Premier: “Completely Unfounded Accusations”

July 9, 2015

[Updated with Mr MacLean's response]

Michael MacLean’s affidavit contains “outrageous and completely unfounded accusations by a desperate man,” Premier Michael Dunkley said.

Mr MacLean’s affidavit was filed in the Supreme Court and is dated July 2, 2015, with the 16-page document containing a number of allegations over the discussions pertaining to the waterfront development.

The affidavit alleges that Mr MacLean was asked to bribe certain high ranking OBA political figures millions of dollars in exchange for their support.

He alleges that one political figure wanted the money sent to an account in another island, while another planned to buy a business in the United States.

An OBA spokesperson said, “The One Bermuda Alliance has no comment to make on the airing of statements made in an affidavit by Michael MacLean beyond what the Party Leader, Premier Michael Dunkley, said to his Parliamentary colleagues in an email message to them on Wednesday evening.

In that message the Premier said: “You may be aware that contents of a Michael MacLean affidavit were aired today on the Sherri J show.

“This document contains outrageous and completely unfounded accusations by a desperate man who is the subject of a Police investigation and a law suit over monies related to the Par-la-Ville hotel project.

“The airing of the affidavit is a gross violation of court procedure and conduct. The claims it makes are ludicrous and will be dealt with in the courts. Until then, have faith and hold steady,” added the Premier.

Update July 10, 12.00pm: In a statement read out today on the Sherri Simmons show on Magic 102.7, Mr MacLean said, “I am surprised Premier Dunkley would suggest that I am under Police investigation. In fact, it was me who went to the Police, immediately after Marc Bean made a complaint upon being suspended from the House, I was following a request by the BPS.

“On that occasion, I gave the Police access to my bank accounts and telephone records, as I have absolutely nothing to hide. I do believe the statement by Premier Dunkley, is an attempt to shift the spotlight from his political party.

“I personally spoke to the police tonight and have inquired whether or not there was or is an investigation underway involving me and the answer was no not that they’re aware of.

“It may be the Commissioner of Police can indicate whether I am under investigation? So how does our Premier know about an investigation which should be under the strict confidential supervision of the Police only? Or did he make the request himself for me to be investigated?

“Maybe Premier Dunkley can advise all of Bermuda, whether the Police is now under control of a political entity. If this is the case it must be a danger to Bermuda for a Government Minister “even that of National Security” controlling the police, for their political benefit, this can’t be in the best interest of Bermuda?

“I have and will continue to cooperate fully with the Bermuda Police,” added Mr. MacLean.

We have asked the police for clarification, however they don’t generally comment on case specifics so a formative reply is not likely, however we will update as able.

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  1. Wow!! says:

    Wow!!! More to come……stay tuned!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Interesting, so not only did Mr. MacLean violate court proceedings by airing his affidavit, it was feed to Sherri J to spread it around.
      As Mr. MacLean claims to have been recording his conversations, I await to hear the supporting evidence that he was offered to pay bribes… wonder why he didn’t have those aired on Sherri J too?

      • Unbelievable says:

        Recording private conversations? Isn’t that entrapment?

        • Jim Jones says:


          • Unbelievable says:

            Oh. I thought this was a tv show. never mind.

          • Jim Jones says:

            To the ”disliker’:

            Please go look up the word entrapment.

            That is all.

          • Really, Really Bettty says:

            As reported above the matter has been filed in Supreme Court, this is were the balance of justice will determine the real outcome. Hopefully, in the Court of Justice the entire truth will be revealed.

            It is difficult to suggest or accept that all the accusations are unfounded. As there seems to be an ongoing list of events that have lead up to where we are today with this case. It is likely that MacLean affidavit may contains some factual information, as well as some information that may not be accurate, but the possibility of it holding up in Court of Justice may well prove to hold true in many aspects, if so What than?

            However what has been revealed so far Opens up a Huge Can of Worms, with much Questions left unanswered. To quickly dismiss what has been revealed is foolish at best. There is too much detailed information that clearly indicates something is steaming in the back room. To run from it, and outright dismiss it, may be the wrong step forward.

            Next: There are still unanswered Questions that float in my head: “Critical Thinking” is key during this time and accepting a Blank Statement of Excuse by the Government is Not Good Enough.

            1. How can ALL of the accusations be unfounded, especially if there is a written record and recordings?
            Legal Lawyers present to witness the conversations? Or was there a ghost in the room? Makes it difficult to accept the Premier’s quick dismissal of events. Not so Quick Premier……

            2. After all some of the events did take place, as they have been shared in the media and by certain individuals in the news?

            3. Jetgate revealed a great deal of information.

            4. Will the Governor take at good look at this case for possible Corruption?

            5. Will the People demand more of our Government and hold them Accountable?

            6. Why MacLean may have step over some boundaries, are we to believe he was involved in this deal all by himself, and spoke to none of the key players mention?

            7. Is there an attempt by the Government to place the sole blame at the feet of MacLean? Based upon the recent press release of the Premier.

            8. Did NO negotiations take place between MacLean and the other MPs in regards to the Waterfrontgate deal? Who was in the room during these critical negotiations, and what was recorded?

            9. Are the Recording proof enough, that actual conversations did exchange between various individuals?

            10. Witnesses to these Conversations will of course help to verified that events did occur?

            The statement released by the Premier is not good enough, and pointing finger to make MacLean seem like the bad guy, is not a good step forward.

            Bermuda People deserve much more from our Government, and so far this is not the case.

            • jtv says:

              Thanks Betty.

              • Ian says:

                Youre mindless and pathetic…

                • hmmm says:

                  Wow, no mention of race Ian. Now it’s just direct insults.

                • Zevon says:

                  Ignorance is not responding to the content of the comments made with something of substance…

                • jtv says:

                  Thanks Ian.

              • hmmm says:

                @Really Really Betty

                The Waterfront was a COH/PLP deal.

                JS is that you?

            • Zevon says:

              More drivel.

            • Zevon says:

              More drivel.

            • Hmmm says:

              Ask yourself , why is this suddenly coming out now. Why didn’t the 18,000,000 dollar man mention this before.

              • Ian says:

                Youre mindless and pathetic…

                • hmmm says:

                  Copy and paste is it Ian.

                  in a hurry perhaps.

                  Type something of substance for the first time in your life please.


                • Zevon says:

                  Ignorance is not responding to the content of the comments made with something of substance…

              • Jus' Askin' says:

                He did ;-)

  2. lucky 7 says:

    Well said Premier Dunkley!

    • Ya like he said Jet Gate is Dead Gate.

      • Zevon says:

        Yeah like Bean keeps threatening to go to the police. One of these days. Really. He really means it. He’s got “evidence” and tape recordings and phone calls and everything. Yeah this time he really means it.

    • Ian says:

      Youre mindless and pathetic…

  3. Thanks, for setting the record straight Premier Michael Dunkley…
    Note: This document contains outrageous and completely unfounded accusations by a desperate man who is the subject of a Police investigation and a law suit over monies related to the Par-la-Ville hotel project.
    The airing of the affidavit is a gross violation of court procedure and conduct. The claims it makes are ludicrous and will be dealt with in the courts. Until then, have faith and hold steady,” added the Premier.

    • I have to smile :-) The diehards tic “dislike” to anything that has my name accompanying it. But the fact remains, no-matter how they view me or my opinions :-(

      • The U.B.P die hard’s do the same thing, and your point is.

        • My point:
          There are two kinds of light — the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures. -James Thurber, writer and cartoonist (1894-1961)

          • Bwoy says:

            Oh snap!!

          • Billy Boy says:

            Wrong, there is a third light. There is the light that isn’t on, doesn’t work. Sometimes it seems you are that light.

            • Hmmm says:

              That is a lightbulb. The light is comes from the lightbulb.

              The sun isn’t a light, but light comes from the sun.

              • hmmm says:

                Will you look at that… a free “is” in the comment.

        • Anbu says:

          Onviously that the die hard plp supporters r stupid lol

      • James Rego says:

        Probably 1,maybe 2 persons have figured how to manipulate the dislike button.

        • The sad thing is, after going over and over on this “matter” I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the end results are just like the results,(thus-far)up at the Port Royal Golf Course. Lots of fingers being pointed but no-one is convicted of any wrong doings…Sad yes, but true :-(

      • Ian says:

        ever occur to you its also your own oba supporters ticking dislike because of your consistent contributions toward highlighting the ridiculousness of your party?

    • huh? says:

      Right, so if Michael Dunkley says it then it’s so, huh? That’s funny Raymond Ray, but doesn’t make a lick of sense mate.

      • Think about it says:

        Mich Dunk needs to sit down and be quiet. He said the same thing about jet gate and look where that got him PROMOTED as the UBP Premier! lol

    • Ian says:

      That is your standard of “settin the record straight”?? Youre mindless and pathetic… and desperate…

      • Zevon says:

        Ignorance is not responding to the content of the comments made with something of substance…

  4. Terry says:

    Is this man a Bermudian?

    • Unbelievable says:

      Now that’s a silly statement.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:


    • Is the CEO of BTA, $1000,00 a day wonder.

      • Bwoy says:

        What I tell you, my dentist makes that in an hour , what’s your point. Professionals make dollars , don’t be a jealous hater. Wake up to the real world . The strongest survive since the beginning of time .

      • Zevon says:

        Macklean. The $18,000,000 man. I wonder why he’s making up stupid crap?

      • Now Ya Nice says:

        Is Dr. Brown? Once you become a US Citizen are you not required to renounce all other Citizenships?

        • Bwoy says:

          SHHHHHHHHHHHH ! It only goes one way .

          • hmmm says:

            Isn’t it, if you are American initially you can’t hold others subsequently.

        • DeeDee says:

          No, there are many dual citizens that hold U.S. passports. Not a U.S. law

          • Zevon says:

            To obtain US citizenship you have to swear allegiance to the US over all others.
            Not exactly what you want for the political leader of another country.

          • Blankman says:

            DeeDee, sorry but that’s not the case.

            While the US Supreme Court ruled that dual citizenship is a right US law still requires anyone taking out US citizenship to renounce all others. Completely unbalanced requirement because an American taking other citizenship does not have to give up their US one.

            In fairness the requirement to give up other citizenships is most often honoured in the breach. People either violate the law by not doing so (and there are countries that do not allow their citizens to give up their citizenship).

            That aside, while there are a number of versions of the oath that new American citizens must swear, ALL of them require the new citizen to renounce any allegiancies they may have to any and all other country. That is, in order to become a US citizen one has to renounce Bermuda and, if someone follows the letter of the law, they have to give up their Bermudian “citizenship” (in this case UK citizenship and Bermudian status).

    • No Longer A Member says:

      Mike is an honest, caring and reliable God Fearing Man. His mistake was to get involved in something that the big boys want, and they will crush anyone that gets in their way. His other mistake is found in 1 Tim 6:10, which is happening to him as we speak. I feel for you and your family Mike.

      • Bwoy says:

        Stop talking nonsense , biblical bull#@#@. You dont know nothing .

        • Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

          …Jon Snow

        • Ian says:

          What are you, Satanist? Ask yourself why youre so passionate and vile in youre response to anything remotely “Biblical”? What the hell happened to you growing up? Lucifer?? LOL

      • Bwoy says:

        You are still a member , trust me .

  5. James says:

    Something is up. How many lawyers now have abandoned Michael MacLean? I think he is on his fourth or fifth.

    • Unbelievable says:

      I think there are a lot of moving parts in this saga. I believe something illegal has happened but I don’t think it’s as deep as reported.

      Mr. DaCosta seems to be a central figure in this.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        I wouldn’t say he is central, but he does appear. Center stage still belongs to MM, the missing $18m and how he could have been given a 262 year lease to the Waterfront with such a disreputable RFP

    • Kangoocar says:

      James, you have actually nailed it with that question, McLean has zero credibility and is nothing short of desperate?? No different than all the dog tails wagging from the plp camp??? Now, what I want to know is this, what will be done about about the radio show for airing this??? OBA, if you let what that radio show do slide, you deserve to be kicked in your own behinds!!! Once again the plp nonsense is still holding us back!!!!

      • mixitup says:

        Smh. Blind faith will not allow you to see the forest for the trees. Sad part is that you really believe you are smart…

      • impressive. says:

        So you and 11 others thus far, want to attack the radio show for reading an affidavit that is public information and not comment on the allegations, but simply dismiss them as if its physical impossible for them to have some validity?

        • alsys says:

          The problem is it isn’t public information until it is read out in a court of law. Up until that point it should be under lock and key at the courts. That’s what PMD is referring to. NO ONE should have had access to it until that point.

      • Ian says:

        Please Mr goocar… Please enlighten the class with your thoughts on exactly which part of Mr MacLeans +30 minute account of things in that video does not stack up for you. And make it easier on yourself to be subjective by assuming he isnt a black Bermudians without an allegiance to all things OBA.

  6. What went wrong says:

    So dunkley’s response to the worst corruption scandal in our country’s history is to send an email to the OBA caucus – and then forward it to the media.

    Where is the leadership?

    Dunkley in 2004 when talking about BHC: “The people of Bermuda have a right to know the full extent that senior members of the current leadership played in this scandal”

    What a difference 11 years makes.

    • mixitup says:


    • Unbelievable says:

      He’s not even in Bermuda right now. He’s at a forum in Toronto. You know, actually working for us.

    • Bwoy says:

      Ignorance is bliss , but at least you got paid your five dollars .

      • Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

        Ouch LOL

      • Ian says:

        Ignorance is not responding to the content of the comments made with something of substance… Additionally, its also working as a diehard OBA blogger for free!

        • Zevon says:

          “Ignorance is not responding to the content of the comments made with something of substance…”

          You said it.

    • Jim Jones says:

      The worst corruption scandal in our country’s history is a bunch of unfounded allegations?

      I guess you can’t stop people from pulling the wool over their own eyes.

      • Ian says:

        You’re proof of that arent though. I mean heck. You’re not even CAPABLE of acknowleging the potential fire in the OBA camp producing all of this VERY REAL AND THICK SMOKE.

  7. San George says:

    Just like Dogs – if they can’t have it, if they can’t eat it, they want to bury it. They “s***” all over other people’s grass and then walk away.

    Quo Fata Ferunt

    • Ian says:

      Just like a dog, you are blindly and unconditionally loyal to your master.

      • Zevon says:

        Ignorance is not responding to the content of the comments made with something of substance…

  8. Need Peace says:

    Gee that’s rich coming from one that supported Jeff Baron in his behavior at the restaurant gate. It’s rich coming from one who supported Leah Scott in her plagiarism gate, Jetgate, Stonegate, Airportgate, Par-la-Villegate, now this Waterfrontgate! Let me add that none of these “GATES” have been resolved to date! Yet youre calling for FAITH and HOLD STEADY??? Real rich Premier Dunkley!!

  9. Alvin Williams says:

    A marked contrast to the premier’s statements when he was the opposition leader and he thought he had the PLP on a similar hook and of course OBA political supporters are ready to embrace the unthinkable as long as their political party is not damaged.

  10. Need Peace says:

    PLP NONSENSE???? This has nothing to do with the PLP! How the heck are they to blame for the ALEGED shenanigans of the OBA?? You folks need to get your minds right!! Smh!!

  11. Need Peace says:

    News flash!!!!! There is no missing $18m! If you didn’t know that then you have some catching up to do. This Waterfront saga has been playing out in the media since last year. Judging by the timelines of each phase, it’s very clear what happened.

    • Bwoy says:

      Wow, that was not worth five dollars.

      • Zevon says:

        What’s the going rate at the PLP these days for putting together 16 pages of drivel? $18m?

    • aceboy says:

      So Par-La-Ville Car Park is back in the hands of the Corporation? I don’t think that is correct.

  12. impressive. says:

    “Have faith and hold steady”,, forget the allegations, let’s investigate that comment, surely its more to that rather profound statement than what meets the eye.. ;-)

  13. Chris Famous says:

    So in Nov 2014 Toni Daniels and OBA Chair Woolridge put out information on a case in the local media. Did PMD tell them that was wrong?

    Any comments?

    Secondly once it is filed in Supreme Court it available for public consumption.

    Hope this helps

    • hmmm says:

      I think the decision to take it to the police, followed.

    • alsys says:

      I think you might be confusing american law with bermudian. Once it is accepted in court, ie, read in open court, then yes but not until that time.

    • Chaos Theory says:

      Since when did you get a law degree? Sorry…. I forgot that your job is chief $@!t stirrer

  14. Jus' Askin' says:

    The Road to Election 2017 will be very Entertaining :-D

    Mike, You should have been released the recordings ;-)

    • Ian says:

      Hopefully for the OBA they will have created enough new “Bermudians” by 2017 to mitigate their election risks.

      • jtv says:

        Hopefully many more expats will be here by then as well…even half of what was lost would be fantastic.

  15. lifetime says:

    One term government! Dunkley don’t even have the decency to address the island as a whole! Release the tapes!

    • hmmm says:

      He is working for Bermuda’s benefit in Canada.

      • lifetime says:

        Gimme a break! Working for his own benefit! Take a moment to think about it. Wait for it….

      • watchmen says:

        Just how far is your nose up their a**?

  16. watching says:

    Mr Dunkley, shouldn’t you at least call for an investigation, as you did when allegations were levied at Dr Brown?

    • jtv says:

      It’s before the courts. I think that covers it.

  17. Coffee says:

    Did we really expect Premier Dunkeley to do or say the right thing ?