Photos/Video: Sybil Barrington & Friends Perform

November 5, 2013

[Updated with photos] The “Art Walk in the East” held on Sunday [Nov 3] showcased a host of local entertainers, including Bermuda’s pre-eminent female impersonator Mark “Sybil Barrington” Anderson and his “girls”, who took the stage to wrap up the night of entertainment.

A large part of the crowd stayed in anticipation of the finale, and appeared to be pleased with the performance with some people singing along.

Sybil Barrington and Friends Bermuda, November 3 2013-2

Sybil and friends donned a variety of outfits for their performance ranging from black evening gowns with feather boas to a zebra striped fishtail gown, with all outfits accessorized with heels and jewelry.

Sybil Barrington and Friends Bermuda, November 3 2013-1

Sybil – who was named one of the 100 most influential entertainers from around the world – has performed overseas in the USA and UK, and also headlined a group of Bermudians at the London Gay Pride Parade in the UK.

Following the performance, Sybil removed his wig and spoke with the crowd, giving a “shout out” to the Mayor and organisers, and saying he agreed to perform as it’s “about supporting St George’s for the economy.”

The Arts Centre in Dockyard, in partnership with the Town of St. George’s, hosted the event, which included an art competition and a host of local entertainment including the Bermuda Highland Dancers & Bagpipers [video], performances by young singers Quinn Outerbridge and Victoria Paulo [video], the Carnival Revelers [photos/video] a fashion show and more. View all our coverage of the Art Walk here.

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  1. Headless Horseman says:

    I bet my last dollar the Anti Gay Brigade and Churches didnt like this!

    • Family Man says:

      Why not. Every time I see the pope he’s wearing a dress. He just can’t sing like Sybil.

  2. Kindley says:


  3. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!! says:

    Is this even NEWS ? And we wonder why Bermuda’s youth are sooooooooooooo confused! Sad but true! And we all know how much the truth hurts!

    • Bozey says:

      This called entertainment!! If a child was out watching this it falls on the parents!!

  4. Inspector Gadget says:

    Photo number 12 – WOW……

  5. Twisted! says:

    You have go to be kidding me. As long as a black man is efeminent emasculated and non-threatening to the white people they will be applauded. But let him get up and decry structural racism and talk about spending money constructively toward the destruction of white supremacy or fight for his rights to his children then he is the angry black man and he gets no air time.

    • markus says:

      I agree! Sybil is a machine created by the OBA to distract Bermudians about what REALLY matters! #FightThePower #BlackPanther #AreYouSerious?

  6. haha says:

    just threw up….