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February 28, 2015

[Written by Shavonne Jeffries, Bermuda CableVision]

“All Star Academy” – Premieres Sunday, March 1, at 10pm on Food Network

In this upcoming series from Food Network, four top chefs will mentor teams of America’s top home cooks for a fierce competition that puts their reputations on the line, and will see one talented home cook take home a $50,000 prize.

The culinary mentors’ credentials: three are Iron Chefs and one is a Level 4 World-Class Kitchen Inferno Gladiator. Alex Guarnaschelli, Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Curtis Stone go head-to-head for the first time as mentors, coaching their teams through some very difficult kitchen challenges that span eight episodes of the show. See who gets the best guidance ¬– and applies it – to take home the prize.

“Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery ” – New 6-part series debuts Sunday, March 1, at 10pm on CNN

Premiering in the same time slot as the above show, this CNN special series undertakes an in-depth historial examination of six objects which may reveal new trutths about the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Some say there has been little physical evidence of his time here on earth, but that is being challenged with this new series, which exposes the latest scientific and archaeological research presented by a panel of high-level contributors who will lend their expertise to an investigation of the featured objects. The series will culminate on Easter Sunday.

Official “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery” trailer:

“My City’s Just Not That Into Me” – New Series – Premieres Wednesday, March 4, at 11pm on FYI

It is not uncommon today for home buyers to find themselves priced right out of the real estate market in the town in which they live. This new FYI series feels their pain, and examines the issues faced by home seekers who love their current city but can’t afford to buy there. Hosted by Los Angeles-based real estate expert Courtney Poulos, the series helps a different family each week work through the challenges they face and decide if maybe a move to a whole new city might just offer an improvement in lifestyle. See what choices they make when faced with real research on potential options for relocation. The series uses the “My City Personality Test,” created from data collected over thirteen years by Cambridge University, to match buyers with a new location that matches their lifestyle.

“Dig” – Series Premiere – Thursday, March 5 at 11pm on USA

This new series was scheduled to launch in the fall of last year, but was delayed due to war in Israel, which forced a location switch. From “Homeland” executive producer Gideon Raff and “Heroes” creator Tim Kring, this muder mystery, set in Jerusalem, follows a Da Vinci Code-style conspiracy track. Jason Isaacs plays the lead role of an FBI agent stationed in Israel who uncovers a conspiracy while investigating the murder of an archeologist. Anne Heche plays his boss and occasional love interest. Not just any conspiracy, this one stretches back thousands of years. The show must have something going for it, because it has already been extended from the original six episodes to ten.

Official “Dig” trailer:

“The Returned”– Series Premiere – Monday, March 9, at 11pm on A&E

This is the American adaptation of the French drama “Les Revenants,” which also depicts a small town where the dead reappear and create turmoil of all kinds. The returned include Simon [Mat Vairo], a musician who has been deceased for ten years, and twin sisters [Sophie Lowe and India Ennenga] who perished in a bus accident four years prior. The town sheriff [played by Kevin Alejandro], and a psychologist [Jeremy Sisto], work with the living, to help them cope with the complex challenges impacting their lives and the new twists in relationships that unfold along with the strange happenings.

Official “The Returned” trailer:

There’s even a “DIg” decoder app available on the network’s Facebook page.

“The Royals” – Series Premiere – Sunday March 15, at 11pm on E!

This is E!’s first scripted drama series, and it is already getting a lot of buzz, having been renewed for a second season two months before it even launches. The show, filmed in the UK, depicts a fictitious monarchy facing all the same kinds iof trials and tribulations that any family might face, royal or not. The series stars Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena, and Vincent Regan as King Simon, her husband. William Moseley plays their son Liam, while Alexandra Park plays his twin sister Eleanor. It has been reported that Joan Collins will guest star as the Grand Duchess of Oxford, Helena’s mother. Collins says fans of “Dynasty” and “Gossip Girl” will definitely enjoy the show.

Official “The Royals” trailer:

“Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies” – Special documentary mini-series – Premieres Monday March 30, at 10pm on PBS

This is the latest production from acclaimed documentary filmmaket Ken Burns. Never one to tackle a subject on anything other than an epic scale, Burns here takes us through a “biography” of cancer – from its first documented appearances thousands of years ago through the massive “War on Cancer” of the 20th century. The series breaks down some of the fear and misconceptions that the disease has always provoked, and tells the very human story of the discoveries, creativity and tenacity that have also been a part of its evolution. PBS, in a news release, says the series “examines cancer with a cellular biologist’s precision, a historian’s perspective and a biographer’s passion. The series artfully weaves three different films in one: a riveting historical documentary; an engrossing and intimate vérité film; and a scientific and investigative report.”

Official “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies” trailer:

Happy viewing to all and Happy Spring. See you here again next month.

- Shavonne Jeffries

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