Photos: Minicar Rentals Launched At Princess

May 2, 2017

[Updated with video] The Hamilton Princess and Current Vehicles launched their Twizy rental minicars this morning [May 2] with the electric vehicles set to be available to hotel guests.

This new offering follows after the Motor Car [Minicar] Regulations 2017 came into effect last month, which guide the set-up, licensing and operation of minicar liveries.

The new two-seater electric vehicle will be exclusively available to hotel guests, and the fleet of Renault vehicles will be run by Current Vehicles.

The hotel said that 25 of the vehicles will be available to rent at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club for “around the same price per day as a two-seater scooter,” with the set cost to be $79.

The unveiling has just concluded and we will have additional details and a video later.

Update 12.17pm: Hamilton Princess & Beach Club will be the first hotel to provide their guests with the option to rent a Renault Twizy, Bermuda’s first all–electric minicar. The company behind the launch of the minicar livery is Current Vehicles [CV] and one of their Twizys will be on display in the hotel’s lobby from today, the hotel said.

‘”Twizy’ which stands for Twin + Easy, because it sits two passengers in pillion [one behind the other], is very straightforward to operate, and will give visitors the ability to explore Bermuda safely while providing a fun and unique driving experience,” a spokesperson said.

“The four-wheeled vehicle, which was designed by Renault’s Formula 1 racing team, has seat belts, an airbag, side impact protection and a tubular chassis to further protect its occupants.

“Charged in just three hours, the Twizy has a range of 80+km making the whole island accessible on a single charge, and, being under four foot in width, is ideal for Bermuda’s narrow roads. The steering wheel is also centrally located making it easier for those used to driving on the right-hand side of the road. There is a lockable glove compartment as well as additional storage behind the passenger seat for larger items.

“The digital screen on the dashboard shows the driver the speed, the remaining driving range and the energy consumption. As it is fully electric it produces zero emissions meaning it is much better for the environment than traditional gas power.

“Twenty-five of the vehicles will be available to rent at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club for around the same price per day as a two-seater scooter. Drivers must be 18 years or older and hold an international drivers’ licence. Dedicated parking and charging stations will be installed at the hotel so that guests can power their vehicle overnight and electricity will be included in the rental cost.

“We are excited to offer visitors the safest, greenest and most enjoyable way to travel around Bermuda,” said John-Paul Doughty, Director of Operations, Current Vehicles. “Bermuda’s transportation options for tourists have been limited.

“These vehicles are safe and accessible and a good choice for those who are not comfortable on a scooter, but still want the freedom to explore the island on their own itinerary. And they are a lot of fun to drive!”

Twizy will be available to rent to hotel guests as soon as Current Vehicles receives a licence from the Bermuda Government, which the hotel said is expected in the next week.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this new amenity,” said Allan Federer, General Manager, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. “Our aim is to provide our guests with the best amenities possible during their stay on the island, however, transportation has been a challenge for those who are not comfortable with riding a scooter. Twizy allows all of our guests to explore the island on their own. We think it is a superb addition to the hotel and to Bermuda.”

Current Vehicles rental facility and charging stations at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club will be located in the hotel car park.

Update 6.24pm: The hotel confirms that it will cost $79 per day to rent a Twizy.

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (1)

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (2)

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (3)

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (4)

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (5)

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (6)

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (7)

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (8)

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (9)

Twizzy Bermuda May 2 2017 (10)


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  1. Iggrunce says:

    Where can you park them?

  2. I heart 441 says:

    I’m all for it being allowed exclusively for hotel guest from HP only. After all the Green family has done so far for the island so far, they deserve something of this magnitude.

  3. Parking??? says:

    So where the hell are they going to park these things when they are out “touring” the island? We already have a shortage of parking on our busy roads, so why not add a “car” to the mix and have the majority of the visitors not knowing the rules of the road here. Will they be issued tickets if they are parked in a paid spot? How would this be enforced?

    • flikel says:

      Let’s be real here. We don’t have a shortage of parking, aside from in Hamilton during the work day, or at a concert or other event.
      Take a drive to St. Georges, Dockyard or other tourist hot spot during a typical day and parking can be found without any issues.

      • Parking??? says:

        By what I mean by the parking comment was when does the majority of our visitors come to Hamilton…weekdays and weekends (besides harbor nights) With the corporation “redesigning” reid street, parking is even more limited during these days. I’m all for keeping our visitors safe, but it will be pretty quick that we have a serious accident with these.

        A Chap called V, I well aware of these systems over seas, but we can’t even get local motorists to pay their fines, better yet a visitor.

        • A Chap called V says:

          Hotel would automatically take the fine from the credit card tourists would have to use as security. It would be written into the terms and conditions so far easier than getting fines from locals.

        • A Chap called V says:

          Also in terms of parking, the only place that is remotely busy with cars is Hamilton. They are based at the HP. I cannot imagine guests will rent these and stay in Hamilton.
          Prices start at $79 per day, so I imagine many guests might just use it as a one or two day tour. You can hire Mustang convertibles for far less in California.

        • Auslander says:

          Bulls head, number 1 shed, par la ville lot, city hall lot …

          These Twizzlers are a great idea.. my toes curl when I see some of our tourists skirt death on those scooters.. they’re not for everyone everyone!

    • A Chap called V says:

      In other countries people can rent actual cars and there are systems in place to collect tickets for parking and speeding fines.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Your right but It’s nothing to do with the logical aspect of us being held up all over the island when trying to get home and get stuck behind these stupid things, it’s all to do with the OBA friends and family club

    • Zario says:

      I guess the system will be the same as in the US. If you go through a toll booth or get a parking ticket, they charge your credit card.

  4. Jingas says:

    Uhhh…how is this going to effect all the Bermudians whose livelihood depends on transporting our visitors?

    • Um Um says:

      The guys running this are Bermudians and their livelihood depends on using these vehicles to transport visitors.

      • Just the facts says:

        Agree with Um Um 100%.

        Listen Jingas, you need to get with the times. Adapt, my friend. Horses and buggies took a hit once too. Good taxi drivers will adapt – others will go out to pasture with the horses.

    • flikel says:

      Taxi drivers and mini bus operators will take a hit. However, opportunities will open up for mechanics and others.

    • A Chap called V says:

      Like death trap mopeds and taxi drivers that won’t pick up if you have been on the beach?

  5. puzzled says:

    I would not want to be sitting in the back when rear ended.

    • This Island says:

      Imagine how it would feel on a scooter! Double ouch!!

    • Anne says:

      Better than being rear ended on a bike!

    • flikel says:

      I would imagine it would be more dangerous to get rear ended while being the passenger on a scooter.

  6. bluwater says:

    How many $$$$ ?

    • sage says:

      They say “around the same price per day as a two-seater scooter” which is surprising seeing as a scooter costs around a grand while these are like 15G, so thats good, it begs the question, why are scooters that much. Can a local rent one?

      • Hmmm says:

        more like 7K but yes more that a aux cycle.

  7. Cow Polly says:

    These look like lots of fun and presumably the end of visitor fatalities on the island. Good pricing structure too. Well done for thinking ‘outside the box’ Current Vehicles

  8. JohnBoy says:

    Does it transform into a robot also? I’m just concerned about the Decepticons finding out these cars are here in Bermuda. We are doomed! Dooooomed!!!

    • Alpaca says:

      What self-respecting Decepticon will transform into that?!Try the airport that’s where their be..constructicons mate..

      • JohnBoy says:

        You think this is a joke brah? This ain’t no joke!! They are coming!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

        • Alpaca says:

          It’s all fun and games until the tiny pink car turns into a robot and asks if you’re ladiesman217 hun..

    • Anbu says:

      Lmao! I needed a laugh today. Hahahahaha.

  9. Toodle-oo says:

    1)I’m not so sure that visitors renting one of these ‘ 4 wheeled vehicles’ are going to expect the passenger to sit behind the driver .
    2) An INTERNATIONAL driver’s license is going to be required , eh ? How many of our visitors hold one of these things ?
    3)“Twenty-five of the vehicles will be available to rent at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club for around the same price per day as a two-seater scooter. ” I’ll believe that when I see it . If these things are price comparable with a scooter , then the scooter rental market is eventually going to dry up !
    4)” As it is fully electric it produces zero emissions ” Let’s be real here folks , all you’re doing is transferring the smoke from an exhaust pipe at the rear of the car to BELCO’S stack !

    • Bermyman says:

      1) That is up to the visitor to decide not you! I do not think that this company has you in mind nor Renault for that matter when they make decisions about the vehicle.

      2) I would say most people visiting Bermuda have a drivers license from their country of origin, Bermuda maybe the only place left where our drivers license is not internationally recognized.

      3) Once again, you are not the likely concern of the rental company as they will not be renting to you. People will be making their own decisions to rent one based on the price. That is the nature of providing a product to a market.

      4) An electric vehicle has less of a carbon footprint than one that runs on fossil fuel-FACT. If the electricity comes from BELCO, the vehicle itself is still producing zero emissions while it operates. BELCO has scrubbers on their smoke stack, their generation process is not even impacted by this car being plugged in, they are not burning any more or less fuel as a result. On the other hand, a regular car or scooter especially the older ones in Bermuda produce lots of emissions locally. There were scientific studies done on traffic in east broadway a few years ago, the emissions levels are as high as major cities.

      Lastly, I would like to add that people with your mindset are the reason why Bermuda remains unprogressive and suffered for so long from an inferior tourism product. The ignorance and self entitlement in your post astounds me.

      • sage says:

        Always wonder why people try to get healthy running up and down East Broadway/Front Street.

      • bdaboy says:

        “their generation process is not even impacted by this car being plugged in, they are not burning any more or less fuel as a result.”

        You clearly don’t have the foggiest idea of what it is you’re trying to appear as an expert in.
        Please stop embarrassing yourself.

        • Bermyman says:

          Spinning Reserve, know what that is?

      • Toodle-oo says:

        What is astounding is that you can take my factual comments/questions and accuse me of being entitled and contributing to the demise of tourism !
        Bet you didn’t know that I’ve worked in both visitor transportation AND hotel directly (one of the best establishments actually) and I’ve had plenty of exposure to what the visitor expectations are. Have you ?

        I’m pretty certain that the expectation here was that these were going to be 2 abreast seating , no ?
        If you read the article carefully it states an ‘international driver’s license’ as a requirement , not ‘a license from their place of origin’. Big difference .
        It’s no longer just a perception that Bermuda is way overpriced . My concern is that the cost of these things could help enforce that regardless of ‘market forces’ and what people are willing to pay , etc.
        And lastly , someone else below has already further clarified the emission issue .

  10. swing voter says:

    where will you park? what about the other trans service providers? They will drive on the wrong side of the road! LoL shuddap and sit down!!!

  11. Stephen Thomson says:

    Wow….they look awesome. Excellent. At long last we actually listened to our guests. Remove the bureaucracy and things can get done.
    Now…can we please please work on our waterfront in Hamilton.
    Its a national disgrace.

    • Onion Juice says:

      After your bureaucracy took de Water Front contract from McClain.

      • serengeti says:

        Surely you cannot be whining about McClain.

  12. PBanks says:

    “Drivers must be 18 years or older and hold an international drivers’ licence” – so if you’re a Bermudian, with a Bermudian drivers’ licence, and are a hotel guest, you’re out of luck if you want to try one of these out?

  13. YES! says:

    Cant help but laugh at the small minded Bermudians making silly negative comments here- are you even working? Or just getting paid by your employer to use company time to read bernews and spout out negative vibes?
    When was the last time you tried to improve Bermuda or tourism?

    HAPPY DAYS! :)

  14. Commodore JB says:

    That’s about the same size as Double Seven Single 9er’s Picanto! Only at HP. They best be on the lookout for Quad Deuces’ bus. He’ll take them out!

  15. Real Onion says:

    like how many tourists actually have an IDL.

    • mark says:

      Stop going on about the term “international drivers licence” – it merely means a drivers licence from their country of origin as distinguished from a bermuda drivers licence. And no this does not mean that bermudians cant drive them. What you should really be concerned with is why tourists dont need any drivers licence to rent a scooter. Does that make sense to you? Epic fail

  16. Commodore JB says:

    Ah understood. It was the best part of the comments!

  17. unus sed leo says:

    the cars are great…nice niche…I have an apt….can I provide one to my tenants along with a car assessment number?
    I have parking and it is safer than a bike rental,please.

  18. Rasta says:

    More crap to clog up de roads.

  19. Triangle Drifter says:

    $80 a day!!!! You can rent a luxury car or a sports car in the US for that. Mind you, $80 does not get you far in a Bermuda taxi, if you can get one when you want one.

    Ah well, wish them success. Don’t think they will last long. Going out to pick up vehicles with dead batterys at the ends of the Island is going to get old real fast. Having to compensate for inconvenience won’t go over too well either.

    Hopefully sooner rather than later a real gas powered suitable rental vehicle will be found. Baby steps. These things are nothing but a baby step.

  20. puzzled says:

    A Chap Called V.
    Go figure.