Digicel To Boost Network For America’s Cup

October 12, 2015

Digicel Bermuda said they are enhancing their network in preparation for the America’s Cup with a “Cell on Wheels”, with the $300,000 specialist equipment set to be deployed for the America’s Cup World Series event next week and for future events of such scale in Bermuda.

The company said, “Digicel Bermuda will continue enhancing its network in preparation for the 35th America’s Cup by means of a Cell on Wheels [COW].

“The equipment, which expands coverage and capacity to meet short term needs, will assist in ensuring the quality and consistency of the island’s best data network during the increased volume in coming weeks.

“The Digicel network will handle the demands from data users under anything other than exceptional conditions. When large numbers of people are congregated for major events, any mobile network can struggle to meet the localized peak in demand.

“The “COW” provides a solution to handle such spiked activity without degradation of service either for people at the event or elsewhere.

“Digicel has purchased the specialist equipment, valued at $300,000, so it can be deployed for the America’s Cup World Series event next week and for future events of such scale in Bermuda.

“This part of Digicel’s wider commitment to investing in the island’s telecommunications services, supporting Bermuda’s recognition as a country that can host such global events.”

CEO Robin Seale commented, “We are expecting 5,000 to 10,000 people on Front Street enjoying the America’s Cup festivities and we are seeking to make sure they can all do so while getting online, sharing pictures and generally letting the world know how extraordinary Bermuda is.”

Digicel is set to trial this solution at next week’s event and use it moving forward at key events where capacity is required. Staff will be testing throughout the week to ensure everything is working and optimally configured.

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Comments (23)

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  1. bermy says:

    So the rest of us pay extortionate rates for crappy service the rest of the year! Smh

  2. swing voter says:

    so….what are the other industry leaders doing? hahahahahah

  3. 235 says:

    Please leave the equipment in Hamilton Parish after the event. We could use better coverage

  4. Ha! says:

    How about boosting your coverage and improving your network altogether so that there are less drop out/dead zones and customers actually get the internet speeds they are paying for?

    Just a thought…

  5. jeremy deacon says:

    Good, can you please keep it all year round and tell other ISPs where to get it ….?

  6. inconvenient truth says:

    Call me a cycnic, but funny how this happens for the AC – but services cannot be improved any other time …. what does that tell you?

  7. archie says:

    The good thing about this is, when services are rubbish again we now KNOW digicel can do better ….

  8. Um.... says:

    This is nothing new. Digicel has had this COW for years. They deploy it every Cup Match and you still end up not getting data. So what is going to be different this year?

  9. On lookers says:

    Funny thing is I saw this “cell on wheels” real name mobile base station. On the docks in late June. Never used it for Bermudians on cup match or non Mariners. Now it apairs for Americas Cup. Funny…..

  10. PC says:

    For Bermudians nobody cares, but when foreigners come over we bend over backwards to help them, go figure. I hope the improved network will be here to stay. We already pay ridiculous prices for so so internet. Bermuda is for the Rich and Foreign (sounds like a TV Show).

    • Bermuda123 says:

      This is a crazy comment. The whole of the Americas Cup is for Bermudians. It is showcasing our country, bringing money to our economy and providing entertainment at a level we don’t usually see. Stop your negativity.

      • Ed Case says:

        PC obviously stands for pathetic c@@t.

        • PC says:

          I’m from Pluto, you should go there sometime. A lot of Bermudians live on another world anyway.

          • Pete says:

            Then PC you have all the opportunity to build your utopia there, in your another World!

        • smh says:

          so is Ed Case short for Extra Delusional Case

      • PC says:

        I never said it was bad, I’m not being negative. Sorry if the truth hurts. Get ready for the price hikes. It’s all about supply and demand, that’s how the economy works. Proof in point is there has been less demand for houses so the price has dropped. Am I incorrect?

    • Pete says:

      Obviously you`re not really Bermudian, just happened to be born here.
      If you were you`d would have a sense of pride and understanding.
      That goes for the many, many whiners and complainers like you!
      Find something positive to do with your life PC!

      • PC says:

        Let me guess? Ed Case is a mental Case or maybe an illiterate *****

        • PC says:

          I’m from Pluto, you should go there sometime. A lot of Bermudians live on another world anyway.

      • Why do I care? says:

        Bermuda is very disrespectful. Children are born here, and because the parents are not Bermudian the children have no rights to the island, they are basically aliens. We exploit guest workers. There are many nannies who are treated very badly by the families they are working for.

  11. sage says:

    Is that it on Whites Island?

  12. mt says:

    All of you that are complaining are just ignorant. If you want better service in your area, petition the government to allow another cell tower to be built. See where that gets you. Even if they approve it, it will take 2 years before they finish their paperwork. And that’s only if all your neighbors choose not to complain. What Digicel is doing, is helping to make sure that an event that we have all been anticipating happens with little disruption to services.after all I’m sure if they didn’t build it and your phones didn’t work because of congestion, then you would all bash them for that as well. Do any of you know what it takes to offer 100 percent coverage over the island? Are you willing to invest millions to try and compete with them? I highly doubt it. Read a book on cellular technology and RF principles before you all come on line and bash a company that is trying to support what our country is doing. Just get back to what’s app and twitter and thank Digicel for making that possible. Ungrateful fools!