19-Year-Old In Critical Condition After Collision

June 17, 2013

[Updated] A man was critically injured in a collision on South Road in Devonshire that occurred at around 3.30pm this afternoon [June 17]. He was riding a motorcycle and collided with a truck, and was rushed to hospital via ambulance where he is listed in critical condition.

June 17 2013 bermuda

Emergency personnel attended the scene, and blocked off the road with police tape on both sides. As of this writing the road remains blocked off.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “A few minutes after 3.30pm, police responded in a report of a road traffic collision that took place on South Road in Devonshire the the area of Devonshire Bay.

June 17 2013 accident

“It appears a gentleman was traveling on a motorcycle when he collided with a truck in the area of Devon Heights Road,” continued Mr Caines.

“The man was taken to KEMH where he is listed in critical condition. Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have seen this collision to contact police on 295-0011.”

Update 4.41pm: The police said the motorcyclist is believed to be a 19 year old Pembroke man. The full police statement is below.

Around 3:30pm on Monday, June 17th police and first responders attended a reported serious collision on South Road in Devonshire near the junction with Devon Heights Road.

It appears that a male motorcyclist collided with a truck. The motorcyclist, believed to be a 19 year old Pembroke man, was apparently seriously injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment. At last check the victim was in critical condition.

Inquiries into this collision are ongoing and any witnesses are encouraged to contact the Roads Policing Unit on 295-0011.”

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  1. Chickle says:

    Hope he is okay

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Of course he is not OK! He just crashed into a TRUCK!!! That has to hurt.

  2. Time Shall Tell says:

    I hope the injuries aren’t life threatening & he makes a full recovery.

  3. Smh says:

    Pull through baby aunties praying for you…..I love you

  4. dreaming says:

    Pull throw godbrother um preying for u love u

  5. you"re kidding me... says:

    hope he makes a speedy recovery….love to see the day when these trucks will no longer be allowed on the roads on public holidays and Sundays…

    • feel the love says:

      you”re kidding me… I assume you are joking.
      Shocking this doesn’t happen more often with the way people overtake on bikes. Way too fast, reckless and just plain foolish.
      Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

    • Did he do it? says:

      So what would you be saying if he struck a truck on any other day of the year?

    • BendEm Like Beckam says:

      Commercial vechicles can not be on the roads on Sundays unless they have a permit and are being used for the work that the permit was issued for – not for casual use. They also can not be on a few (but not all public holidays) including Christmas, and Good Friday I believe. Not 100% sure though.

      Hope the young rider makes a speedy recovery.

  6. truth says:

    In my Prayers big cuzii <3 :(

  7. Rock Watcher says:

    @ you”re kidding me – they are not allowed unless they have a permit! Hope he did!

    @ Did he do it – your absolutely right!

    Don’t know who was at fault but in most cases speed and overtaking is the cause!
    Why do we bring in bikes that go faster on our small winding roads?
    Slow down people!

    • TWISTER says says:

      I guess some of you think these bikes go fast by themselves operator control use your head then some of these guys put kits on and they don’t sell in town

  8. Bermy says:

    Bikes in Bermuda are a bit like loaded guns. Guns don’t kill people….until someone pulls the trigger. Its down to the responsibility of the operator. As for the trucks on Sunday comment, not all business are 9 to 5, 5/6 Days a week.

  9. James Rego says:

    A youth on a similar cycle overtook a van near Botanical Gardens going east about an hour or so earlier forcing me to take evasive action. Sorry, for people like the one I encountered earlier, I have little sympathy.

  10. Whistling Frog says:

    Here we are in this day and age, people want laws passed for all kind of human rights and we’re talking about taking the rights away from people who own a truck to not drive on a sunday or public holiday…

  11. tricks are for kids.... says:

    I hope the rider makes a speedy recovery……

  12. praying says:

    Nephew I am praying that you come out of this with a speedy recovery. So, we can see your bright smile on your face again! You can pull through this, you have been through other struggles and you stayed strong.

  13. Oh no says:

    Praying for a full recovery for this young man.