People’s Campaign Calls ‘Urgent Meeting’

December 31, 2016

The People’s Campaign said they are “calling an urgent meeting for all concerned residents of Bermuda,” with the meeting to be held at St. Paul AME Centennial Hall at 12 noon on Tuesday January 3, 2017.

Peoples Campaign Bermuda December 31 2016

The group said, “The People’s Campaign is calling an Urgent Meeting for all concerned residents of Bermuda.

“You are urged to come out to St. Paul AME Centennial Hall at 12 noon on Tuesday January 3, 2017. Please wear the color red. The time to act is now. Enough is finally enough!”

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    Yet another gathering of 150 people who will be hailed as representing the other 60,000

    • De Revolution has started, welcome to Bermuda Governor.

      • Irritated Jean E says:

        Onion you continue to contribute zero to this island. You are fantastic!

        • Torian says:

          Sometimes I wonder if Onion Juice is a troll. He supports all the negativity in Bermuda. These can’t be his real opinions on the direction of Bermuda.

        • Just continuing what my Forefathers had to endure.
          Get over it, in another 50 years someone else will continue.
          Same S!@# different time.

          • Ringmaster says:

            OJ. Why don’t you try and think like Dr E Brown? Does he complain about the past holding him back? No, he understood how to use the system and reap the rewards. For example, how often was he seen on Court Street with the masses versus Mid Ocean Club and rich people?

            Look around you and try to get ahead, not stay living in the past.

          • Proud Jewish says:

            Get over it dude.

          • Hmmm says:

            So you want to feel how they felt, so you are trying to make things bad for you and Bermudians……weirdo!!!

          • bdaboy says:

            “Get over it,”

            Yes, please. Get over it. Troll.
            Stop playing the victim, unless that’s the only skill you have.

        • Crying Wolf! says:

          Onion Juice, while you are at the meeting can you add to the agenada “Where did our EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS go”. Surely the Peoples Campaign would agree that $800 million missing is much more important than the matters that they listed as urgent? Surely, the Peoples Campaign would want to know where the Peoples Money is – wouldn’t they?

          And the bonus would be that they would have access to the same people at the meeting that have the answers.

          But we all know this little to do with Urgent Matters and all to do with one mans power struggle. The sad thing is that when the membership back him on things like Tweeds permit – its kinda like the boy crying wolf. Eventually, the villagers stop believing and get tired of those false crys about a wolf.

      • Marge says:

        I hope and pray that our new Governor,and the OBA, put a stop tO the nonsence that the B.I.U has put this Island through ….
        I think we need to do what the Turks and Caicos did….and let England take over this God forsaken Island…..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

        • Its me again says:


          So direct rule is the answer.

          You cant compare Missick to what’s happening in Bermuda?

      • Zevon says:

        Plenty of us around prepared to fight back.

        • Its me again says:

          Lol right…

          The “silent majoirty” willing to come out in force?

          Dream on…

          You guys will just say the same old same old

          “We have jobs we can’t just protest when we want”

          And if you mean fighting rememeber this…

          You’ll lose, all of you, and it won’t be pretty.

          • Zevon says:

            No. You will lose.

            • Ringmaster says:

              The silent majority have jobs. You may not. You may be retired. Who pays into to the retirement fund? Not Government workers, they take out. No private sector, no taxes and no pay or pensions for the public sector. Economics 101.

      • Sickofantz says:

        Yep that will be great for the economy and hard working Bermudians won’t it? Be careful what you wish for!

      • legalgal says:

        He’s ready to cut the ties…

        Mob rule (all 150 if that) risks bringing the island down. Do the rest of the world care. Nah.

    • On lookers says:

      No the rest of the us are too dumb to realize what’s going on. Until it’s too late. That’s 150 smart ones, the rest don’t care until it’s too late. Just like the last election!

    • Jonno says:

      I am not opposed to Bermudians being pepper sprayed by the police if they continually ignore clear instructions.

      I would like a new airport.

      I would like Tweed to go home. Home is not Bermuda Mr Tweed.

      I have got a miilion things I would rather do than attend this worthless meeting.

      Happy new year, let’s move on.

      • concerned says:

        Jonno, you have the supprt of 60,000 people. I am sick and tired of this %%%##@@@ BS

    • Hey says:

      And they will say “we the people of this country”

    • King Jammys says:

      Foolishness. I am going to work. If my Granny blocks the Government from doing its business again pepper spray her and lock her up. If there is one thing the PLP listened to it was Doctor Brown’s message of a sustained campaign of misinformation. They have no platform nor plan to run on. OBA’s plan is to try and get money into this island. PLP trying to block that money from coming in. Don’t get it….

  2. BLIND SHEEP says:

    Wait…..if this is such an important issue why can it not be tomorrow or Monday.

  3. Irritated Jeanie says:

    This is getting beyond ridiculous now…

  4. Terry says:

    Between the BIU calling a General Membership meeting the same day and the People Campaign doing similar February better come quick.

    It becomes more racial and one sided everyday.

    How do you say Ha Ha Ha Ha pee…………….na na yah hear……….

    • Truth Teller says:

      Yup it has become more racial everyday as you say “Terry” but that is only because of the racism of too many of Bermuda’s community who still think that people should dance to their tune.

      The Tweed issue is just another example of it.

    • U.B.P.’s days of dictating without any resistance is over, de PEOPLE have been nice too long.

      • Hmmm says:

        There has been no dictating by the OBA. Onion Juice, you are full of S***!

      • No longer a game says:

        We shall see. Maybe it’s time meet threats with action. You want division you got it.

  5. Irritated Jeanie says:

    Everything the so called peoples campaign has done has been orchestrated to prompt a confrontation with Government. I really wish we had never been given the chance to host AC2017 as it is clear that the combined opposition will stop at NOTHING to ruin this country.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Reminds me of the DNC leftist liberal f#@ktards…They will stop at nothing even if it means destruction for all…

    • legalgal says:

      Bermuda does not deserve the AC. Such a wasted opportunity.

  6. Equality, Jobs, Justice says:

    Equality- work permit rules to apply to everyone. Not to be sidestepped cos he’s our mate.

    Jobs- the airport will create hundreds.

    Justice- allowing democratically elected officials to enter parliament.

    Also, why should people pay union dues when BIU are fighting harder for a non-member than they do for members. Also, when can we see their accounts.

    • Hmmm says:

      Bingo…the People’s campaign goals laid out in front of them, yet the people’s campaign appear to want to do everything to prevent those goals every being Achieved.

  7. Rada Gast says:

    For “concerned citizens” read “Bermudians who don’t believe in allowing the democratically elected government to do its job, and who think the laws of the country should only apply when it suits them”.

  8. john says:


    > if you couldn’t care less about jobs for Bermudians and the process by which work permits are issued on the basis
    that no Bermudian can do the job (supposedly) advertised.

  9. LOL says:

    The irony in wearing the color red – what a joke

  10. Ringmaster says:

    It must be time for an urgent meeting of the Silent Majority, the 45,000 Bermudians who support the PLP or OBA or neutral but see the damage that is being done to Bermuda’s reputation by these stupid actions. Unfortunately it would be called a lynch mob, or worse despite the make up of the gathering.

    All the while, within 1000 miles is a country known as the USA which recently elected a new President. He has made it clear he wants to lower corporate tax rates to around 15%. If that happens, Bermuda will see a mass exodus of IB. The 2008 worldwide recession the PLP loves to blame for Bermuda’s ills will pale into insignificance.

    • Its me again says:

      Ok and thats gonna be the OBA’S fault or is it going to be a worldwide financial issue?

      You guys will say it’s a worldwide financial issue.

      But the recession worldwide was cause somehow by the PLP….

      • thetruth says:

        Others who went into recession in 2008/09 were out of recession in 12-15 months. Some didn’t enter recession at all. Bermuda was in recession for 7 years, despite the Cox promises about how ‘any minute now we’re turning around’. It was the PLP who got us into a recession that lasted almost a decade, and more than 6x longer than our trading partners. It was the OBA that got us out of the recession.

        Those are the facts.

        And if the USA wants to, it could put us out of business. And you lot will ignore it, like you did last time.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        No one ever blamed the PLP for the global recession, the fault lied in how the PLP reacted to it… or lack of reaction to it. Through their failed policies, Bermuda fell behind and lost our competitive edge, businesses left… not went under, not down sized, but left and sent jobs to other juristictions, more competitive juristictions. And PLP reacted by make us even more nationalistic and less competitive… Bermudians first… the PLP failed and put Bermudians out of work and further behind.

    • Skytrain says:

      Totally agree Ringmaster.Similar to what happened in 2009 & 2010 international business are in the process of implementing their exit strategy planning. This is a fact.
      Within 3 years over 75% of those employed in IB could be gone from Bermuda forever or unemployed. Think about what that means to the economy. 1200 apartments with no renters- 30 million stripped from retail sales of all types and the economy in general each month. Thats just the beginning. Think seriously if you believe in civil unrest because you are only putting the final nails in the island’s coffin.

  11. Irritated Jean E says:

    Funny how the union will champion the ’cause’ of a non member yet won’t assist a paying member who approaches them with a legitimate complaint… total jokers. We are fast on our way to becoming a banana republic.

  12. Lois Frederick says:

    I wont be there.

  13. Cedar Stump says:

    The Peoples Campaign is not a registered union. Any employee who attends and stays longer than their lunch break will have wages deducted or be fired.

  14. Sage says:

    We are already there! Thank god I married a Canadian so I can get out of this stinkhole when PLP and minions make Bermuda a Fourth World country.

    • Truth Teller says:

      Sage, do you not realize that it was the so called first world countries and your ancestors who created the third and fourth worlds.

      Yup between the 15 century up until the 20th century. That is what did it.

      And if we leave it to people like you that is what Bermuda will become.

    • T says:

      Well you need to catch the next plane smoking. Bye

  15. Infidelguy says:

    I wish they would hurry up and start building the new airport terminal…PLEASE!

    • legalgal says:

      Why – at this rate you’ll only need a Departures lounge.

  16. Herb says:

    The Silent Majority MUST act and MUST act as soon as possible we cannot allow this small group of radicals to ruin this country if we continue to Appease we will PAY the price for it

    • Ringmaster says:

      The silent majority expect the police to do what they need to do to allow the majority voice to be heard. They did nothing when the same protesters stopped public meetings for the airport, pathways to status and the first blockade of The House. So the protesters clearly thought they can continue. Arrest those who are breaking the law. The silent majority will support the police, and it is up the the police, who are mainly Bermudian, to do so by whatever means the police feel necessary. If you don’t want to be sprayed and arrested, don’t break the law.

    • Hmmm says:

      If there is any action to prevent democracy, then show up to oppose it.

  17. Jane says:

    Can someone please explain how this immigration issue with Rev. Tweed has anything to do with the BIU? I really do not understand why they are rallying behind this and making threats when his position is not unionized, as far as I am aware.

    Where is the equality? We either have rules to be followed by all or not. They should not be cherry picked by any side.

    • jim says:

      Why is the union, and the (some)people’s campaign up in arms over a guest worker, and his employer, who did not fill out the forms correctly, and did not follow the required protocols? Why is it such an issue when he is being treated exactly the same as any other guest worker? What are they asking for? Do they want the OBA to bend the rules? Are they asking the OBA to be more flexible & lenient with guest workers? Really? After the last strike AGAINST such suggestions.

    • Infidelguy says:

      Well, according to Chris Furbert, Rev. Tweed:

      1) Is a Son of the soil
      2) His father is a son of the soil
      3) Has family members that have ties to Bermuda
      4) He is Kingsley Tweeds’s son who is a former General Secretary of the BIU

      I have no idea how any of that is relevant to Rev. Tweeds work permit renewal, but those are essentially the premises that Chirs Furbert is using as a basis to conclude that Rev. Tweed’s work permit should be renewed.

      Why doesn’t Rev. Tweed just apply for Bermuda status and save us all a lot of unnecessary headache stress?

      • jt says:

        None are relevant. They might have been except for that other march.
        That said, why not just apply for the permit correctly? Why indeed.

      • Watching says:

        you must apply before age 20 I believe

      • thetruth says:

        Not sure about number 4. there. Or number 3. Or 2, or 1.
        Other than that, you’re good.

      • legalgal says:

        Ah nepotism. So it is “personal”.

  18. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Where do we go is we support the Police, support the Airport plan, and support Immigration’s decision to deny Tweed a work permit? National Stadium?

    • jim says:

      More importantly, how do we organize a protest to support the OBA? Rent-A-Mob seems to be on speed-dial, but how do we contact the silent majority? It seems an anti-OBA protest can be organized in a matter of minutes!

      • aceboy says:

        Thus the BIU involvement. Give them a day off work and tell them to go protest. It is a signal…like the flipping Bat Signal to call Batman.

    • Rick says:

      Go to work and be productive as Bermuda rebounds and rebrands .

    • Now that's a good idea!! says:

      Victoria Park? Will need more room than a church.

    • Its me again says:

      Go to OBA head quarters and tell them you support them and want to do a counter protest.

      Lets see how well that goes.

  19. van martin says:

    Why don’t we all dispense with the BS? This “Rev Tweed work permit issue” is really about a deliberately bungled work permit application being used as a political football by an unholy alliance of the BIU, the “People’s Campaign”and the PLP, who seek to overturn a democratically elected government by feeding Bermudians a steady stream of malicious and untrue BS.
    The church elders who issued the denunciation of the D O I’s ruling should hang their heads in shame for going along with this hateful political sham.

    • Spit Bouy says:

      @ van Martin,

      Exactly, this is and has been a calculated move, part of a master plan even. All orchestrated by some seriously evil and unscrupulous people who desire power at any cost.

      Bermudians had better wake up fast or be prepared to take the licks that’s surley going to be coming. This time we won’t be so fortunate to have a competent govt turn it around in four or five years. Under the plp in it’ll likely be continual decline.

  20. Archy says:

    Everyone and I mean everyone who has concerns should go to this meeting.
    There are plenty of people who alternative concerns to this group and they should be expressed
    This is not a one way street and this so called people’s group should be made aware that they do not speak for everyone!

    • jt says:

      Like shouting down the presenters until the meeting is cancelled.

  21. Dunn juice says:

    The opposed should be there blocking the entrànce…LMAOOOO

  22. Mare says:

    The Minister said in her news report that Rev Tweed did not completely (or accurately) fill out his application.

    What is he hiding? Why did he not provide ALL the information? He is being treated like everyone else who is asked to submit their application as instructed.

    Rev Tweed, please explain why you refused to do as required???

    • Barnacle says:

      Because…..the PC has a script they are following. Does anyone actually believe Tweeds work permit issues were innocent oversights on his part? Of course not, because that would not have resulted in a refusal and they would not be able to have Tweed used as a martyr. This is all part of a plan to discredit the OBA and to make it out like Tweed is being ‘chased out of the island’ like his father. Watch this all play out with a culmination right around the time of AC2017 so that the combined opposition can get maximum effect. This island has never been so polarized along racial lines. Just listen to what D, Burgess said in front of the COI…

    • Riley says:

      Because he answers to a higher authority? Ewart would be my guess.

  23. Watching says:

    Didn’t 4 men from Corporation of Hamilton lose their jobs recently. They were locals, BIU members and very long time employees. I recall that they approached the UNION FOR GUIDANCE and were turned away……. hmmmmmmmmm…… So, answer me this. Why are they defending this dude right here. Damn I’m starting to hate the sight of this Tweed. Can he and Chris Furbert leave together. Move to another island together, just go ffs damn. goooo

    • Chingers Bie says:

      “Can he and Chris Furbert leave together. Move to another island together, just go ffs damn. goooo”

      Maybe they should move to a more tolerant island

  24. Zevon says:

    Urgent questions tha the People’s Campaign must answer before the meeting on Tuesday.
    1. Who is behind the People’s Campaign? Who runs it? Who founded it? Where is it based?
    2. How is the PC financed?
    3. How much financing for PC has come from outside Bermuda?
    4. How much financing for PC has come from the BIU?
    5. How much financing for PC has come from the PLP?
    6. How much PC financing has come from contractors hoping to get government contracts?
    7. What is the PC address, phone number?
    8. Who runs the PC website?
    9. Who runs the PC polls?
    10. What happens to the information collected in the PC polls, and who is that information shared with?

    • lifetime says:

      Day late and a dollar short with your essay questions…save the date…Tuesday January 3 2017…

    • Terry says:

      Freeking Brilliant.



  25. what about the other important issues says:

    Why does the People campaign not have on their list black on black shooting and the state of education in this country? You can fight for Bermudian jobs but if we do not have an educated workforce then what?

    • jt says:

      They’re not fighting for Bermudian jobs. (This time).

  26. john says:

    i have no fight here…..have no status…nor do i want it…..but a great point raised earlier…..if this is a meeting of concerned people (read – Bermudians)……go long to this meeting and raise genuine concerns…..about the way this country is going……there is little in the way of 2 way discourse here… real critical analysis of those who present themselves as leaders and opinion shapers….go and expose them for the vacuous myopic people they are.

  27. CPM says:

    With Zevon all the way

  28. Really says:

    Let’s bring bermuda to its needs. Who needs progress. Let’s go back 300 years. Dark ages.

  29. Rumsoak says:

    Nice to see you so dedicated , make sure you get your holiday in.

  30. Dunn juice says:

    They must live miserable lives. They always look angry, relax alittle..

  31. Triangle Drifter says:

    Union meeting at 9:00, PC meeting at 12:00. Cutting it a little close dontcha think. Same few people will want to be at both places.

  32. Riley says:

    Why do I keep thinking that the People’s Campaign is a smokescreen to derail the report of a certain Commiission of Inquiry due shortly? And as for The Holier Than Thou Reverend Tweed, Yankee Go Home.

  33. Sandgrownan says:

    Happy for anyone preventing someone going about there lawful business to be pepper sprayed. Was in the airport yesterday – yup I’m favour of redevelopment . And as for Tweed, if rules were not followed, his permit gets denied.

    The hypocrisy of this campaign is unsurprising although they are so concerned they won’t meet on a holiday!

  34. Jahstice says:

    The foreigner has to go.
    Bermudians want his job!

  35. Jeff says:

    Ex President Bill Clinton said, and I quote, “It’s all about the economy, stupid”. And he was right, and the same applies to Bermuda. All the negative antics from the PLP since they were turfed out of office has been geared to making sure as many Bermudians suffer as possible. Block job creation, keep people unemployed, generate a negative attitude towards everything. It’s standard Socialist/Communist tactics. It’s their only chance to get re-elected. They come with their own agenda, and it doesn’t include us, the real people. The only way to stop it is to expose them at every opportunity, and destroy them at the next election. So everyone needs to support both the Government and the projects underway. That way lies prosperity for all Bermudians.

    • Onion says:

      If anything the PLP have adopted the Republican practice of opposing everything no matter what and manufacturing scandals.

      They’re homophobic and anti-immigrant like the Republicans too (unless the immigrant is their friend).

    • Terry says:

      Been saying this for 26 years since I left my beloved home.

      It’s all about them.

      They had it all and even us poor folks had a bit and worked for it.

      Gonna be a banner 8 months for Bermuda and then the rubber will never meet the road nor the vessel make a wash or the black tire marks make an impression at the east end.

      Best of luck and take care.

  36. Redbeansoup says:

    Yeah wear red so we can easily identify all you stupid people.

  37. Silence Do Good says:

    I don’t know if to laugh at or cry for the PC? Do you always want to be wrong and strong?

    The PC must really think their world would be better under a different government. How quickly they forget who created the mess we are in. Remember when the BIU would have wildcat strikes under the PLP for firing individuals who rightly deserved it. Inconveniencing thousands of Bermudians at the drop of a hat. I get that the BIU have to represent their membership right or wrong. How the PLP spent tax payer monies on friends and family plan in capital projects that went way way over budget.

    Where was the PC or better those radical community activist then? Will these radicals exist if or when the PLP get back in? Or are these the benefactors of the friends and family plan? I believe their aim is to be the ones to build a new airport, so they can call it the Rev. Tweed International.

  38. Cedar Stump says:

    1] I have no problem with pepper spraying people who attack the police and block parament.
    2] Mr. richards has got the best deal for the new airport. Let’s do it now !
    3] 80% want Tweed off the island. Get cracking !

  39. Jahstice says:

    The biggest threat to our well being, is the plp.