Police Release 2011 Crime Statistics

February 21, 2012

[Updated with video] The police released the crime statistics for 2011, with Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva saying, “2011 saw the lowest recorded crime figures since comparative records began in 2000. With total crimes at 4,371 this is a decrease of -4.5% on 2010, which is an average of about 12 crimes per day.

“Crimes were reduced in 3 of the 4 major categories: Crimes Against the Person (-10.3%), Firearms Incidents (-37% overall; Injuries and fatalities: -55%), Crimes Against the Community (-13%) and remained about the same in: Crimes Against Property -0.1%

“Although the overall figure for Crime Against the Person is reduced, the headlines include that there were 8 murders in 2011, one higher than the year before. 5 murders were firearms related. 3 persons have been charged so far in connection with these cases.

“The final quarter of 2011 ended up being the busiest period for firearms incidents with 14 confirmed and 25 unconfirmed incidents. This included 5 persons being shot and injured, but with no fatalities. This makes the yearly total: 5 firearms related murders and 11 non-fatal shootings. These 16 shootings represent a reduction of -55% compared against 2010.

The Commissioner continued on to say: “A steady and encouraging increase of community intelligence resulted in the recovery of 10 firearms and a substantial amount of ammunition over the year.

“Since 2009 when the spike in gun violence began, 28 cases have gone to trial resulting in 21 guilty verdicts and a conviction rate of 75%. That equates to 3 out of 4, and is clear evidence of the joined up efforts of law enforcement, prosecution and community support. Sentences have ranged from 5 to 38 years imprisonment. So far in 2012, 3 more convictions have been added and 9 cases are currently awaiting trial.

“4,450 arrests were made in 2011, which is a decrease from the previous year by -10.7%. Of those arrested, 22 persons were arrested for murder, 51 for firearms offences and 118 for residential burglaries. About half of all arrests continue to relate to court issued warrants.

“Police conducted 17,429 stop and searches in 2011, an increase of 82% compared to 2010. There is a direct correlation between increased enforcement levels and decreased crime levels as evidenced this year and last with these crime figures.

“Interestingly, there has also been a drop off in the use of stop and search powers that correlates with a reduction in gun crimes. But a spike in firearms incidents in the fourth quarter means we will not be taking our foot off the gas with the use of stop and search powers as an effective tool against gang suppression.

“Drug seizures in 2011 were once again significant, with a total of 351 Kg of controlled drugs being recovered during the year and an estimated street value of $52 million. Interdiction at the Ports of Entry by the Customs Department accounted for 87% of the value of seizures. The seizure of 180Kg of cocaine is also exceptional and represents increased maritime interdictions with Customs as well as overseas agencies.

“Bermuda recorded 9 fatal road traffic collisions in 2011. The number is still tragic but it represents the lowest recorded since 2004. There was an average of 38 traffic collisions per week in 2011, which is a significant reduction from 58 per week five years ago. The total number of collisions was 1,955 or -13.4% less than 2010.

“Once again calls for service have increased exponentially to 42,448 (116 per day), 2,000 more than in 2010, and the highest to date. This is still about 3 or 4 times more than other similar jurisdictions.”

The full report is below [PDF here], click ‘Fullscreen’ for greater clarity:

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  1. navin johnson says:

    better numbers however most will relate that this is spin related and coincides with the “wonderful” tourism numbers……I guess most people should just ask themselves do I feel safer in Bermuda now than I did before…..that’s the only crime statistic I worry about….pleased that convictions seem to be up…

    • Despite the lower crime stats, I am certain that the level of fear in Bermuda is at a record high because of some of the recent violent robberies and attacks.

    • MinorMatters says:

      the next rosy story is that Inflation and Unemployment are down…stay tuned coming to a theatre near you…I don’t believe a word of this cog-swallop

      • PEPPER says:

        I agree with you enough of the bullsh!t from the P.L.P. and else for the leader of Bermuda !!!she should just resign !!!!!! we all have had enough of her dickty words….just listen on friday with her buget speech…. we will need a dictionary at hand to understand the Bs she will spin…. stay tuned for the defenders on the talk show on friday …..

  2. Bermudian Overseas says:

    It’s always nice to hear good news like this! I just hope the PLP isn’t given credit for this..

  3. Just Wondering says:

    When looking at the graph for traffic collisions it is quite clear to see that the amount of traffic collisions has been decreasing over the years. So I would like to know why on earth do they continuously focus on the traffic laws when other more important crimes show an increase!

    • C..ing is B..Leaving says:

      Didn’t look at the graphs ; however there is a direct correlation between traffic laws and unearned revenues . Remember someone has to pay for the daily interest on government debt , it’s like a tax to use the public road .

    • Whad up says:

      Just a thought after reading your post: Maybe traffic collisions have been going down for years BECAUSE they have continuously focused on traffic laws!

      • Road sense says:

        @Whad up:

        You are absolutely correct – - that is the reason that traffic collisions have been going down for years – - we have taken time to really try and address the issue and have gotten some results – - let’s see what happens with the budget – - they may just cut it now cause “it’s gone down”

  4. hmph says:

    The majority of people who are violent are still on the streets, unstable people still walk around, and many cases go unsolved.
    The police have not rounded up a lot of people after all this violence, so we will be right back were we started from very soon.
    Thsese statements only come out so we do not have to address the problems and nobody has to do any real work, it’s very lazy when a society does this.
    House holds are full of people on hard drugs with families too afraid to turn them in,violence and crime is not down it is only being concealed and hidden.
    People would rather the police really deal with these situations then put out these statements. It’s dangerous.

  5. hmph says:

    Stop and searches are nice and all, but the police have to get into homes and see what is really going on before more violence erupts.

  6. tricks are for kids says:

    Please note that these statistics are based on REPORTED incidents omly!!!!! What about the incidents that go UNREPORTED?????? Don’t be fooled!!!!

  7. Ron De Corner says:

    Crime is down wow. This is good news. I suppose the Government debt is paid off too, and IB is up, tourism is up to record levels. Oh, and pigs are flying past my window. Life is good. Thank goodness for the PLP. I will feel so safe tonight. Won’t even bother locking my doors.

  8. kiskadee says:

    This report is a lot of rubbish. Every house in my daughters neighbourhood has been broken into ,some twice, and the culprits have not been caught. A friends son was attacked on his bike and so it goes on. The police need to get out on the streets.The courts need to put these thugs away if and when they are caught and not let them off because they are too young.