Temporary Traffic Disruption On Swing Bridge

March 28, 2016

[Updated] The Ministry of Public Works will be opening and closing the Swing Bridge in St. Georges for inspection and structural testing purposes at 10am on Wednesday, and the Ministry said that the “interruption to traffic flow is not anticipated to last more than two hours.”


A spokesperson said, :At approximately 10am on Wednesday 30th March, the Ministry of Public Works will be opening/closing the Swing Bridge on Mullet Bay Road, St. Georges, for inspection and structural testing purposes.

“Normal traffic operation will be resumed as quickly as possible and interruption to traffic flow is not anticipated to last more than two hours.”

Update March 29, 11.15am: A police spokesperson said, “Meantime, the public should be reminded that between 10am and 12noon tomorrow (Wednesday March 30th) the Swing Bridge in St. Georges will be tested, this means the bridge may be open for 30 minutes at a time. Emergency Services will be pre-positioning resources manage any emergencies and the motoring public should expect major traffic delays as a result.”

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  1. jrsmith says:

    The Ministry of Public Works ought to be ashamed of themselves for letting this vital piece of infrastructure deteriorate to this point. St Geo is losing in all of this…..

  2. Micro says:

    Do that ish at night

    • I have to agree the “testing” should / could be done at night.
      Recalling the last time my wife and I crossed that bridge to our surprise we’d seen 2 workers controlling the flow of traffic from each side…The bie’ on the South side was actually lying down and waving traffic to stop / go. I was a bit curious knowing if he was a volunteer or receiving double time$?

      • Wellington says:

        Isn’t it dark at night? How can engineers inspect when it’s dark?

        Stop/go bies though, got no argument there. Perhaps ask their union?

      • who cares most says:

        If you saw this and said nothing at the time why bring it up now.
        We wait til things are at crisis moments to report them.
        Can you identify the individual?
        If you who blogs on just about everthing was that curious about the pay or volunteering you should have made this known.
        So please tell us where he was laying on the south side as um curious to know?

        • I was passing through but you’re correct, I should have informed someone…We weren’t the only vehicle going into or coming out of St’ Georges…It was obvious none of them were too worried about it either :-(

  3. drunken ursula says:

    Yeah something the area gov’t M.P.s haven’t spoken of…tell me does Ms. Davis Outerbridge know where swing bridge is??????

  4. Wayne Wonders says:

    That bridge had problems way back in the 1990′s when the Government of the day (you know who they were) had the money and now it has landed right back in their lap.

    What should be done is to reintroduce the Severn Bridge for times like this or other emergencies and to heck with those folks in that neighbourhood who think that road belongs to them. To add insult to injury, we see the pile of metal lying on the grass instead of constructing the Bailey bridge as discussed….but then again that too will become a permanent fixture like the Longbird bridge!

  5. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    We are all guilty of neglect we can only blame our selves for not advising the politicians of what is not going on .Some Politicians are very good at politics ,name calling and mud slinging.

    Where did you get the idea that politicians fix
    Bridges .
    Ferry boats .
    Tourism .
    Education .
    Postal service.
    Road fatalities.
    and now …………………. Airports.

    because they are responsible for harmony.

    Unfortunately i doubt if the politicians ever saw it coming,or did they ? It called infrastructure everybody and the budget to pay for it , surely the over paid heads of the various departments knew, the Causeway swing bridge has been busted for years.

  6. Talking about that bridge, doesn’t that going back for many years when that other Party, (Progressive Labour Party) were the Government?