Five Videos: 2014 Dash at Dark Youth Races

March 8, 2014

On Friday evening [Mar 7] hundreds of young runners aged between 4-12 years old took to the National Sports Centre track for the popular Dash at Dark race series.

The Girls 4-5 winner was S’Nya Cumbermack, Boy’s 4 – 5 winner was Zaki Gibbons-Deshields, the Girls 6 – 7 winner was Amayah Burt, Boy’s 6 – 7 winner was Nayan Grant, Girls 8 – 9 winner was Jade Johnston, Boy’s 8 – 9 winner was Tommy Marshall, Girls 10 – 12 winner was Ashley Irby, while the Boy’s 10 – 12 champion was Jayden Ming.

You can view the full results here, photos here, and all our coverage of the Dash at Dark race here.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

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  1. Think says:

    It is so amazing how they all look kiddie now but in a few more years they will be running 5 and 6 min miles way faster then most adults.

    The rebar on the side needs to be caped or replaced by cones. It is an accident waiting to happen and them kids being so wobbly does not help ether

  2. Gangster says:

    Harlem Fox 1st place all day!!! #learnlife