Court: Man Fined For Catching Undersized Fish

September 8, 2016

Appearing in Magistrates Court today [Sept 8], a 37-year-old cruise ship crew member was fined $300 for catching an undersized fish.

Tapan Jerson was fined $300 for catching an undersized yellowtail snapper off Malabar docks last month.

The Crown Prosecutor told Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo that the Fisheries Warden had been informed that persons were landing undersized fish.

The Warden observed the persons fishing and after observing them, checked them and checked their catch.

The Warden found that Jerson’s catch included a yellowtail snapper that was under the minimum size.

Jerson explained that he had no idea that there was a size regulation, and also said that never again would he fish in Bermuda waters.

According to the Government website, the minimum legal size to catch a yellowtail snapper is 30cm [12in].

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