Swing Bridge Two Lane Traffic Resumes

May 2, 2017

After having been restricted to one lane traffic while work was taking place, the Swing Bridge in the east end has re-opened to two lane traffic again.

In their most recent update, on April 25th, the Ministry of Public Works said that the rehabilitation work was “nearing completion” and “the bridge can now safely carry one lane of vehicles with loads of 10T per axle and a 29T gross vehicle weight.”

The Ministry said they expected to open the bridge to two lane traffic immediately after the Contractor removes the remaining scaffolding, which they said at that time, was estimated to take seven days.

Swing Bridge Bermuda May 2 2017 (1)

Swing Bridge Bermuda May 2 2017 (2)

Swing Bridge Bermuda May 2 2017 (4)

Swing Bridge Bermuda May 2 2017 (5)

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  1. Modern Man says:

    Great news! Well done to everyone at Public Works for making this bridge safe again.

  2. Pondering says:

    Great to have the bridge open but do you think you could paint it?!~

    • Cranjis McBasketball says:

      I agree

    • yummy says:

      they can’t paint the bridge because all the paint up the west end the american’s cup

  3. spoons says:

    Thank goodness for that. That will put a smile on a lot a faces. Feel the breeze from the sighs of relief….. :)

  4. Janice says:

    Agreed still a rusty eyesore ,St. George’s in general needs to use more paint

  5. Stinky D. says:

    Swing Bridge that no longer swings because it is welded shut

  6. Trump supporter says:

    Bridge, hotel,airport and cruise ships in St,Georges.
    Slow down OBA, GINGUS.
    Well done ..Glad for St,Georges.

    • Point boy says:

      I see work popping up everywhere. Like it or not. But that’s a direct result of the OBA Government, as is the Americas Cup.

      There are a few (loud) who are determined to discredit the elected government no matter what!

      Bermuda is booming again. You are doing our country a disservice.


  7. Lorne Bean says:

    Thank you to the Minister and the Pubic Works Ministry for giving us back a safer bridge!

  8. Jim Bob says:

    Excuse me for being cynical, but could it be possible that the OBA only got the bridge fixed because they knew they would force through the airport deal and it would need to be strengthened in order to carry the weight of the trucks to transport materials…….??

    Funny how the OBA are finding money out of no where to fix the things they want. Speaking of which it’s really nice of them to have found the money to be paving the roads; I am sure if America’s Cup wasn’t on they would not have bothered.

    • Budget Estimate says:

      I can tell you for an absolute fact that that is not the reason why the bridge was repaired. Same with the roads.

  9. unus sed leo says:

    bridge that gap…don’t neglect putting zincs on the metal..or st and electrolysis o first to the softest metal…the tides produce constant friction and the water contains sodium….electricity is produces (a natural occurance) ,it could conceivably produce lighting if someone had the notion to utilise it store it in batteries and transfer it to led light fixtures above the bridge or below it for esthetic beauty.

  10. unus sed leo says:

    Look at me!
    hydro electric power…bridge designs…
    nah…what did I just tell you?!

  11. Is it welded shut can it still swing open and close if need be.