PLP Call For Update Into Investigation Into Dec 2

February 6, 2017

“More than nine weeks have elapsed since these unfortunate events,” Shadow Minister of National Security Walter Roban said, adding that he calls on the Governor, Premier and Minister of National Security to “update the country on the status of the investigation” into the incidents on December 2nd.

Mr Roban said, “As Shadow Minister responsible for National Security, I call upon the Governor, the Premier and the Minister of National Security to update the country on the status of the investigation into the December 2nd incident of peaceful protestors being pepper sprayed and the promised UK-peer review into the policing operations of that day.

“More than nine weeks have elapsed since these unfortunate events. Since then, we have heard the Commissioner publicly declare that his operational plan didn’t work and that the proper contingencies were not in place,” Mr Roban said.

“We have heard the Premier condemn the ‘violence used against our citizens’ and, just recently, he disclosed that he was, in fact, in extensive contact with the Commissioner, senior Police officers and others in the hours before the pepper spraying – something he never disclosed at his December press conference when asked repeatedly.

“We reiterate our call for an independent investigation into the events of Friday, December 2nd so that Bermuda can be reassured with the truth about what transpired.

“Further, we call for the release of the UK-peer review into the policing operations of that day. The Premier himself called for an investigation – so where is it and what does it say?

“We repeat our call for:

  • “An independent investigation
  • “The release the findings of that investigation to the public
  • “A commitment to disclose the vital information to the public about who in authority outside of the Bermuda Police Service knew, in advance, of the deployment and tactical options and the equipment to be carried and available for use
  • “The release and full disclosure of the UK-peer review

“We remain deeply concerned that the Governor, the Premier and the Minister of National Security and the OBA Government have failed the Bermuda public by not committing to an independent investigation. They still have a chance to correct this.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    Well if it helps I completed my investigation that same day and came to the following conclusion. The PLP and their various branches encouraged otherwise innocent people to break the law by blocking access to parliament. The police were later called and the people were advised to ignore the police demands to move and even taunted and threatened the police. The police became concerned for their own safety and used pepper spray as a safe form of crowd management.

    I find the police to have used their best judgement given the circumstances. I think that the police also used compassion and understanding by not arresting any of the protesters. While we all wish this day had never happened we need to remember that the police are here to serve the public at large and I for one appreciate them very much.

    I hope that helps.

  2. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    I don’t trust the police. It’s so easy for thto m to lie. For instance why did they have to redact the documents they released? I am more then sure there’s nothing in there worth redacting unless it something that gets a lot more questions then answers. And for the love of God, why can’t the officer in charge of the order be identified? What do they have to hide? And why can’t we the public who pay for the police equipment see the body camera footage?

    • Steve Davis says:

      It is a Criminal investigation, evidence is not publicly available until it goes to trial as with any investigation. You seem to not understand as many still do not, that what took place by protesters was illegal, assaulting police and disrupting the legislative system is against the law and soon the piper will be paid!

    • Kangoocar says:

      And I also want to know why the plp redacted the important information on the new hospital? Also I don’t trust the plp because we the tax payers paid for the following that huge cost overruns that amounted to $100′s of millions!
      Heritage Warf, Berkeley, Dame Louis building, Port Royal, TCD and Grand Atlantic, also I still want to know where the $800 MILLION of unaccounted for money went? After all just like we paid for the police cameras, we paid for ALL of the as well!

    • De Babylon System is de vampire, sucking de blood of de sufferer.

      • Politricks says:

        Apparently from your numerous posts you have continuous access to a computer and an internet connection.

        You’re hardly suffering I would say.

  3. Onion says:

    Be careful what you wish for…

  4. aceboy says:

    Demand all you like. Here’s an update though: The Chief Justice of Bermuda deemed the protestors actions unlawful.

    Case closed.

  5. Terry says:

    This reminds me of watching the 1965 Belco riots.

    People were breaking the law.
    Told to dismiss and let people in Belco.
    They did not.
    The Police tried to move them out of the way but they just reached behind the walls and grabbed their stash of golf clubs and belco cable and attacked and injured many officers, some critically.

    The police used restraint last time even though they could have whooped them.
    Back then young punks and radicals. Today, radicals and using old folks as a shield.

    If this happens this week or next I would get all the paid grannies and popa’s out of there and see what the real radicals do.
    Would that inflame?

    You be the judge of the PLP sword hanging over your head until September 2017.
    After that………………the old leaky airport is still open and you don’t need a Visa to enter the US.

  6. Brian says:


  7. Trump supporter says:

    Why call for an inquiry into ALL the eprojects under the plp watch that had overruns.. so you call them.

  8. Broken Brake Shoes says:

    Roban, you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing seniors or children to be in the middle of this.

    While it is unfortunate that a senior had to feel the effects of pepper over-spray I must say that I believe the police should be thanked for their service and showing as much restraint is they did.

    If some despicable rat spit on me, well I would have to say that all rules would be out the window and I would not have the professional strength and restraint to doing much more that pepper spray.

    Listen to any of the videos Roban, and listen to the threats, the language and watch the crowds. if you can’t see that the actions of the public demonstrators was illegal, wrong, and threatening well I guess you never will.

    • Keeping it real says:

      Robyn talks out of both sides of his mouth Plp won’t get my vote again

  9. Ben S says:

    PATI allows for certain parts of records to be redacted. However, I cannot see any reason why the name of the officer in charge of the ‘operation’ isn’t named. I certainly hope that those who made the request for records using PATI, follow up and seek review by the Information Commissioner. Everyone should realize that with PATI, records that would previously never see the light of day can now be released to the public. Fantastic legislation that I know is causing massive headaches at several Government Departments because of terrible record keeping, history of secrecy, disdain for the public, nepotism, cronyism, incompetence, etc. The BPS is miles ahead of those departments however…

  10. swing voter says:

    waste of time. get over it. the video I’ve seen does not help your case against pepper spray deployed by an authorized cop(as stupid as his decision was), so many lucky not to get locked up. If I was a cop that got assulted, hummmmmmmm I better stop right here ;-)

  11. WHY says:

    The PLP would do themselves a favor if they would just be quiet. Sure the people are enraged by what has taken place however there is no need for you to fan the flames for political purposes.

  12. Nanny Pat says:

    OK, here’s an update: people broke the law, police performed their job.

  13. Point boy says:

    How many answers do you want? We have (all) seen the footage many times.

  14. Y-Gurl says:

    The Police are investigating the matter, does everyone feel confident about the outcome?

    • Focus says:

      Based on the video and audio clips that we have all seen, not to mention the fact that everything about the protest itself was illegal – I can’t for the life of me understand why the police have not said that the officers were well within their rights.

      *The event itself was illegal
      *The protesters block a public road
      *The protester blocked access to several businesses, courts and parliament.
      *The protesters were asked to move, them told to move, then warned that they were breaking the law, and the chose to break the law.
      *The protesters threatened the Premiere, the police, cursed and even SPAT on the police.
      *The police did not appear suddenly. They wore helmets, fluorescent jackets and riot gear, If you did not know at that point that they meant business – well you can’t be helped.

      Meanwhile PLP politicians sat back and watched. they have admitted that they knew the police were coming, How many encouraged the Seniors, children and public to step back- ZERO!

      You can point the finger at the police, OBA and anyone else, but at some point you must realize the truth. Look at the many videos. Listen and watch.

      Would you allow someone to SPIT ion you and not react?

  15. Long bay trading says:

    PLP Sooooo ooh yesterday

  16. flikel says:

    What is the point of having an independent investigation? The police are well in their remit to use pepper spray and the protestors were blocking access to Parliament…so where is the controversy here?
    Protestors accept this risk, the risk of being taken to prison, the risk of charges being laid….so let’s move on here, nothing else to see or do….lessons learned for next time.

  17. Average Bermudian says:

    The police assisted with the preparation of that event with traffic control, crowd control, etc.etc

    The police then decide, with force, to break through the same group of people that they allowed to assemble – in those specific areas.

    What else do you expect to happen.

    • wahoo says:

      The police allowed for peaceful protest unaware that the crowd would block access to Parliament which is where the law breaking began. Are you sure you are average? Why does this need to be explained?

  18. bluwater says:

    Yeah. again. There’s still an investigation going on like the last times you’ve asked. Pay attention PLP.

  19. aceboy says:

    Can we have an update as to why Mr. Lawrence Scott was pepper sprayed? Surely he was there trying to calm the situation and telling the people his leader called out to stand down as the blocking of the House was illegal? If he was trying to calm the situation he should not have been pepper sprayed. If he was not and was instead enticing the people who were blocking the House and telling them to stand strong etc. well then….he did deserve it. Let’s go to the video……..

  20. Sara says:

    I have a question. Why wasn’t the person that assaulted the office with an umbrella arrested?

    • Bermudian says:

      Exactly! Why has this not been investigated and the person arrested? You CANNOT assault a police officer!! Plain and simple…not hard to understand. Why isn’t the PLP asking for an investigation into that?? The PLP are a joke. Anyone in their right mind should not want them back into power. And trust me, there might be those who will stand with them at protests and advocate for them in public but when it comes down to vote day, they’re ‘secret’ voters for the opposite side.

      • Terry says:

        Better to just get name address et al and do what they did then encourage more attention and create more confrontation.

        He will have his day in court and no blood was shed because of good judgement.