you behind their back,, he will say to their face..

      End of the day this country is screwed.. and im not sticking around to see what happens.. and yes you moron.. i do think all the problems today stem from the plp, which happens to be black… And again you moron. do you get questioned or accused of a serious crime you did not commit?? Wake thehell up!

      • deshawn says:

        As a black Bermudian I actually agree with 90% of what you say Lol. It is clear the love you have for Bda and the pain you feel over what is happening to your country and I feel the same.

      • specialgirl4you says:

        @ Mr/Ms LOL says:I must say you highlighted some important points and really gave LOL something to think deeply about. But not sure he gets it yet or is capable of getting it !!! “PLP PLP all the way”

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      I agree with you for the most part. Except your failure to acknowledge that the same level of hatred is also practiced by some black Bermudians against white Bermudians. Closed doors reveal much I believe…

      Anyways I am confused:

      You state when white people criticize the Govt, and use the PLP’s name, it is nothing but a covert way of practicing their inherent racism?

      And then you say this:

      “This does not let this government off the hook, they have done some shameful, down right poor,bade and nasty things, of which they will be held accountable for”

      In essence what you are stating is that anytime a white person complains about the current Govt it is an attack on black people rather than the actions and/or misactions of the current Govt.

      Essentially you are stating that any criticism levelled at the Govt has nothing to do with their actions and all to do with their race.

      So basically white criticism is considered completely null and void despite any actual facts presented in their arguments. So only black people, who are not part of the opposition, reserve the right to complain and criticise the PLP.

  12. Please explain Mr/Ms LOL says:

    lol you are a sad person, who needs help!

    • Lol.. says:

      Really? lol.. ok poppa, thats the best you got.. I can bet you that black people will respect me more with me telling the strait up truth.. then listen to your BS about how you went and studied black history and you can understand how they feel crap.. cause they were so hard done by.. or that your father is a racist for talking behind black peoples backs.. you said he has black friends.. trust me, he says it to their face as well, cause black people have soul and know who is who, black or white.. it doesnt matter, they either love you or hate you.. someone will respect the truth faster than sugar coated BS.. remember that cupcake..

      Do you really think black people are sitting around worried about the past and slavery and crap? Hell no! Give it up about your tired of the hate coming from whites about blacks.. cause you read some books about slavery.. Lets get to the truth.. the truth is this country is dying fast, the truth is somebody is responsible for it.. a country does not go into debt in the tune of 1.2 billion dollars in such a short amount of time, who will we hold responsible for this?

      The truth is that you say we cant be negative about the wrong they have done, but first you need to locate that problem before you can have a solution, the truth is we all know what and who the problems are yet nothing is being done.. why?? The truth is before this government you did not see or hear of the racism you do today.. When did you ever read in a newspaper 15 years ago about people labeled by their race.. ie, a young, black male?

      When before this government have you heard the leader of the country talk about race so much that we are talking about it right now?? So yes these are the reasons behind my ” thoughts” which are in fact true.

  13. I'm Amazed says:

    Back to the subject of the article. Madame Premier, what are you doing???? Word is that Mr Perinchief is in the top 3 on the polls of current PLP MPs. Why in the world are you not securing someone that the people are actually very satisfied with? It’s a risky election and not securing any of your best people – according to “the people” makes no sense! Nothing wrong with running Walton, but at the expense of a highly re-electable? You need a new advisory team without hidden agendas. The selection process is highly flawed. Good luck to Walton, but you are going to have to get rid of the ‘sheepish’ personae, and speak with confidence and a degree of assurance so that you don’t appear so weak. Some people are better behind the scenes doing research and the like, and I think you are one of them. Having said that, I do wish you the best, and keep in mind that when you are pounding the pavement, exude confidence!