Poll Results: Voters Split On Cannabis Reform

May 29, 2014

According to a recent poll by Profiles of Bermuda, one-third of voters [33.8%] felt that people using small amounts of marijuana should not face legal punishment [or decriminalisation], while a similar amount [33.1%] felt that marijuana should be legalised as long as government regulated it.

Just over one-quarter of voters [27.4%], however, felt that the current laws should remain as they are. Nearly 1 in 20 voters [3.9%] felt that marijuana should be legalised with no government regulation, while 1 in 50 [1.9%] were not sure.

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Differences by Age

By age, younger voters, those between the ages of 18 and 34, were more likely to favour legalisation with government regulation [46.2%], while those aged between 35 and 54 were more inclined to favour decriminalisation [37.8%]. Older voters [55 and over] were more likely to feel that current marijuana laws should remain the same [36.9%].

Differences by Race

More than half [52.1%] of those who classified themselves as “Other” [other than black or white] preferred legalisation with government regulation. More than 4 in 10 white voters [40.1%] also favoured legalisation with government regulation. In addition, one-third of white voters [33%] favoured decriminalisation.

Just over one-third of black voters [35.3%] favoured decriminalisation, while more than 3 in 10 of them [31.5%] felt that the current laws should remain as they are.

Survey Notes

In explaining the poll, Profiles of Bermuda said, “There were no statistically significant differences by income and gender. The survey was conducted among 375 voters between March 20, 2014 and May 18, 2014 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 5%.

“Some 69% of respondents were obtained by landlines, 24% by cell phones and 7% via the Internet. Data for all demographics were weighted to reflect the 2010 Census. Totals in the chart exceed 100% due to rounding.”

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  1. It is most important to realise that control would mean that other additives would not find itsway into the product….no harmull additives…..no addictive additives…..no addictive additives=no addicts….no addicts…less crime…less housebreaking…less stealing,less purse snatching…..less everything….time to take control!At least then you would “have”, control…….and money…..tourists….tourism….money…..hotels….money……money is good……you know how I know this?Money is good cause Jesus toe me so….erry week they pass the plate….wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put more innit…

  2. Mike says:

    I believe that legalization with government regulation is the way to go. There is no reason why people should be able to drink but not have a smoke. The rest of the world is moving in this direction and I believe we should be a country where others follow our good footsteps and not a place always behind following others Time for Change is NOW!

    • Just saying says:

      That’s like saying if the rest of the world suddenly starting legalizing harsher drugs or whatever else then we should follow in their footsteps. No. Bermuda is too small to be following the rest of the world. We need to take it slow and discrimanating it is the best way to go about it. If all is well and good then maybe we can take the next step in legalizing it.

      • Mike says:

        You obviously didn’t read what I wrote I was saying we need to be the ones the rest of the world follows and not be the followers ourselves. We are too use to talking about something till we are blue in the face but never actual do or change anything!

      • Mike says:

        Also not sure where all the talk about harder drugs came from, but using the words harder drugs implicates that marijauna is a drug it is an all natural plant that has been used for thousands of years. If we legalize it imagine all the other ways it can be used medicine, ropes, clothes, oils, etc.. There are so many uses for the plant beside smoking it to overlook all of that just seems stupid to me. But hey thats my opinion no one needs to share it with me.

        • Young Bermudian says:

          Water is natural, so is cyanide and they both kill. The natural argument doesn’t work.

          • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

            Yo Young Bermudian…i’m with you 100%…The Natural argument doesn’t work because the powers that be are not Naturalists, so the conversation is of no interest to them..Medicinal is of NO INTEREST to them either…Some of us know what their interests are…some of us are just pathetically chasing waterfalls.

          • sage says:

            Neither is illegal fool.

      • GTA says:

        No it is not like saying that, it is saying marijuana, not harsher drugs.

        However it is already perfectly legal to be prescribed opiates, methamphetamines, and a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs far more addictive and dangerous than natural marijuana. Unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies can not profit off of something anyone can grow in their backyard like any other weed!

        Hypocrisy is what should be illegal here! But just like slavery, segregation, and gender discrimination, the minority will fight as long as they can to keep the laws unchanged and will only add to the government bureaucracy required to make such a decision, of course only depending on whether it will get them re-elected or not! That’s democracy for you, the hypocrites evil cousin!

      • Colorado Rocky says:

        you sound silly especially when its WORKING in other countries!!! Oh by the way,go research how many countries that have already legalized, decriminalized etc. You will be surprised how far behind the rest of the world we are!! So yeah continue talking and arguing about something that has been tried,tested and working well. I don’t know why we continue to debate about marijuana because IT WILL BE LEGAL IN MOST COUNTRIES WITHIN THE NEXT 5 YEARS SO GET OVER IT. Whether we want to cash in while the “Hype” is there, then we need to legalize it and cash in. Simple!!! Who the heck wants to vacation in Colorado IF you can go to BERMUDA and vacation and be able to have a smoke legally??People are only traveling to Colorado because its legal there and they know it and are cashing in on it.

    • enough says:

      and look at the mess those oher countries are in.

      • Colorado Rocky says:

        what mess are those other countries in by legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana??? Stop making up stuff!!!! Where are your facts to back up your claim.I HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH!HAVE you???SWEDEN? RUSSIA? JAPAN? SWITZERLAND??? Please don’t mention Holland!! I bet you like your glass of liquid poison every day and see nothing wrong. Alcohol has ruined many lives in EVERY COUNTRY WORLDWIDE!!!!! ITS A FACT!!! I have not come across any country where they are saying MARIJUANA IS THE MAIN CAUSE OF FAMILY BREAKUPS,TRAFIC FATALITIES etc!!

      • sage says:

        And we’re in fine form here.

    • YADON says:

      The bottom line is anyone who feels they have some sort of divine right to tell another human being what they can and cannot do with their own body in the privacy of their own home, as long they are not hurting anyone else, can go and F&*# themselves.


  3. Proud2bBermudian says:

    You see how it’s becoming a disaster in Colorado? That myth of no more crime and what not is just that. A myth. Bermuda please think beyond your daily choice of getting high and think long term, big picture. Health, youth, more resources, more addicts. Regulating it won’t help. We can’t even regulate alcohol correctly. Wake up Bermuda. Oh and all you drug slingers go get ur education cause once legalization comes along your job will be obsolete.

    • Colorado Rocky says:

      What are you talking about??? I just came from Colorado and your facts are crap. By legalizing Marijuana,you will not have any more people experimenting that hasn’t already!! Alcohol is legal! I don’t see people running out to try it because its legal.Its either you like to indulge or you don’t! Simple,I don’t drink the poison.Thats my choice! The same applies to marijuana!

    • YADON says:

      Disaster in Colorado? By disaster do you mean lower crime rates, less fatal motor accidents, and increased revenue? well if that’s a disaster, sign us up please! The only people it’s become a disaster for is the for profit prison system, Big Pharma and the DEA goon squads who will actually have to catch criminals now as there is no justification for their numbers without harmless cannabis busts.

      • Betty Dump says:

        Its funny you say that. From the CRC report, it was revealed that a whopping 70% of police work last year was busting cannabis users. If weed were to become legal, our cops would actually have to work for their pay checks. They will no longer be able to inflate their numbers through cannabis busts.

  4. Terry says:

    Smoke a rope………..
    Tie up yah bote ann relax vile yoo bek splice…….

  5. Consider This* says:

    Alchohol is the worst drug and in fact the gateway drug to the harsher, addictive ones, yet it is legal. For the life of me I will never understand why on God’s green earth, HIS creation can be deemed illegal. Its ludacris. Marijuana has several health benefits and if anyone can show/prove any cases of violence or any other anti-social behaviour while under the influence of marijuana, i’m very curious to see this evidence. Let’s face it, this God given plant is the healing of the nation.

    Is it fair to suggest, that perhaps serious discussions should be had on making alchohol an illegal drug for the betterment of society on a whole? Of course not, this would mean less profits for the rich!

    The whole discussion is so exhausting, the point is that people will do what the heck they want to anyway and they should not be punished if their preference is green tea as opposed to alchohol.

  6. Loud says:

    I really don’t know what’s taking the government so long to make a decision on this. If you look at places that have weed dicirimalized and regulated things have only gotten better for everybody involved.
    1. The government makes money from taxing the sale of it in coffee shops/ medical dispenseries.
    2. The government can sell permits to growers thus also creating a new workforce in the island.
    3. The weed would be much safer to smoke cause it has to pass its own test before reaching the market.
    4. It will eliminate weed being sold on the streets and in neighborhoods.
    5. It will increase the number of tourist that travel to the island.

    It’s really not that hard to see the positives in changing the laws to relax things a bit. If anybody thinks that it’s a bad thing I challenge you to find the facts!

  7. Colorado Rocky says:

    Just came back from Colorado! Unbelievable!!! $20 a gram,20% tax ! While we are discussing reforms,they are laughing all the way to the bank.Government is raking in so much money they are not sure were to spend it.No zombies walking around Colorado high on marijuana, just the ones high on other stuff!!! People frequenting the dispensaries are from all nationalities,races ages,you name it!We need to cash in Before all the other countries do, then Bermuda will be just another plce were you can vacation and have a joint.It will be legal in most countries within the next 5years whether you like it or not! LEGALIZE IT,CASH IN,before it becomes the “Norm” like alcohol!!

  8. mb says:

    Just Saying. Crime has decreased by 50% in Colorado in a year since the legalisation of marijuana.

  9. swing voter says:

    OBA will set aside their individual prejudices push this thru to get the weedo vote….no more travel restrictions simple procession …..nuffin wrong wif dat ;-) another example of just getting things done. Hey Sherrie J, play that Marley tune ‘excuse me while I lite my spliff’ as a tribute to the OBA getting things done!

  10. haha says:


  11. March Hare says:

    I support the use of cannabis only as a prescription drug under the supervision of a Medical Doctor.

    To say that it is an all natural plant therefore it’s fine is a flawed argument – Papaver somniferum (the opium poppy) is also a natural plant and that is the source of heroin.

    Prolonged (or even casual) cannabis use can produce morphological brain alterations. There are studies which prove this… just type ‘marijuana brain altering’ into your search engine…The government is duty bound to guard against this.

    Yes, tobacco is harmful, yes, alcohol is harmful. But they are already legal for adults. The pro-cannabis lobby is advocating changing the law, and there has to be a reason for a change in the law. It seems to me that the arguments are overwhelming in keeping the law on cannabis as it is.

    • YADON says:

      You are incorrect with all points brought forth in your argument. In fact the opposite is true of what you said. I think it’s time you start googling things.

  12. empero says:

    ok…now what we gonna do..

  13. spilt milk says:

    Hard drugs are already legal… just look at something as simple as robatussin its derive from opium but because its in a fancy bottle its ok… so if i take some herion ‘derived from opium’ added some water n sugar in a cup n gave it to my children for a cough i would be arested and everyone would be calling for my head.. but its the same thing..My point is this. Investigate things and stop being ignorant… i mean uninformed and unaware.

  14. Ben Jammin says:

    If the government really wants some reform done on cannabis then they should just do it. The people obviously want some form of reform whether it’s decriminalize or legalize. If the government is too standoffish to take the full leap then just stop beating around the bush and decriminalize. Colorado statistics showed that favor of legalization increased after legalization happened. So if cannabis is at least decriminalized and people begin to clear their minds of decades of biased propaganda, the same results should be seen on the island. Just get to it already!

  15. Scotty says:

    Those that smoke it want it legalized, and yes what will be next for legalization? Incidentally, tobacco is a natural product too, but it is still not good for you. Are you telling me we are dependant on marijuana for medicines, ropes and clothes? You can call this what you like, you can profess all the claims about its properties you like but it is still a drug. You think we would have learned from our errors of judgement in legalizing tobacco and alcohol! Children should not grow up watching individuals smoke legalized weed. It is wrong.

    • Mr. JIF says:

      Your definition of wrong is purely subjective.

      The fact is the majority, 67%, 2 out of 3 people, say it is wrong for the current laws to remain the same.

      • Scotty says:

        And your definition of right is not purely subjective????? I. Statistics, statistics and damn statistics can say anything you want them to say. I guess you want your weed and travel too. If all the claims that are being made regarding the medicinal benefits are true then why have the pharmaceutical companies not lobbied for legalization. Government needs to deal with more pressing issues than this because if they don’t we will all find ourselves in a haze!

        • YADON says:

          Wow Scotty you can’t be that dumb, can you? You can’t patent a natural plant therefor big pharma can’t make money off it therefor no lobbying. In fact they lobby against it for the same reason.

        • haha says:

          Why would the pharmaceutical companies lobby for legalization, when it stands that if and when it will happen they will lose billions of dollars, etc. Why prescribe something that actually helps when in reality they can sell you a couple pills that will cure what you have but give you two more things, or make something worse. They get their money and are happy, regardless of whether you live or die. It’s a MONEY game! Straight up.

    • Ben Jammin says:

      We are by all means dependant on medicine rope and clothes. Not only for the material to keep us alive in this world but also because the sale of these things benefits the economy. By what exact means are you saying that cannabis should remain illegal because it is a drug? Cannabis has only been illegal in Bermuda for about 40 years. And all of the gang violence and bad things associated with cannabis has happened in the last 40 years. You say it was a mistake to legalize alcohol? The crime and disparity in the states only increased after it was made illegal. Yes alcohol kills thousands of people per year. Which is a huge reason why it would be made illegal in the first place. But cannabis doesn’t. The only people dying from it are as a result of the illegal operations associated with the underground market.
      I understand that you and many other people on the island are worried about how this will effect us. But I simply ask you: why are you so worried? Because all I keep hearing is that you are worried without giving me any other real reason other than your personal belief that it is “wrong”.

    • James Rego says:

      Scotty I will try to speak for most on here by saying, we want to be able to make our own choices, just like you!

  16. Young Bermudian says:

    MJ reform will not be quick because BDA lacks the infrastructure to enforce and manage it, we would jeopardize our relationship with the federal USA and have more folks smoking than using it alternatively. Hundreds of thousands will have to be front invested to even give it a chance to work. Who cares that unemployment is 7% and is 3 times greater than that in young adults. Who cares that we have an educational system that is not stable consequently the middle class and rich predominately subscribe to private education. Who cares that healthcare costs are an arm, leg and torso and my pension will be wiped out by the time I’m 65. Who cares??? Cause that’s not what is being discussed in Parliament by our lawmakers!!

  17. N / A says:

    I believe Mike above hit the nail right on the head, so I don’t need to elaborate any further. However, how long are we just going to talk?? We in Bermuda seem to be experts in talking and debating, but are absolute rubbish when it come to putting that talk into action. Any kind of thinking that is bold and innovative, seems to seriously intimidate our MP’s and lawmakers, which is why we continue to stagnate as a country…

  18. YADON says:

    Top Ten Cannabis Studies of 2013

    December 23, 2013
    2013 has been an incredible year for cannabis-related science, with dozens of peer-reviewed studies being released examining the benefits of cannabis ranging from weight-losscannabud, to cancer-killing capabilities. Here we breakdown the ten most important (and groundbreaking) studies released this year.
    1. THC May Treat Inflammatory Diseases and Cancer By Altering Genes
    A government funded study published by the Journal of Biological Chemistry found that THC may actually alter certain genes in our body, which can result in a positive effect on a number of conditions, especially cancers and inflammatory diseases. This is the first study of its kind to find such a direct link between cannabinoids, and the alteration of genes.
    2. Cannabis Combats Brain Degeneration and Increases Stamina
    A study conducted at the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany found that cannabis triggers the release of antioxidants, which acts as a cleansing mechanism, resulting in the removal of damaged cells and improving the efficiency of mitochondria, the energy source that powers cells, potentially increasing stamina.
    “These discoveries shed new insight on how natural marijuana cannabinoids hold the capacity to literally kill the brain inflammation responsible for causing cognitive decline, neural failure, and brain degeneration”, says Gery Wenk, a professor of neuroscience, immunology and medical genetics at Ohio State University.
    3. Cannabis Can Stop Seizures
    A study published by the British Journal of Pharmacology found that cannabis can stop seizures due to its “significant anticonvulsant effects”.
    4. THC Provides Protection from Heart Attacks
    Research published this year in the journal Biochemical Pharmacology found that even minuscule amounts of THC can provide protection from heart attacks, as well as reduce the potential cardiovascular damage associated with suffering one.
    For the study researchers administered extremely small amounts of THC; 0.002 mg/kg, which is up to 10,000 times less potent than the average joint. Despite how small the dose was, researchers found it to be effective at protecting against heart attacks when administered 2 to 48 hours before an attack, and found it to help relieve the symptoms when administered afterward.
    “[THC] is a safe and effective treatment that reduces myocardial ischemic (heart attack) damage”, states the study. It concludes: ”[O]ur study provides novel evidence for the beneficial use of extremely low doses of THC, doses that do not elicit any psychoactive side effects, in order to protect the heart from ischemic insults. THC can be used as a pre-conditioning drug in cases in which ischemic insult to the heart is anticipated, such as during cardiac surgery or percutaneous coronary intervention.”
    5. Cannabinoids Found to Reduce 90% of Skin Cancer in Just 20 Weeks
    Researchers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Public Health had a study published this year in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, which found that cannabinoids can reduce up to 90% of skin cancer in just a 20 week period in animal models.
    Related Studies:
    Cannabinoids Destroy Cancer Cells, Prevents Them From Growing
    Cannabis Kills Brain Cancer Cells
    Cannabinoids Can Kill Gastric Cancers Cells
    THC Kills Stomach Cancer Cells
    6. THC May Be Helpful in Combating HIV
    A study published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology found researchers infecting white blood cells with the HIV virus, before then exposing the cells to synthesized THC. After doing so, the cells saw a drastic decrease in the rate of HIV-1 infection.
    7. Cannabinoids May Be Best Medication For Those With PTSD
    A study conducted by researchers at the New York University School of Medicine, and funded by the National Institute of Health, found that those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) had a lower number of active cannabinoid receptors in the brain. According to researchers, this study paves the way towards using cannabis as an effective medication for the condition, given that cannabinoids activate the body’s cannabinoid receptors.
    8. Cannabis Can Treat Osteoarthritis
    A study published in the journal PLOS One, as well as by the National Institute of Health, found strong evidence that activation of our body’s cannabinoid receptors – something done naturally by cannabis – can treat osteoarthritis (OA), which, according to the study’s researchers, is “a prevalent disease accompanied by chronic, debilitating pain”. It’s the most common joint disorder.
    9. Cannabis May Prevent Organ Transplants From Being Rejected
    An importand study published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology found that cannabis may actually prevent organs from being rejected during transplant, which often leads to death. The irony in this is that in most countries, people are refused organ transplants if their blood tests positive for cannabis, even if they’re a qualified medical cannabis patient in an area where its legal.
    10. Cannabis May Grow Stem Cells, Repair the Brain After Injury
    A study published in the December issue of the journal Biochemical Society Transactions, and published online early by the National Institute of Health, found that the brain’s endocannabinoid system – which is activated through cannabis use – has neuroprotective and immunomodulatory capabilities, and may actually lead to the growth of stem cells.

  19. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Poisonous Plant List…maybe my eyes deceive me…can you point out Cannabis in this list please..?

    Common name Botanical name Toxicity Toxic Parts Toxin
    Acorns (see Red Oak) Quercus High all gallotoxins
    Amaryllis Hippeastrum vittata Med. all lycorine
    Andromeda A. floribunda & polyfolia

    all andromedotoxin
    Apricot Prunus armeniaca High wilted leaves cyanide
    Arrow Grass (Marsh Grass,
    Pod Grass, Goose Grass) Triglochin maritima High all cyanide
    Avocado Persea spp Low leaves
    Azalea Rhododendron indicum

    all glycosides
    Baneberry Actea rubra Med. all ranunculin glycoside
    Beet Beta spp . leaves .
    Bindweed (Wild Morning Glory) Convolvulus arvensis Low all estropane alkaloids
    Bitterweed (Sneezeweed) Helenium
    Hymenoxys richarsonii Med. all glycosides
    sesquiterpene lactones
    Black Henbane Hyscyamus niger High all tropane alkaloids
    Black Locust Robinia pseudoacadia
    R. neomexicana High bark, seeds,
    new growth glycoprotein
    Black Walnut Juglans nigra Med. all unknown
    Bleeding Heart Dicentra exemia Med. all various alkaloids
    Bluebonnet Lupinus subcarnosus . seed .
    Bouncing Bet (Soapweed) Saponaria officinalis Low all saponins
    Bracken Fern Pteridium aquilinum Med. all thiaminase
    Buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum . all, except ripe seeds fagopyrin
    Buffalobur – see Kansas Thistle Solanum rostratum High all solanine
    Burdock Arctium spp. . trauma from spiny burs no toxin present
    Burning bush Euonymus spp. Low all possible glycoside
    Buttercup Ranunculus spp. Low all ranunculin, glycoside
    Caladium (Angel’s Wings) Caladium spp Med. all oxalates
    Calla Lily Zantedeschia spp High all oxalates
    Castor Bean Ricinus communis

    seeds ricin
    Cherry (all varieties) Prunus cerasus

    wilted leaves cyanide
    Chokecherry Prunus virginiana

    wilted leaves cyanide
    Christmas Rose Helleborus niger Low all protoanemonin
    Clematis Clematis spp. Low all ranunculin, anemonin
    Clover, Alsike (red) Trifolium spp . . .
    Cocklebur Xanthium spp. . burs
    2-leaf plantlets
    trauma from spiny burs carboxyactractyloside
    Cotton Seed Gossypium spp. Low seed gossypol
    Cow Cockle Saponaria spp. all, especially seeds saponins
    Cowslips Caltha palustris
    Crocus Colchium spp High all alkaloid colchicine
    Crotolaria Crotolaria spectabalis High all pyrrolizidine alkaloids
    Dock (Sorrel) Rumex crispus Low all oxalates
    Daffodil Narcissus spp Med. all .
    Daphne Daphne mezerium High all diterpenoid (mezerein)
    Death Camas (Death Onion) Zigadenus spp. High all steroidal alkaloids
    Delphinium (Larkspur) Delphinium spp. High all alkaloids
    Desert Baileya Baileya multiradiata all hymenoxon
    Dieffenbachia (Dumbcane) Dieffenbachia spp Med. all oxalates
    Dogbane (Indian Hemp) Apocynum cannabinum

    all cardiac glycosides
    Dog Fennel (Mayweed) Anthemis cotula
    Dutchman’s Breeches Dicentra cucullaria Med. all numerous alkaloids
    Elder (Elderberry, Danewort) Sambucus High foliage cyanide
    Elephant Ear Colocasia Med. all oxalate
    English Ivy Hedera helix Med. all saponic glycoside
    Ergot fungus (infected grain) Claviceps spp Med. all ergotamine
    False Hellebore Veratrum woodii Med. all various alkaloids
    Fescue Festuca arundinacea High all endophyte fungus
    Flax Linum spp. High all
    linseed oil & linseed cake cyanide
    Foxglove Digitalis purpurea High all digitalis
    Foxtail Barley Hordeum jubatum . awns (mechanical irritant)
    Hemlock Conium maculatum High all conicine
    Giant Hogweed, (Cow Parsnip) Heracleum mantegazzianum Low all .
    Holly Ilex Low berries illicin and others
    Horse Chestnut, (Buckeye) Aesculus spp. High all glycosides
    narcotic alkaloids
    Horsetail Equisetum spp High all thiaminase
    Horseradish Armoracea rusticana Low root glucosinolates
    Hyacinth Hyacinthus spp Med. all
    Hydrangea Hydrangea spp Med. all cyanogenic glycoside
    Iris Iris spp Med. all
    Jack-in-the pulpit Arisaema triphyllum Low all
    Jerusalem Cherry Physalis spp High all various alkaloids
    Jimson Weed (Thornapple) Datura stramonium High all various alkaloids
    Johnsongrass Sorghum halapense High all cyanide
    Jonquil Narcissus spp Med. all .
    Kansas Thistle, Buffalo Burr Solanum rostratum High all
    trauma from spiny burs solanine
    Laburnum (Golden Chain Tree) Laburnum anagyroides High all cytisine alkaloid
    Lambsquarter (Wormseed) Chenopodium spp High oil from seeds nitrates
    Lantana Lantana camara High all triterpene acids
    Larkspur Delphinium tricorne Med. all various alkaloids
    English Laurel Prunus laurocerasus

    wilted leaves, stems, seed cyanogenic glycoside, amygalin
    Lily-of-the-valley Convallaria majalis Med. all .
    Lobelia Lobelia spp High all pyridine alkaloids
    Locoweed Oxytropis spp . all swainsonine
    Lupine Lupinus spp

    all alkaloids
    Maple (red) Acer rubrum High leaves unknown
    Milkweed Asclepius spp Med. all cardiac glycosides, galitoxin
    Mistletoe Phoradendron flavescens Med. berries several toxins
    Mock Orange Philadelphus spp . . .
    Mole Plant (Caper Spurge) Euphorbia lathyris Low all diterpene esters
    Monkshood Aconitum spp High all aconitine
    Motherwort . . . .
    Mountain Laurel Kalmia spplatifolia, K.augustifolia

    all andromedotoxin
    Narcissus Narcissus spp Med. all
    Nettle Urtica dioica, Laportea canadensis Low all various
    Nightshade Solanum spp High all tropane alkaloids
    Oats Avena sativa Med. grain nitrates, molds
    Oleander Nerium oleander High all (incl. smoke) oleandrin, nerioside
    Peach Prunus persica High wilted leaves cyanide
    Pennycress Thlaspi Med. all isoallyl thiocyanates
    Peppergrass Lepidium Med. all isoallyl thiocyanates
    Philodendron Philodendron spp Low all oxalates
    Pigweed Amaranthus retroflexus High all nephrotoxin, oxalates
    Plum Prunus spp High wilted leaves cyanide
    Poinsettia – NOT poisonous Euphorbia pulcherrima Reported toxicity is unfounded
    Poison Ivy Rhus radicans Low all 3-n-pentadecylcatechol
    Poison Oak Toxicodendron pubescens High sap – skin irritant urushiol
    Pokeweed Phytolacca americana Low all saponins
    Poppy Papaver somniferum High all alkaloids
    Potato Solanum tuberosum High foliage solanine, other alkaloids
    Privet Ligustrum spp High berries glycosides
    Ragwort Senecio High all pyrrolizidine alkaloids
    Red Oak (also: Gambel’s oak,
    shinnery oak & post oak) Quercus rubra (and others) High leaves, shoots
    and acorns gallotoxins
    Rhododendron Rhododendron spp High all glycosides
    Rhubarb Rheum rhaponticum High leaves oxalates
    Rosary Pea Abrus precatorius High seed abrin, abric acid
    Rye Grass Lolium spp High rapidly growing
    Sago Palm Cycas revoluta Low all glycosides, amino acid BMAA
    Scotch Broom Cytissus scoparius High all quinolizidine alkaloids
    Skimmia Skimmia japonica red fruits unknown
    Skunk Cabbage Symplocarpus foetida Low all oxalates
    Smartweed Polygonum spp . . nitrates
    Sneezeweed (see Bitterweed) Helenium spp Low all sesquiterpene lactone
    Snow-on-the-mountain Euphorbia marginata High all cocarcinogenic diterpenoids
    Spurge (many varieties) Euphorbia spp. Low all diterpene esters
    St. John’s Wort Hypericum perforatum Med. all hypericin
    Sudan Grass ????? Sorghum vulgare or sudanensis ?? . . nitrates
    Sweet Pea Lathyrus spp Low seeds amine, phenol & glycoside
    Thistle (Canada, Russian) Cirsium arvense, Rumex spp Low all nitrates
    Toadstools . . all .
    Tobacco Nicotiana spp Med. all nictotine (alkaloid)
    Tomato Lycopersicon esculentum Med. foliage glycoalkaloids
    Vetch (some varieties) Vicia spp . seed cyanide
    Water Hemlock (Cowbane) Cicuta spp High all cicutoxin
    White Snakeroot Eupatorium rugosum High all tremetol
    Wild Carrot Daucus carota Low leaves falcarinol
    Wild Cherry Prunus serotina High wilted leaves, twigs, seed cyanide
    Wild Mustard Brassica Med. all isoallyl thiocyanates
    Wisteria Wisteria spp High seeds and pods unknown
    Yellow Jessamine Gelsemium spp High all alkaloids
    Yew Taxus spp High all taxine

  20. Future says:

    I would be 100% in favour of legalization as long as users are registered and agree to pay for all their own medical costs – no socialized health insurance, no socialized hospital treatment and vehicle and workplace accidents proven to be related are punishable by death. Better yet, put them on their own little island…they can “feel alright” as often as they want and be a burden only to themselves.

    The survey would be more objective if it included an option to *increase* the current penalties. Surveyed people should have had this option. With the amount of damage this drug is doing to children and adults, the increase health costs to all working health care paying citizens, the untold brain damage and handicapped contributions users make to themselves, their families and society, Bermuda should consider going further to discourage this kind of behavior.

    To the detriment of those who don’t actually want to inhale this crap, we already have herb heads brazen enough light up in public parks and streets. Even with the existing laws!

    Show me an herb head who makes $100,000 a year through a legitimate job and I’ll show you someone who should legitimately be making $500,000 per year.

    We are already circling the drain but if this goes decriminalized/legal, mark my words: Bermuda is finished!


    CANNABIS cures cancer and treats over 300 diseases, Medical industry bows to cannabis right now, you people are like cavemen living in the dark, grow up and open your ignorant eyes you blind bats.

  22. peace says:

    legalize marijuana or keep fighting the war. all forms of selective prosecution have to end. peace is freedom not control, control, control

  23. leo says:

    Number one:
    Name one person that has died from smoking weed.. Ill give you years to come up with a name.

    Now LIST the number of people who have died from Alcohol.. The list would Increase everyday!

    My point is BUD is WISER! You bermudians can’t be that dumb to see that weed isn’t harmful like you may think it is. Its clear facts that alcohol is the devil! But yet its legil.

    Two: Cigarettes are legil but yet on the front of a cigg box they clearly tell you ciggs KILL! Like wtf? I’m not understanding why you people are so stupid!

    Three: you don’t want drug dealers out here making a living off of selling drugs. So how about YOU OPEN A COFFEE SHOP & SELL WEED! Look at amsterdam. But the government would make a KILLING!!! Are you that dumb people??! Like its all already going on in some parts of the world I don’t see how you people haven’t caught on to it yet.

    I’m not even gonna continue.. Cuz ill be here for days listing stuff. CATCH UP/ WAKE UP BERMUDA!