Photos: Seniors Enjoy Fun Day At Shelly Bay

July 16, 2016

More than two hundred of Bermuda’s seniors converged at Shelly Bay Beach Park on Thursday [July 14] to enjoy the annual Family and Friends Fun Day. The event was started fifteen years ago by the Matilda Smith Williams Seniors Residence and has grown to include seniors from across the island’s nursing homes.

Those in attendance were entertained throughout the day with performances by The Simons Brothers Band, Rickeesha Binns, music by DJ Shaun ‘Peppy’ Simmons, and more.

Ianthia Wade, the administer at Matilda Smith Williams Seniors Residence said, “Today is the Family and Friends Fun Day. It’s being held at Shelly Bay Beach. We’ve been doing this for the last fifteen years. It started initially with Matilda Smith.

“Since then we have had most of the nursing homes from around the island that bring residents down from their homes to enjoy with their families and friends. We have a significant amount of items that have been donated or given discounts to.


“We have entertainment, music, games and it gives the opportunity for many of the seniors to get out of their homes and to come down.

“It’s an annual event and we are very pleased to know that we get significant amount of support from people within the community. We also get a great number of people that come down who actually take the day off, volunteer their day to come and help us.

“We have entertainers that volunteer their day and time including staff members at Matilda Smith and other homes as well. People have given us tents and chairs at discount prices we are paying back to our seniors for all they have done for us in this community.

“I want to also thank the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service who have provided volunteers and they do this every year to assist us. The event grows every year with approximately 250 expected today.”

Sergeant Steven Caines of the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service said, “We’re here today at Shelly Bay Beach for the Matilda Smith Williams Home annual fun day. We’ve got a team of 12 firefighters helping the seniors as part of our community service effort.

“We come out to assist in serving our seniors and will continue to take part in this annual event. On behalf of the Chief, Mr. Lloyd Burchall, we are showing our appreciation to the public in serving our community.”

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  1. Terry says:

    These people made this Island.

    Don’t let them down.


  2. Retired # 27 says:

    Thanks guys for coming out and helping.


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