St George’s Delegation Visit Williamsburg

March 8, 2014

300px-Backpalace_Williamsburg_Virginia_cropA delegation from Bermuda is visiting Williamsburg, Virginia this week to learn how to capitalize on the historical connections, the Virginia Gazette reports.

When the survivors of the Bermuda “Sea Venture” wreck arrived in Virginia in 1610, they found the English settlement of Jamestown reduced to what has been called “a worlde of miserie” — with famished colonists nearly starving to death.

The Virginia Gazette reports that, “Kenneth Bascome, a member of the Bermuda Parliament, explained it succinctly. “We saved you from starvation,” he said Thursday. “And we brought you tobacco.”

“In return, they’re seeking help in how to invigorate their tourism industry.

“Bermuda’s contribution to settling America came in 1609, with the timely arrival at Jamestown of colonists who spent nearly a year shipwrecked in Bermuda. Their impact was immediate.

“Among the new arrivals was Captain Christopher Newport, who ordered existing colonists attempting to abandon Jamestown to stay, and John Rolfe, who would introduce the cultivation of tobacco to Virginia.

“Bermudian officials toured Colonial Williamsburg, the two Jamestowns and Yorktown this week. The snow and ice made their visit a little more memorable than they might have liked,” noted the report.

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  1. Family Man says:

    Good thing government gave St. George’s that big $500,000 grant or they might not have been able to afford the trip.

    I wonder what the restaurants have on the menu in Williamsburg. Steak and lobster sounds nice.

  2. nuffin but the truth says:

    The Government gives it in one hand and then grabs it back in the other hand.
    Absolute waste of money going on this trip..frankly,it’s a pathetic excuse for a few days off de rock!

  3. HAHA says:

    That’s funny. I thought the same thing when I read that.. I thought it was 750k though

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Jamestown is an interesting place. Been there. In the information center there is a historical timeline of human habitation in the area. Of course, knowing the Bermuda connectio, I was very interested to see what was said about Bermuda & the resupply of the near starving Jamestown colony.

    Virtually NOTHING mentioning Bermuda was on the board. This was no small display. A large building is devoted to living in the era. The rest of the recreation & displays is very well done & takes more than a half day to see everything.

    Williamsburg is not far away but is not part of Jamestown. I don’t know what the Bermuda connection with Williamsburg is other than it, like St Georges, is a living historical town not a constructed daytime attraction or recreation.

    Is the trip worthwhile? Maybe. Americans love their history. The more St Georges history can be linked & promoted with US history, the better for St Georges.

  5. nuffin but the truth says:

    I bet beanie or someone else from the defunct plp will have some questions about this trip!

    How many people went,how many is a Delegation?
    Was it St.George’s Corporation Money from the Bermuda Government that was spent,
    come to think of it…the C. of St.G had no money so where else would it have come from if not the Bermuda Government…
    What was the Tobacco paid by,Bermuda Government Money?

    Just so everyone is quite clear..the money is OUR Money,Tax payer’s Money…so yes,people will want answers!

  6. Anyone,(with half a brain) would know in order to make money you’ll have to spend money. Not always is it tossed into the winds like some others were known to have done.